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Seminar 5    The Dangers of Evolution, part b
Dr. dino
(this seminar was given in 2003, with a few sections added from 2005 seminar)
(it would appear that the released 2005 seminar has been edited and only half its original size remains,
what is presented here is unedited)

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“Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.
Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud.”
    Proverbs 16:18-19  

Seminar 5: The Dangers of Evolution  
(part b)

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Well, let's continue now with what we talked about last night. About the dangers of the evolution theory. We answered the question or began answering the question: “Why is evolution a dangerous theory?” We talked about the fact that it's bad science based on lies. Kids do not learn how to think when all they're taught is this evolution theory. It's like me asking somebody to explain how computers came to be but you cannot use man as your answer. You have to give a naturalistic explanation. Well, you've already shut out the only logical answer. And the kids in school are trying to learn how the universe came to be, but it can't be God, it's got to be something else. Well, you've already shut out the only logical answer. So they are not learning how to think. It's a dangerous theory for science; it's a hindrance to the advancement of science, and it brings forth bad fruit. The Bible says: “Every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.”

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Evolution is the foundation philosophy for humanism. The idea that man is god of the universe. The humanist philosophy is talked about in Romans chapter 1: “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, so God gave them over to reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient.” You ought to read all of Romans chapter 1 and see the steady slide people go down once they reject God as the Creator.

This fellow said: “Do humanists believe in a supreme being? Emphatically yes. That supreme being is man. Humanists have no knowledge of any being more supreme.” Well, I would be glad to introduce them to one if they'd like. I know one..., that's a whole lot more supreme. I mean, can you imagine if the infinite God could fit in your little three-pound brain? He wouldn't be very big, and he sure wouldn't be worth worshipping. Man, the God that I worship is beyond comprehension. I mean, He tells us a lot about Himself, but your brain just can't handle it. Neither can mine. So, this guy said: “The turning point in history will be the moment man becomes aware that the only god of man is man himself.” Some of these guys think they are God... But that was Hitler's philosophy.


“I am God! - I am God! - I am God! - I am God! - I am God! - I am God!” [increasing each time his vocal range from baritone towards soprano as he goes on saying the next one] - “Hey, Gabriel, come and listen to this! Ha! Ha! Ha! Hahaha!” We are not such big stuff, folks!

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George Wald the Nobel Prize winner said: “I will not accept that,” talking about creation, “philosophically, because I do not want to believe in God. Therefore I choose to believe in that which I know is scientifically impossible, spontaneous generation arising to evolution.” He said: “I know it's not possible, but the only other alternative is God did it, and I don't want that so I'll believe the impossible.” Well, you are gonna feel awful stupid for eternity knowing you missed the opportunity to live forever with the Creator of the universe, because you were “willingly ignorant,” just like II Peter (3:5) says. This guy says: “We no longer feel ourselves to be guests in someone else's home.” He's talking about God. This is Rifkin, who is one of those tree huggers who writes all kinds of books about, you know, save the environment, kill all the people, but save the environment. Jeremy Rifkin said: “We no longer feel ourselves to be guests in someone else's home and therefore obliged to make our behavior conform to a set of pre-existing cosmic rules. It's our creation now. We make the rules. We establish the parameters of reality. We create the world, and because we do, we no longer feel beholden to outside forces.” Talking about God, of course. He said: “We no longer have to justify our behavior, for we are now the architects of the universe. We are responsible to nothing outside of ourselves, so we are the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever.” Wow, is right.

The Bible said in II Peter: “In the last days scoffers would come that would be willingly ignorant of how God made the heavens and the earth, and the earth was standing in of the water and out of the water.” We cover all that in video #2. The Bible says: “The scoffers are gonna be walking after their own lust.” You know, the only reason people reject God is because of their lust. There is no scientific reason to reject the Bible. There is no scientific reason to reject the creation account. There is no scientific reason to reject the idea that there's a Creator. But some people just don't like the idea of God telling them what to do. The idea of God chaps their hide. Well, I tell them they better get some Vaseline, man. They're gonna need it, because we are gonna be judged by the very God you don't believe in. This guy says: “We take the side of science in spite of the patent absurdity of some of its constructs, in spite of its failure to fulfill many of it's extravagant promises of health and life, in spite of the tolerance of the scientific community for unsubstantiated just-so stories, because we have a prior commitment, a commitment to materialism.” He said: “Materialism is an absolute, we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door.” A professor that I had in Illinois Central College in East Peoria, Illinois, wrote a really cool article years ago. It was two computers arguing with each other: “Does man exist?” Showing the absurdity of two humans trying to argue: “Does God exist?” The computers couldn't see man, so therefore he didn't exist. And they were going through all kinds of explanations of how, you know, they gradually got all this circuitry by blind chance. The same kind of dumb arguments the evolutionist do, trying to explain how life arose by chance.

