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A collection of appreciative responses to my Scientology pages
(to other Scientology pages)

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“So that is the basic lesson anybody learns in this universe. They learn to keep their mouths shut, and it's the wrong lesson. When in doubt, talk. When in doubt, communicate. When in doubt, shoot. And you'll be very successful all the way along the line if you just remember that.”
  L. Ron Hubbard            
  (from Phoenix lecture #31 “Two-Way Communication and the Present Time Problem”, given on 27 Jul 54)  


Introduction to this page
            (Includes:  The considerations that people have ...!?,  Violation of the “Code of a Scientologist”? and a rule of thumb  &  A coming into being!)
Selection of appreciative responses received to my Scientology pages
      - In the years 2004 through 2013
Mimeo background information (commendations received)

Back to Main Index Introduction to this page
(Includes:  The considerations that people have ...!?,  Violation of the “Code of a Scientologist”? and a rule of thumb  &  A coming into being!)

The considerations that people have ...!?

This page intends to list various spontanious positive responses that I received to my Scientology pages during the years. See, at times I had been approached in such ways as if something would be wrong about my pages or my person, like in that it would be forbidden by policy letters (something) to discuss the subject of Scientology in the way that I have done, this in spite of that I provided an abundance of references from L. Ron Hubbard that tell that this simply is not the case.
Then we had those persons that contacted me that seemed to have erected some kind of stumbling block, which they wanted to have cleared and vaporized prior to having continued communication with me. These persons figured that having a site like that I have, and say the things that I say, well, could such a person be in good standing with the Scientology community or rather with the Church of Scientology?  These kind of considerations actually greatly dumfounded me! First we have this fear factor coming out of some place, “what if ...” and such and such ... So well, I was thinking, what did I do that was so terrible? Is this Scientology thing not supposed to be about free speech and such things? Are particular human rights being denied particular rights there? Must there be some big brother looking over our shoulders that will dictate what is, and what is not permitted? Is it wrong wanting to make a difference? Should one not take responsibility for the things that one sees and the knowledge that one possesses? Should one remain sitting in one's ivory tower?
I guess that some people out there should realize that the sole reason why I did what I did, and are having these pages out there, and walked this path of enlightening research and analysis, that it was simply because I chose to follow my personal integrity. So, I ask you, what other reason could there be?

Violation of the “Code of a Scientologist”? and a rule of thumb

Just a few days ago I was accused of not following the Code of a Scientologist, the argument accompanying the accusation was that I should not discuss the things that I talk about on my pages, meaning out on the Internet in the open, but to take it up with the right terminal within the organization. I guess this person should check up on this Code of a Scientologist himself, there is no such point listed in there (consult full list here, pop-up window).
On the contrary actually, as we find instead the following 2 points listed in there:
“To work for freedom of speech in the world.
To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help mankind.”          LRH
(from HCO PL 5 Feb 69R (Revised 15 May 73) “Code of a Scientologist”)
So, I guess some persons got that rather wrong. People should understand that Scientology is not about opinion, it is about what it says that it is, but it appears that not all people can get this into the right perspective. It appears to be a problem for those being the opponents of Scientology who condemned it altogether, but also for those who claim that they support it, but somehow got ‘entangled’ in it.
But folks this Scientology things is not something you blindly follow and adopt. It is not a means that you use for setting your paradigms. From which end you then start shooting at persons!

Now, on my pages you will find amongst other an array of actual recorded happenings. Then I let these happenings be accompanied with these so-called source references. So, I am not accusing any individuals or groups here. I am just recording behavioural patterns!  Quite a different thing this is.

Presented here are appreciative responses from over 70 unique individuals. As a general rule of thumb one can roughly estimate that only 1 out of 10 appreciative readers may actually contact the writer. This would then mean that more than 700 individuals must have gotten something good out of these pages. And this percentage may very well be less than 1 out of 100 as some persons tell me. So, do your calculation. Now, what did that “Code of a Scientologist” read again?
“To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy or data which would help mankind.”          LRH
(from HCO PL 5 Feb 69R (Revised 15 May 73) “Code of a Scientologist”)
Ah right, got it now ...

A coming into being!