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What happened, Satan put it into the heart of some of his followers that they should build a kingdom and rule the world. And they really have serious plans to build a world empire right here, and you and I do not fit in. Matter of fact, they are anxious to get rid of us, big time, ok. Secretly, Satan plans to use his followers to destroy much of humanity, but then he is gonna destroy them also. The communists have done that for years. They always get some revolutionaries to go in and take over a country, and the first thing the communists do when they take over; they kill the revolutionaries that killed everybody else ’cause they can't trust them. And Satan is using some of his followers, and they've got it in their head that they need to reduce the population of the planet. We cover that on videotape #1 or on our College Course CSE 101, we cover that in great detail. How there are people who think we should reduce mans population here to ½ billion. You can go to Elberton, Georgia and see the Georgia Guide Stones where it says right on there “Maintain humanity under ½ billion.” Right now there are 6 billion. They wanna reduce the population by about 95% according to Ted Turner. I said: “Well, go ahead, Ted, you first. You just get off anytime you want.”

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Now, if evolution is true, then:

  • Who owns the world?
  • Who makes the rules?
  • How do we determine right from wrong?

I've asked people all over the place: “How do you tell right from wrong if evolution is true?” There simply is no possible way to tell right from wrong. It's a real simple question, but they have no answer. You can't tell right from wrong if evolution is true. Now, if man is God; and this is what evolution means; then man makes the rules and the strongest survive. Might makes right. There is no way to tell right from wrong. I had a professor tell me one time: “There are no absolutes.” I said: “Are you absolutely sure?” Blew his little let me think for just a minute, how can I be absolutely sure? Yes, of course there are absolutes. Kids today are wondering around this world with no moral anchor because they don't know right from wrong. They really don't. There simply is no way to tell.

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Now, folks, there is a war going on and you are gonna have to decide which side you wanna get on. You can't be neutral in this one. During the Civil War this one fellow decided he did not want to get involved. By the way, it's not the Civil War, it's Abe Lincoln's War, another long story. We cover that on CSE 103, ok, the College Class 103. During the Civil War though, this guy decided he did not want to get involved, so he put on a Yankee jacket and Rebel pants. He said both sides will leave me alone now. Well, after the battle he was found dead. His Yankee jacket full of Rebel bullet holes and his Rebel pants full of Yankee bullet holes. Folks, there's a war going on, you might as well get on one side or the other. Just give it all you got. Give it to your General, ok. Just say: “Lord, here I am reporting for duty, what would you like me to do?” Here's the problem as I understand it. There's a war going on between Satan and God. We are the battlefield. People are gonna get hurt, people are gonna get killed, you better just get on one side or the other. The decision is very simple. You just decide which side you wanna be on and then do whatever your General says. If you want to serve the devil you just go ahead. You want to serve God? Come On! It's wonderful.

Henry Morris has a tremendous book on this topic, The Long War Against God. If you wanna understand the history of the evolutionary conflict this one is awesome. There is another one, I don't know if it's a close second or maybe a tie with this one, called In the Minds of Men, by Ian Taylor. One of the best books I've ever read covering the whole history of this..., why do people think this way. And I encourage people to read good books. Now, kids, you are gonna be the same person you are twenty years from now as you are right now, except for the books you read and the people you meet. Shut off the TV once in a while and read some books. There are many good books that will influence you forever. Man, I read books that just changed my life, brother. You come across some and say: “Wow!”, you are just a different person from then on. Now, the Christians have an incredible advantage in this war. I read the last chapter. We win! Now between now and then it's going to get pretty bad.

We're gonna cover some things tonight about the New World Order. Might be a little scary. Folks, you don't need to get nervous. I read lots of books about the New World Order; I think I have a fairly good grasp of what's going on. I read about the microchip and all kinds of things happening, you know, and I see the world events, and then I go to sleep because Psalm 2 is a great tranquilizer for that. We cover a whole lot more on the New World Order on our CSE Class 103, College..., we have four different College Courses that we offer. You can call our website for that. We are going to trace a little bit of the history of the conflict and then tell you what you can do about it. Practical things you can do for your General.

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God created the world. He owns it and He makes the rules. The Bible says: “The earth is the Lord's.” (Ps. 24:1) If you don't like it then go make your own world, but He owns this place. About 6,000 years ago, probably within the first few hundred years after the creation, Lucifer decided he wanted to be God. There is no possible way Lucifer fell from heaven before the creation, we cover all that on videotape #2; about the Gap theory and the Day-age theory. Satan could not have fallen befóre the creation. So, sometime after the creation, maybe 100 years, Lucifer decided he wanted to be God. So, God created the world; Satan rebelled against God and tried to destroy His creation. That's the subject of this session.

First of all it appears that Satan wants to do at least three things:

  1. He wants to make mankind wicked so God will have to destroy them. Satan made everybody wicked in the days of Noah and God had to kill them all, all but Noah and his family. So Satan works very hard to make people wicked just so that God will have to destroy His creation. That's one of Satan's goals.
  2. He wants to convince some man to destroy other man. He got guys like Adolf Hitler thinking he ought to kill the Jews, and guys like Pol Pot thinking they ought to kill the Cambodians. I mean, people think they ought to kill everybody. You got guys in the Talaban thinking they ought to kill anybody that won't convert to Islam, and by the way, the Koran clearly teaches if a person will not convert to Islam, they should be executed. We cover all that on video #7. Praise God for the people that are trying to reach the Muslims. They need the gospel like everybody else, but they are absolutely brainwashed with this silly idea that if they are a good faithful member of the Islam they get to go to heaven and get 72 wives. They never thought about the 72 mother-in-laws or having to feed them 72 wives. Talk about..., it's..., we could get off on a long rabbit trail. We are gonna do a whole videotape someday just on the dangers of Islam and that teaching. Now the people can be saved and make great Christians, and God loves them but He hates what they believe. They've been duped. You ought to get the book that we sell on our bookstore called The Prophet if you want to understand the history of the Muslim church and how it got started. It will scare you when you realized who started it and why. We'll get into that some other time.
  3. Satan wants to keep as many people from hearing the gospel as possible. And that's where the evolution theory comes into the textbooks. The kids have an alternative explanation for how the world got here so they never even consider looking for the real Creator of the universe. Satan has used many different people and methods to accomplish his goals. He makes man think he is God and makes the rules, Satan knew this would lead to genocide. Most people think they are in charge and they decide they're gonna rearrange the world any way they want it. So we are gonna kill those that we don't want to be here.

Ezekiel 28 tells about Lucifer. It says: “Thou wast perfect in the day that thou wast created till iniquity was found in thee.(v. 15) Thine heart wast lifted up because of thy beauty; thou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness: (God said) I will cast thee to the ground. I will lay thee before kings, that they may behold thee.”(v. 17) “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations.” (Is. 14:12)

You know, Satan..., this battle is really Satan versus God. It's not, you know, us versus them or cowboys versus Indians, it's Satan versus God. That's what it really boils down to. Isaiah tells us that Satan said: “I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars: I will sit upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit. They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble and did shake the kingdoms; That made the world as a wilderness and destroyed the cities?” (Is. 14:13-17) You know, judgment day we're gonna stand before God and we're gonna see Satan get ready to get cast into hell and we're gonna say: “This is it, that's it?” How many saw the movie Wizard of Oz? Remember, they finally realized it was just a little old man behind the curtain pulling those levers. That's it, that's Oz? That's the way we are gonna feel when we see Satan. You got to be kidding, That's it? When I went to Massachusetts first time to speak at a church up there, I went to see Plymouth Rock. You know, where the pilgrims landed. And we walked up to this little pavilion and the preacher said: “Well, go ahead and say it.” I said: “Say what?” He said: “Say what everybody says when they see Plymouth Rock.” I said: “That's it?” He said: “Yep, that's it. That's what everybody says.” It's a rock about this big with a date on there,1620. That's it, ya. We are gonna look at Satan and say: “That's the one that made the nations tremble, you got to be kidding.” And the people who are gonna go to hell for eternity are gonna feel awfully dumb realizing they got deceived by such a simple process. They were so blinded. How many of you have ever been fooled and you just felt real stupid afterwards? You ever do that? Like, duh, how could I be fooled by that. That's the way folks that are gonna go to hell are gonna feel. Like wow, you got to be kidding.

Satan is making his plans to rule the world. Like Pinky and the Brain. God's up in heaven laughing about it. Look, when you get all nervous about the New World Order just read Psalms chapter 2, it's a great tranquilizer. Psalm 2 said: “Why did the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, against His anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh.” You know they've got plans for a New World Order, they really do. They have plans for an electronic currency where you can't buy anything without a chip in your hand or in your forehead. Plans are coming soon. There are plans to control the planet. They wanna control the food. They wanna control the population. They want you to get a permit to cut your grass or cut down a tree on your property. They got plans to rule the world folks and it's serious. God's laughing about the whole thing. They are planning to build their kingdom. You ought to read the book of Daniel and see how these kingdoms..., God tells the whole history right there. Nebuchadnezzar was the head of gold, you know, the nearly pure kingdom, absolute authority. Then the silver chest and arms, and then the belly and thighs of brass, the legs of iron, the Roman Empire. You can read through all the book of Daniel and see the five kingdoms. Well, the last kingdom is where 10 kingdoms try to get together, but it's partly iron/partly clay, it's gonna be weak and it's gonna crumble. And in those days, the Lord's gonna cut a stone out of the mountain without hands, and it's gonna smite the image on the feet. God's going to set up His kingdom. We'll talk more about that in a minute.

It started by Satan tricking Eve in the garden of Eden. He said to the woman: “Yea, hath God said?” (Gen. 3:1) The first thing Satan always does is question God's Word. Then he said: “Ye shall not surely die.” (Gen. 3:4) That's an outright denial of God's Word. And then he said, Eve if you eat off that tree “ye shall be as gods.” (Gen. 3:5) That's the same technique he has always used:

  1. Make you doubt God's Word;
  2. Then he denies God's Word;
  3. Then he says: “See, you are gonna be God.”

Wow, I get to be God. That's what humanism is all about. Satan's plans always been the same. Make you doubt, deny God's Word, and then deify mankind. He'll tell you: “You can evolve.” He tried the same thing with Jesus. He said: “Jesus, if you fall down and worship me, all these things will I give you.” Isn't that what he told him. I'll give you all this stuff if you'll just worship me. He's a liar. He doesn't own it to begin with. And Satan always promises people things, “if you'll follow me.” He said: “All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.” (Matt. 4:9) Jesus answered and said: “It is written...” That's all you got to do, folks. When the devil starts giving you a hard time just start quoting scripture to him. He can't stand that. But, he knows the scripture really well, he'll take half a verse here and there and. See what he did all through scripture, ok. He'll take half a verse, you just got to watch what he is doing.