A first attempt to react upon responses which I received in regards to my Scientology pages was my page “A word about Criticism: Critical responses received and my defence”. It folded out that quite a few individuals had a serious misunderstanding about this thing called critique, who ever said that this would be something bad? Well, that page clarifies this most definitely! In particular the quotations taken from the works of Jiddu Krishnamurti and L. Ron Hubbard in the first chapter are enlightening. But here I was, focusing on the critical responses that I had received. Just having finished that page it came to me that there has to be counter part to that. And that became this page here. Simple originations of appreciations from my various readers that now came into light. Such a thing should not be absent! And so this has herewith been done!

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Back to Main Index Selection of appreciative responses received to my Scientology pages
Any of these responses are fully authentic and they are of all sorts. The bulk of them are in fact original first responses without me having any foregoing contact with these persons. I have not corrected any spelling or grammatical errors, although sometimes I placed a [sic] notification. I also did enforce in some of the responses a correct use of lowercase and uppercase, this to facilitate easy reading. The responses that are not anonymous have requested me to publish their name.
Various information given in the responses I received were of a personal nature, or were a bit too technical. And sometimes they were lenghty and dropping relevance in regards to why they are listed on this page. Such passages appear as ellipsis ‘ ... ’. The main focus on the replicated texts would be on received appreciation and in what manner the information on my Scientology pages may have assisted people. Then various persons had expressed how they had perceived my pages and have shared their thoughts and concerns. There is particular value found in that as well, and so I let them speak. A few responses are in a language other than English (translations have been provided for).
Mind that the responses received are getting more and more frequent as time progresses. Although the responses that I do list that I received at a later date are also becoming more and more selective. Most particularly since the year 2013.

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Source:  Email response, from Germany
Date:  Mon, 18 Nov 2013 12:53:44  &  Mon, 18 Nov 2013 22:39:14
Subject:  New releases  / 2. Antwort
Hi Michel,
musste gerade einmal wieder Deine Seite besuchen. Das ist professionelle Arbeit, wie sie bisher wohl kaum jemand gemacht hat. Und sie gehört entsprechend gewürdigt.
Warum ich auf Deiner Seite war? Ich wollte nach zwei Namen suchen, die ich hoffte, dort irgendwo zu finden: John Galusha und Mike Goldstein.
Wüsste gerne, ob Du Infos über sie hast bzw. ob Du ihre ggw. Aktivitäten kennst und vor allem natürlich, ob Du ihre Scn.- und Hubbard Geschichte kennst?
Danke nochmal für die top-Arbeit und ich hoffe, dass Du Deine Brücke gefunden hast und machen kannst oder schon zu einem schönen Teil gemacht hast!
Wünsche Dir alles erdenklich Gute!

[for the non-multilingual ones an English translation can be found here, pop-up window]

Source:  Email response, from Australia
Date:  Thu, 31 Oct 2013 18:27:33
Subject:  Similar admiration for LRH

Dear Michel
I see that you have lots of answers for the questions I have regarding what the hell happened !!
I can see a little better now that this situation will not just crack open or unravel and produce a rapid solution ! You figured that out the hard way as you stated but you still persisted : ) .
In reading more and more of your understandings and I can see just how clever you are in research and presentation Plus how much you do actually understand about this monumental problem .
After I read and reread some of your insight .... only then will I try and give some suggestions IF I have any !!
Hope you are doing well because you certainly have made me feel better and again i am ploughing into the knowledge LRH has given us.
Still there is so much to duplicate as to how long this sabotage has been happening and who has been involved and the only true source on this is what your timeline depicts .
Many many thanks for your efforts,I do definitely appreciate every day you have spent so far on this challenge and you can attest there have been plenty plenty plenty of them !

Very best regards

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Fri, 18 Oct 2013 21:34:05
Subject:  Questions

I've been reading through your Scientology index. You've really done an incredible job. I just wanted to say Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I appreciate all the time you've spent answering my questions. Without your site who knows if I would have ever found Scientologists who deliver the original tech. I've never met you and still somehow you have managed to influence, greatly, the spiritual path of a random 20 yr old guy in LA through the internet. It was thanks to your emails that I began investigating Scientology more and eventually had my first auditing session. I had a lot of doubt about Scientology and LRH. The well researched material on your site helped me move past that. Once I was audited all doubts were cleared. It was so mind blowing that I became totally set on completing the entire 1972 Bridge.
Thanks for the time,
Ryan B...