“Satanic high priest Aleister Crowley said, that his demon told him the year 2000 would mark the end of the superstition of Christianity and the beginning of the Golden Age when those possessing the will to dominate and conquer would ascend to godhood.” Well guess what, Mr. Crowley, you missed it, and you are not gonna ascend to godhood, you are gonna descend to worm food. That's what's gonna happen. Satan wants you to think you can evolve into a god. Now what you believe, determines how you behave. It's always been the case throughout the world. The Bible says (Col. 2:8): “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, and the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.” ‘Philosophy’ means, the love of man's wisdom. ‘Sophy’ means, man's wisdom. That's where we get our word sophomore. ‘Soph’ means, wise. ‘More’, where we get our word ‘moron’ means, fool. A sophomore is, a wise fool. That is the age where they usually think they know it all. How many been there before, you've seen those kind? Ok. Sophomore; they picked the word very carefully for that age group. ‘Soph’ means, wise, man's wisdom. Philosophy, ‘philio’, the love of. Maybe you've been to Philadelphia, the city of brotherly-shove, or whatever they call it, ok. Evolution is nothing but a philosophy. It is not a science it is a philosophy. It is a religion. What it does, it tries to make you think that we can take God out and put man in His place.

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There are some excellent books you ought to be reading if you want to get up on all the philosophy of man's wisdom. You can read, Seven Men Who Rule the World from the Grave by Dave Breese. Oh, the philosophy of these seven guys who absolutely still govern the world today. People like Carl Marx, Joseph Stalin, guys like that. You can read about The Fourth Reich of the Rich, how that some of the rich people of the world, I mean the super rich people, have plans to control the world. They have big time serious plans. You wanna get more on the Counsel of Foreign Relations and how they are involved [The Shadows of Power]. These are all books we sell in our bookstore. I have people that get after me, brother. A couple of other, I think good friends of mine, that say: “Oh, you get off on too many rabbit trails. It doesn't tie into creation.” Oh, I think freedom ties directly to creation. Our founding fathers said: “We hold these truths to be self evident, all men are created equal, the are endowed by their Creator.” So to me, the creation movement ties directly into things like gun control, stuff like that. I don't have a problem with it at all. You know, coming from some country where they don't have our American roots, I can understand where they don't see how it fits in, but sorry, it does fit in. Dr. Henry Morris has this great book The Long War Against God, about the long war against God.

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Now, evolution is the foundation philosophy for racism. How can you think one person is superior to somebody else? Some people thought: “Well if there is no God, and we just evolved from apes, which are dark colored, maybe the white skinned people have evolved farther.” By the way, racism has been around a long time, but boy, when Darwin's book came out it's like throwing gas on a fire. Racism escalated incredibly after that. Evolution is the foundation philosophy for racism.

Go back Darwin: ‘Preservation for Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life’

Charles Darwin wrote a book, here it is right here, it's called The Origin of Species, that's not the whole title to the book. They are kind of embarrassed by the whole title because it is very politically incorrect. I'll show it to you in a second. This book says, The Origin of Species. Now this book came out 1859. The evolution theory was around way before that, but Darwin simply made it popular. He gave them an excuse of how it happened. Now what is a ‘species’ anyway? This textbook shows a bunch of different monkeys, and says there all different species. Ok, but they are the same kind of animal. They are still a monkey. And just because some guy decides that we, you know, got 12 species of monkeys here, doesn't mean they are different kinds. They are still the same kind of animal. This textbook; used in Escambia, for a while; shows a little more to the title. It says: “Darwin published his findings in a book titled On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection.” That's still not the whole title. Here's the whole title to the book, you can look at it yourself, The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. Ooh, favoured races, now Charlie, that's not politically correct.

Go back Darwin: “...exterminate and replace, the savage races...”?

Well, back in 1859 it was; 1859 we had slavery in this country, folks. Racism was very popular even in the none slave states. They didn't want them to be enslaved, but they still thought they were inferior in many cases. Darwin thought natives were just advanced animals. Darwin said in the book Descent of Man; another book he wrote; he said: “At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace, the savage races throughout the world.” Now, if a professor said that today, how long would he keep his job? By the way, you ought to go read the old newspapers, I mean like 100 years ago, and see how they talked about the Indians as being savages. They always refer to them as savages, like they're inferior somehow. Darwin said in his book: “Thus from the war of nature, from famine and death, the most exalted object we are capable of conceiving, namely, the production of higher animals, directly follows.” See Darwin's philosophy was messed up. He thought the more war, the more famine, the more death you have, the faster things evolve. The question is really very simple: “Did man bring death into the world, or did death bring man into the world?” Could not be more opposite. Darwin's philosophy says: “ Death brought man into the world.” Now, you have to understand, in 1859, when this book came out, slavery was legal in many parts of the world. By the way, there is still slavery going on today in many parts of the world, ok. Negroes were bought and sold like cows. You owned them like property. You could do with them as you pleased. They had absolutely no rights.

Now, Henry Fairfield Osborn who was the curator at the American Museum of Natural History said: “The standard of intelligence of the average adult Negro is similar to that of the eleven-year-old youth of the species Homo sapiens.” He's trying to get across the idea that Negroes are a different species. Isn't he? Uuh, that's racism! Stephen Gould admitted: “Biological arguments for racism may have been common before 1850, but they increased by orders of magnitude following the acceptance of evolution theory.” Thomas Huxley was the guy who promoted Darwin all over the country. Darwin wrote his book and went and hid. Huxley went out and really preached Darwin and made people accept what he said. Huxley said: “No rational man, cognizant of the facts, believes that the average Negro is the equal, still less the superior, of the white man.” These are the guys who promoted Darwin. A guy named Kingsley, who was an Anglican priest who really promoted Darwin also. You know, if it hadn't been for the church accepting Darwin in the 1850s & 60s; the scientists rejected it at first, they said what a dumb theory; it was the Christians that accepted it. Kingsley said: “The black people of Australia, exactly the same race as the African Negro, cannot take in the gospel...,” they can't get saved. He said: “All attempts to bring them to a knowledge of the true God have as yet failed utterly. Poor brutes in human shape... they must perish off the face of the earth.” They're inferior species.

Go back KKK: The black man has no soul...

Brother, I was working in Longview, Texas, at a church there. I was out at 2:00 in the morning going out to get my wife some milk or something, I forget what it was, or to get one of the babies something at that time. Some guy had gotten drunk and he turned his car down what he thought was a street, but it was a railroad track. He drove about, you know, thirty feet and the car bottomed out and he's stuck on the tracks, you know. And he's standing out there looking at his car saying: “Uuh, what happened here?, you know. He's drunk. So I stopped to go see what I could do to help and another guy stopped. We're pushing this car back off the railroad tracks before a train comes along and turns it into a tin can, you know.

And this guy said: “What are you doing out here in the middle of the night?” It was an all black neighborhood, right by the big ghetto housing project there. I said: “Oh, I came by here to see if any of my friends are up, because I know a bunch of people in the housing project in the ghetto here, and I bring a lot of these folks to church.” He said: “You bring them to church?” I said: “Ya, I drive a bus come in here every Sunday, I bring a lot of them to church.” He said: “These people are all black.” I said: “Ya, so what?” He said: “Well, why do you bring them to church?” I said: “You know, I try to get them saved and, you know, help them learn the Bible. Just like Jesus told me to do.” He said: “What do you mean, get them saved? They don't have souls.” I said: “Are you part of the KKK?” He said: “Ya, how'd you know?” Uh, just a lucky guess, you know. Well, listen you idiot, they do have souls as much as you do. The color of your skin makes no difference. In part 7 we talk about where the races come from. There aren't any races. There's one race, called the human race. Now, there are different skin colors. I can show you different skin colors of cows too, you know, black cows, brown cows, and white cows. But they all look the same in the meat locker and they all taste the same on the hamburger, ok. And all humans are the same regardless of the color of their skin.

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Here's the Mormon church's teaching though about Negroes. The Mormon church teaches: “Negroes in this life are denied the priesthood. ...Negroes are not equal with other races... It's the Lord's doing, it's based on his eternal laws of justice, and grows out of a lack of spiritual valiance of those concerned in their first estate.”

When I was living over on Verges Road I had two Mormon missionaries come and knock on my door. They said: “Mr. Hovind, we'd like to talk to you about the Lord.” I said: “That would be great. Which Lord would you like to talk about, yours or mine?” They said: “Oh, we worship the same God.” I said: “No we don't.” I said: “Tell me fellows, does your god have a body like mine?” They said: “Oh ya.” I said: “Well, my Bible says that God is a spirit, and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. See, if He has a body He can only be in one place at a time, but if he is a spirit He can be in all places at all times simultaneously.” I said: “Does your god live on the planet Kolob?” They said: “Ya, we believe he does.” I said: “Does your god have thousands of wives?” They said: “Ya, we believe he does.” I said: “Does your god have normal physical relations with those wives and beget spirit babies in heaven?” They said: “Yep, we believe he does.” I said: “Do you guys believe that if it is a valiant spirit baby, if it's a good spirit baby in heaven, when it comes to earth it gets a white skinned body. But if it is a bad spirit baby it gets a black skinned body? Is that what you believe?” They said: “Well, you are not supposed to know that, but ya, that is what we believe.” By the way, that is what they believe. I said: “Now fellows, let me see if I understand this now. Your god in heaven supplies a spirit baby for every human baby born on earth, is that right?” They said: “That's right.” I said: “Ok, fellows, now listen. I know you have the little tag that says ‘elder’, even though you are 17. But, uh,” I said: “Fellows, I've been married thirty years now, I've got 3 kids, I've got grandkids, I taught biology and anatomy, I used to raise hamsters.” I said: “Did you know there are two babies born every second. Two per second, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” I said: “And your god supplies a spirit for every one. When does he get time to answer your prayers?” Boy, they knocked the dust off their feet. I guess I was an afterthought from then on because they never came back. Brother, I wanted to talk to them some more, but they didn't wanna talk to me any more.