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Source:  Email response, from Netherlands
Date:  Sun, 25 Nov 2012 23:58:04
Subject:  site

Beste heer,
Heb vandaag de gehele dag op uw site gekeken w.b.t. de Scientology kerk. Erg boeiend en bovenal verhelderend.
Vandaar mijn complimenten over de wijze van opzet en bronvermelding. Erg goed.
Overigens wel lastig om te achterhalen op internet (hoewel ik daar niet zoveel tijd in heb gestopt) wie nu werkelijk achter deze site schuil gaat. Desalniettemin: Klasse!
Met vriendelijke groeten.

Source:  Follow up email response
Date:  Mon, 26 Nov 2012 21:35:35
Subject:  Re: site

Beste Michel,
Dank voor uw antwoord.
... Daar ik een liefhebber ben van waarheid en graag doordring in zaken die mij aangaan , heb ik na het constateren van wat out-points binnen de kerk mezelf spontaan afgevraagd “wat er werkelijk gaande is”. Na deze onderzoeksvraag te hebben geformuleerd, ben ik dus ook op uw site gekomen.
Werkelijk zeer waardevol! Het bevestigd wat ik heb waargenomen en vermoed, maar wordt nu bekwaam geanalyseerd met alle refferenties. Well-done.
Ik realiseer me natuurlijk haarfijn dat uw gegevens ietwat “verontrustend” zijn. Doch er zit veel waarheid in, dus laat het zo zijn. ...
Desalniettemin: gewoon puik werk!
Vriendelijke groeten.

[for the non-multilingual ones an English translation can be found here, pop-up window]

Source:  Email response
Date:  Tue, 16 Oct 2012 13:49:34
Subject:  LRH and disconnection, etc

Hello Michel,
I've been reading with interest some of the information on the pages of your website. Well done for collecting so much data, thank you.
What is not clear to me is how much training you yourself did in Scientology. Maybe I missed it, but I was not able to find that info.
It does seem you really know the Data Series !
Did you pursue much training, are you an auditor?

Source:  Email response, from Germany
Date:  Wed, 26 Sep 2012 19:54:37
Subject:  LRH EDs

Dear Mr. Snoeck,
On your website I read of LRH ED 117 INT, 26 Aug 70 “Current Cases”. I was fascinated about the article.
... I’ve already search on the internet and so on, but I was not able to get the executive directive anywhere.
So I would be very appreciated if you could help me.
Thank you

Source:  Email response, from Germany
Date:  Wed, 29 Aug 2012 21:57:30
Subject:  Standard Dianetics

Hello Michel,
My name is I... and I live in .../Germany.
In the ninetees I was staff and public at ...
But I quit and left the church almost ten years ago.
I just wasnt able to pay the high prices for service and somehow I just wasnt fully satisfied with the end results.
To go Clear and OT seemed to be unattainable.
In the last weeks I spent many many hours to read your overview about Scientology.
Everything you write is very plausible and makes a lot of sense.
Especially your analysis about Standard Dianetics vs. New Era Dianetics is highly interesting.
Meanwhile I am very glad that I never got any NED which seems to be totally Out-Tech.
Can you tell me if its somewhere still possible to get any Standard Dianetics-Auditing?
Are you an auditor?

[Notice from site owner, March 2012:  Some persons in Germany got together because of the initiative of this person and got themselves trained up with Standard Dianetics and at present he is receiving this and he reports to me that he is having good results.]

Source:  Posted on a blog
Date:  Mon, 27 Aug 2012
Subject:  “Below is a list of some of the blogs and sites in the Independent Field, and my evaluation of them. ‘My evaluation’ is my opinions. You may or may not agree with my opinions, but hopefully this will serve as a handy guide for those who wish to pursue the continuing stories of the Church of Scientology and the Independent Field.”

Wise Old Goat.
This is actually the site of a Michel Snoeck. I don't know who this is. I'm guessing he was at one time a Scientologist. The specific link I give here is to the part of the site where he spends considerable effort detailing research he's done into various aspects of Scientology and the Church. There are sections on all kinds of subjects, like how the Grade Chart changed over time, how fast flow training came about, you name it. He's probably done some research on it. Very thorough. If you're doing research on something regarding Scientology, this is an excellent place to go, because Michel has done some quite thorough research.