That's a dumb idea that you get black spirit babies up in heaven, spirit babies in heaven. This is dumb, this is crazy, ok. It's not true. We're all equal. This Mormon apostle said: “In a broad sense, caste systems have their root and origin in the gospel. It's by divine decree.” He said: “Cain, Ham, and the whole Negro race have been cursed with black skin, the mark of Cain.” That is just silly, ok. This Mormon apostle said: “If there is one drop of Negro blood in my children, as I have read to you, they receive the curse.” The curse of black skin; that's dumb. He said: “Shall I tell you the law of God in regard to the African race? If the white man who belongs to the chosen seed mixes his blood with the seed of Cain, the penalty, under the law of God, is death on the spot. This will always be so.” By the way, you ought to read the book The Secret History of the Mormon Church. Get the phone number there or go to the website, Utah Lighthouse Ministry, if you wanna get the load down on how the Mormons have killed people for trying to leave the Mormon church or for marrying someone who is not the right color. Now, I know I'm in the south and I preach the same message all over the south, but if you think you are superior because of the color of your skin, you are wrong, you're stupid, and you're not right with God. Ok, I've brought thousands of black people to the Lord, and I intend to keep doing it, ok. They are gonna be in heaven whether you like it or not.

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Well, during the slave trade time in America here, slaves were packed onto ships and brought over like cows. I mean, it was common for 20% of them to die. They would bring them on the ship and chain them to the deck and that's where they stayed for two or three weeks. I mean, they ate, slept, and went to the bathroom in the same place for two or three weeks. They didn't get up. Brought them over, miserable, miserable conditions, they brought them into, and then sold them over here like cows. Now Praise God for the good people that tried to take care of them. You know, some people were really good to their slaves, but the whole concept of slavery is based on the idea that one person is superior because of the color of his skin or because of what he believes. This is based..., it goes right back to the evolution teaching.

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Now, some people thought that the Aborigines from Australia were inferior because they have bigger jawbones. Which is true, their jaws are bigger. If you study the jaw of an Aboriginal, the bone structure is heavier. And people say: “See, that's proof of evolution.” No it's not. The Aborigines are a nomadic society. They don't want to carry a toolbox around so they carry the minimum with them. And when they get to where they got to go they have to make their own tools again, and they use their teeth as a vice. They are constantly using their jaws, as well as their hands, anything they've got, ok. And any bodybuilder will tell you, the more you build your muscles, the bigger the bones grow. So, a person who is always using his jaws, his masseter muscles, is gonna end up with bigger bones in response to that. After a lifetime of using your teeth like they do, you're gonna have big jawbones. It's got nothing to do with evolution. But somebody notices this back 150 years ago and said: “Wow, the Aborigines have bigger jawbones.” So they went over and began robbing the graves of the Aborigines to get their heads for museums to be demonstrations for evolution. They treated the Aborigines awful. If you've seen the movie Quigley Down Under, where he brought people over there just to shoot the Aborigines. That kind of stuff really happened. They thought they were just, you know, an animal. These two folks went to Australia to collect specimens for museums. Interesting story here in Creation magazine. It said right here: “A New South Wales missionary was a horrified witness to the slaughter by mounted police of a group of dozens of Aboriginal men, women, and children. Forty-five heads were then boiled down and the best 10 skulls packed off for overseas.” They shot them just to get their heads for museum displays. Now why would a museum want a head with a bigger jawbone? That's part of an evolution display.

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Did you know the Smithsonian, I've been told, has 33,000 sets of human remains in their basement right now. They call it the Army of the Potomac. They would find people with the right jaw structures and put them on display in their museum. “See, boys and girls how this ape evolved to a human.” Well in the intermediates is another human. You can go downtown Pensacola, line up 10 people, and prove the same thing, folks. We could line up folks in this room, some of you have bigger jaws and smaller jaws, sloped forehead and straight forehead. I had an Italian friend one time, I said: “Man, I got to look at you from the side, I could put you in a textbook, you know.” His head went back like that, his nose stuck out. I said: “You're the perfect missing link.” The guy had an IQ way up there in the stratosphere, brilliant guy, he just had a dumb looking head, you know. And by the way, the size of the head, the brain, has nothing to do with intelligence either. There have been some incredibly high IQ people with brain sizes down around 1,200 cc. And there have been some really dumb people with some really big heads with 2,000 cc brains, ok. It got nothing to do with intelligence.

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America though, during the late 1800s, because of the evolution theory primarily, had a large eugenics movement. Eugenics was the idea that we need to purify the race, get rid of the inferior genes, and only let the superior genes produce children. There was actually a sterilization movement. People who were mentally deficient were often sterilized, couldn't have any children. There was a large eugenics movement until World War II broke out. Galton was Darwin's cousin and Galton was very...; Francis Galton; very influential in the eugenics movement. He said: “Eugenics is the study of the agencies under social control, that improve or impair the racial qualities of future generations either physically or mentally.” That's Darwin's cousin. Ya, let's improve the race. Here's their logo and their motto, ‘The Tree of Eugenics’ “Eugenics is the self direction of human evolution.” They are gonna use medicine, surgery, psychiatry, sociology, religion, education, genealogy, they use it all. “Like a tree eugenics draws its materials from many sources and organizes them into harmonious entity.” They were gonna work really hard to improve humanity by eliminating inferior genes. A person very involved in this was the one who started Planned Parenthood. We cover more on that on video #4.

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In 1904, the World's Fair was held in St. Louis, Missouri. One of the displays on there was a huge display of many people involved in showing the evolution theory. Right here is the picture. “At the 1904 World's Fair, 2,000 ‘primitive peoples’ were put on display. The purpose of the display was to demonstrate the superiority of the white Americans who had evolved further.” Peter Jennings, liberal Peter Jennings wrote that, wrote a book and mentioned this in there. And if you go to the St. Louis Zoo today, that is on the place where the World's Fair was held, and they are still using some of those same buildings. There in St. Louis at the 1904 World's Fair they had a man in a cage with chimpanzees to demonstrate the evolution theory. The man was a pygmy from Africa, a little bitty pygmy about 4 foot 5, I think he was. Ota Benga was his name. Ota had a wife and two kids. They put him in a cage with chimpanzees. He went insane and killed himself. Why would they do that to somebody? Well, if you believe in evolution, man is just an animal.

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Even President Roosevelt, as good a man as he was in many ways, was caught up into this false thinking, Roosevelt thought that the Indians were an inferior species. Roosevelt said: “I wish very much the wrong people could be prevented entirely from breeding.” Roosevelt “thought the immigrants from Europe, Scotland, Ireland, and the Orient were a threat to American society.” How many of you have ancestors from one of those places? Just about everybody in the room. Yep, you are a threat to American society because you have inferior genes. That's what he thought.

In 1871, Congress scrapped all treaties with the Indians and moved them off to the reservation system, still in use today. They made promises to the Indians and broke them. After all they are only savages, they're inferior. The Trail of Tears took place before Darwin's book came out, but still evolution was very much taught before Darwin's book. Darwin just simply made it popular. But in the Trail of Tears the Cherokee Indians were moved off their land by force to Oklahoma, about one-third of them died along the way. Sam Houston married a Cherokee bride. He was really upset about what was going on with the white people picking on these Indians for no reason, other than they thought they were an inferior species. Which goes right back to the evolution teaching. When they took the Indians out of Ross's Landing, Tennessee, they moved the Indians out two weeks before harvest time. They did all the work, planted the crops, tended them all summer long. Just before harvest time, came in with soldiers and guns, loaded them into wagons and moved them out. And of course, the white people moved into their houses already made, you know, crops ready to harvest, made it pretty nice. So people would forget about what happened, this horrible slaughter of the Indians. They renamed the city. It used to be called Ross's Landing after Chief Ross, now they call it Chattanooga, renamed to make people forget what happened.

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Here is an article from Franklin College, in Franklin, Indiana, The Carnegie Institute of Washington, Eugenics Record Office, Founded by Mrs. E. H. Harriman. Anybody heard that name before? E. H. Harriman? How many saw Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? Getting ready to blow up the train, you know, and he said: “I work for Mr. E. H. Harriman.” Super rich gazillionaire back in those days, very much involved with wanting to improve humanity by eliminating the inferior. Carnegie started the organization now in ‘Berserkely’, California, that fights to keep creation out of schools. It's his funding that supplied the start of that organization. The whole idea that man is superior. There's a bunch of guys been involved in this. The Bible says: “Have we not all one father?” (Mal. 2:10) You are not superior because of the color of your skin. The Bible says: “He hath made of one blood all nations of men to rule on the earth.” (Acts 17:26)

Now Darwin thought that: “A married man was a poor slave, worse than a Negro.” Regardless, we won't comment on whether it's true or not, but...; it's not by the way; but if a professor said that today how long would he keep his job? Or his life? Some of these fema-nazi's would go kill him, wouldn't they? And yet they praise Darwin in our school system. Louisiana, I don't know if they got it passed or not, they were working on a bill to ban the teaching of Darwin because of his racism. Very interesting approach. Yeah. I mean, if our schools started teaching the teachings of Adolf Hitler and made it mandatory reading, wouldn't people get upset? Well, why aren't they upset about the mandatory teaching of Darwinism? Um-hmm.

Darwin said: “The chief distinction in the intellectual powers between the two sexes is shown by man's attaining to a higher eminence, in whatever he takes up...–whether requiring deep thought, reason, or imagination, or merely the use of the senses and hands. ...the average mental power of that of man must be above that of women.” Darwin finally married his first cousin Emma Wedgwood. Nobody else would take him. Darwin thought men were superior in every single way. Darwin believed in inbreeding, so he married Emma, his first cousin. He wanted to raise a superior stock of children. He ended up having 10 children. Mary died shortly after birth. Anne died at 10. Charles was born retarded and died at 19 months. Henrietta had a serious nervous breakdown at 15. Three of his other six sons were ill so often that Charles regarded them as semi-invalids. So much for inbreeding, Charlie.
[* It would appear when studying the genealogy that other family relatives of Darwin also married cousins. It is observed that only 3 of the 7 children of Darwin that reached adulthood actually had children of their own, considering the fashion of the day this may be worthy of notice.]