Source:  Email response, from Germany
Date:  Wed, 1 Aug 2012 13:21:42
Subject:  RE: materials

Hi Michel,
Whats your native tongue?
Is English the best way to comm. with u or could it also be German too? Asking does not cost anything, although the chances are small. ...
Great appreciation for you fantastic website and thanks for the immense work.
Best -

Source:  Email response, from Russia
Date:  Wed, 4 Jul 2012 04:36:00
Subject:  Thanks for your site: all info on it!

Sorry, I couldn't find your name.
I had doubts about some things that are going on within the Church...
And I found some discrepancies with HCO PL, HCOBs even!
You did a good job. Things I've read already are totally the same I
thought about, some even more dipper thought of!

Source:  Email response, from England
Date:  Fri, 8 Jun 2012 00:09:13
Subject:  Hello, Fellow LRH Friend

Wow! Iam impressed with your research.
I fear that something is going on, but have not been able to put it so factually. I simply observe the indicators go wrong... that is, in my experience the results appear to be those of black Scientology.
I only arrived in 1994, though was around two other lifetimes and can testify to several infiltration psych-type evil doers, that opposed LRH's work, and tried to make it seem that the work didn't work. That is the lie. Turning SCn into black SCn themselves then accusing it. This is as devious as it gets. I can perceive through it all but I have not been able to demonstrate it to others and have not ever so much as tried.
I have read bits and pieces here and there but much of the criticism is just that, and is illogical.
You are the only person who is not just trying to open a splinter group or so with criticism as a justification, which of course is an absurdity.
You seem to be genuinely concerned with Technical degrades./verbal tech checklist. Do the people that alter or issue the ‘nw’ versus “old” stuff have the authority to do so? How come the data is so altered,and even contradictory, and omitted etc. ? These are, evidently outpoints.
Wrong source, falsehood (false source); Omitted datum (that the current source is not the same as before is an alteration that has been omitted and is SERIOUS.
You are giving genuine outpoints , valid points, not just personal opinionated complaints.
You are clearly concerned with the welfare of all living things and that is how i have been feeling the whole thing. It weighs on me like crazy and I feel quite impotent about it. ...
I wonder whether you are still on this project...?
Are you till
[sic still] collecting originals...? Still trying to safeguard the tech? Have you not been shot yet???
Do let me know. I also wonder whether your email is bugged...! And what the risk is in contacting you.
I just cannot believe that such an exposure would not be targeted heavily. Are you alright?
In the name of allness of all I wish you do well, for you only seek for the truth and that cannot possibly be harmful.
[continues on next sheet]
                 Seek and you shall find... and you have found plenty. Brave to expose it. I assume you are not onlines... I am but the uncertainty , or rather, the certainty on how not to trust a thing in the materials is there. Do write to me I would like to hear. I am quite away from lines, since a long while- 6 years?I am merely doing an extension course from home, as I just could not function with all the illogics, when onlines and my questioning was putting me on the spot. No one else questioned, you see... I was ferociously rejected for my insistence on policy, etc, and I quietly removed myself... not a a blow but very alertly so.
I feel I am with and of LRH. The Church feels everything but light, and the impositions feel everything but like freedom. I sense the heavy spirit, the fanaticism, with which the Church is believed,. There is no longer integrity, or freedom of speech, certainly no freedom of thought. There is a tremendous bank agreement on being sheepishly... and only a few of us, very few can stan back and disagree...
Most of those that disagree, however, are simply people full of OWs which compounds the problem.
Only you seem to have kept your eye on the mountain.
You have no business overthrowing SCN, or degrading it, or anything. You are doing a very massive , exterior,Verbal Tech Checklist' number.
It is as if you were collecting the original works for when LRH is back...
It is very brave and commendable of you. Your questions, your doubts are valid, and you should have the right to an answer. Are you getting answers? What made you simply go public.. plenty of obvious abuse of tech I assume...In my experience you are no allowed to question any instance of out tech and certainly not allowed to go public...
I know how you feel though. If internally any report or correction is not only ignored but faced with an attack (my experience) however valid and serious... then one is forced to step out and speak alarmingly of the fact. What else could a person do... when faced with Black Scientology???!
So I understand, not because I am evil or anti anything. I well recall LRH asking us all to scatter in 1952 NY I believe PRECISELY because the system had been infiltrated by serious CIA type/level/caliber people who were indeed murdering away any honest scientologist left speaking aloud. It was all about getting the book... getting it for themselves, whoever it was that they represented...
[continues on next sheet]
                  So I can just feel what LRH would expect of me to day. And I am doing it, but I am, like then, lost. I have no idea where to start again, where to find him, and with him, the true tech and the way... the bridge. The true unadulterated Bridge that I can trust...
Already on my next return and in 67 things were not well, again infiltration of such forces... at some point in Ron's journal 67 he apologises for what we are going through as individual scientologists. one can feel his actual sorrow in the words, in his voice... He was aware of what was going on.. thus the safe spacein the sea.. I suppose. But that message, only arrived to me, weeks ago, though I heard it before, and it was actually truly directed to me, if also to many more, it was for me.
I wonder if the brief breadth in eternity has passed us by...?
Kind regards,

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Sat, 2 Jun 2012 00:00:51
Subject:  enjoyed your web pages

I really enjoyed your web pages. Nice work – really.
I've been working on two major projects myself.
One to have all the chronological materials and study them in order. I started that in 1973, and am getting closer. ...

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Sun, 26 Feb 2012 20:56:34
Subject:  Re: MSH, Quentin

Michel.. I admire the work you have done and am glad to be of any very small help. Depending upon how far you want to take your research... there is an enormous reservoir of untapped information available via people who worked directly with LRH & MSH.. ...
My direct contact with LRH lasted less than one I had a personal & direct contact... but for only a short period compared to so many, many others ...
I will be surprised at anyone who will not appreciate what a great job you have done to date! I can really see you must have devoted a great deal of time! ...

Go back In the year 2011

Source:  Email response, from USA
Date:  Sat, 13 Aug 2011 20:22:25
Subject:  Re: Question

About me. ...
I had just finished my contract, so I left. So none of the staff can talk to me now because as the I & R says, I am PTS because I'm still connected to my daughter and son in law. I started looking trying to find out more information about the “disconnection” policy.
Your site seems to have more information than I've found anywhere else. ...
ML, A...

Source:  Email response, from Israel
Date:  Sat, 13 Aug 2011 17:52:02

Hello Michel.
My name is S..., and I am from Israel/
English isn't my native language.
I came lately to read deeply in your site re scientology, since I have got into com with an Israeli recent CoS OT5 achieved
It again raised my curiosoty of the matter. So I came by google to your site.
I found much and I appreciate very much the research and your willingness to share and thus contribute to better goals.

I myself was involved learning in the mission in Tel-Aviv 1978-1982 and little auditing from a freelancer auditor
I have quitted for I felt very uncomfortable with org policies, and the following turmoil, however I found many ideas and cognitions I have received very valuable and in a way useful.
I did not get the ability or skill or power or freedom to apply all and I did have real gains on some.
I have got some very significant data from your research.
I was there when the big marketting of NED was carried.
I did not realise at the time what it relly meant. I do remember statemnts that you quote about the clear state and the creation of fear using SD Dianetics over Clears and OTs.
I can now see the big change in the “bridge” to freedom. ...
I can see your observation of the abandoned bridge, in favor of what looks like a lighter less effective course/
Also the systematic erasing of histirical participation and contributions of David Mayo and Mary Sue Hubbard. ...
I'd like to have some coments

Source:  Email response, from Sweden
Date:  Thu, 2 Jun 2011 19:33:49
Subject:  wiseoldgoat

Jag har börjat studera din webbplats wiseoldgoat. Det är en imponerande plats och jag kommer att återvända. Kollade in en del av vad du skriver om Mayo, en herre som jag respekterar. Kul. Tack för att du hörde av dig. Det skulle vara intressant att få veta mer om dig och din bakgrund. Jag har mina aningar.
Vänliga Hälsningar,

[for the non-multilingual ones an English translation can be found