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Evolution is the foundation for communism. Communism, started by a guy named Karl Marx, removes God from authority and puts man in his place. He says: “There is no God, so man must be in charge.” Missionaries have said; when they are working in a country and the communists take over; the first thing the communists do when they come into the country, they go into the schools and they start teaching... communism? No, they start teaching evolution. They start by laying a foundation of evolution and then they bring in the teachings of communism. Communism can't thrive in a place where people believe they got rights that come from the Creator. And the Creation Movement in America is one of the biggest hindrances to the advancement of the New World Order, and they very much would like to get rid of guys like me who don't believe in evolution. The guy who founded the ACLU, the American Communist Lawyers Union, or the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union, whatever it is. Roger Baldwin said: “Communism is the goal.” You ought to read the history of the founding of the ACLU. One of the purposes of that lawyers movement was to advance the cause of communism.

Karl Marx, whose real name was Moses Mordecai Marx Levy, alias Karl Marx. When he was 17 years old he wrote a beautiful paper telling how much he loved the Lord. High school graduation, he had a paper saying: “Man, I want to serve God with my whole life.” Then he went off to college. He studied philosophy and a college professor turned him away from God and turned him onto the teaching of evolution and destroyed Marx's whole philosophy of life. Karl Marx was destroyed by this teaching. You know, “75% of kids from Christian homes they go off to secular schools lose their faith.” I meet them by the hundreds all year long. Some college professor destroys their faith. Karl Marx later in life said: “My objective in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism.” Marx based his whole philosophy of communism on the idea of evolution. Karl Marx even tried to dedicate his book to Charles Darwin: “From a sincere admirer, Karl Marx.” Marx knew his theories would not survive without evolution as the foundation philosophy; they go together hand in glove. “Karl Marx had six children: three died of starvation in infancy, two others committed suicide. When Marx died only six people attended his funeral.” But his philosophy is still ruling one-third of the planet today. You know, one-third of the people on planet earth are under communism right now? Started by a loser who never worked a day in his life, let his own kids starve to death. He was a loser.

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Karl Marx developed what we call the Communist Manifesto in 1848. You wanna take over a country? Here's how communism works:

  1. First thing you do is abolish private property. And by the way, this is the real purpose behind the environmental movement in America. They're not trying to save the environment, some probably are, but the basic idea behind the movement is abolish private property. You got to get their permit to cut down your tree. That's where it's headed folks. The Bible talks about private property ownership quite a bit. You know every 50 years you got your property back. You could not lose it forever. Your family is gonna get it back. If you are a loser, you're lazy, or whatever, you don't pay your bills; they take it away; your family will get it back every 50th year. The Bible talks about having “his own vine” and “his own fig tree.” (I Kin. 4:25) “Drink water out of your own cistern, running waters out of thine own well.” (Prov. 5:15) You know the solution to pollution in America is private property ownership. Ask anybody that has ever owned a house and rented it out to somebody else, they will understand. Renters don't look at property the same way owners do. How many know what I'm talking about? Ok, there you go. And the more property the government owns the worse pollution is gonna get. Peter Berle, the president of the National Audubon Society said: “We reject the idea of private property.” Well, he's got a good communist philosophy along with Bill Clinton and Hilary.

Here is a pledge of allegiance put up at a public school in Massachusetts. Look at this carefully: “I pledge allegiance to the earth, which I do love and depend on and to all life on land, air and sea, which is as much a part of earth as me.” At a third grade school in Wisconsin, here's the pledge the kids say: “I pledge allegiance to the world; To care for earth, sea and air; To honor every living thing; With peace and justice everywhere!” Three days ago I was speaking in Minnesota and I got to see this young man again, who is now grown up. He told me a couple of years ago; Jacob did; he said: “Brother Hovind, when I was in third grade at Johnsville Elementary school in Blaine, MN;” his teacher, Ms. Klophocky, took down the American flag and made the kids pledge to the earth instead. Well, Ms. Klophocky, I will buy you a one way ticket to the Soviet Union on the condition you use it and you don't come back. Call me anytime, I'll buy you one. I've been to communist countries, folks. Trust me, you don't want what they've got. Now America has lots of problems, I understand, but I love my country, folks. I fear my government, but I love my country.

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There are basically two philosophies of government:

  • One is based on evolution thinking, which says:
    • Laws come from man's opinion. How do you decide right from wrong? Oh, man gets together and we decide.
    • Second thing, they say rights are granted by the government;
    • And the government should be the provider. The government provides everything, this is called a democracy. Democracies always become dictatorships. They are horrible forms of government. “The government should provide everything!”

When they were debating about healthcare here in Pensacola; I heard it on the radio, you know, several years ago; talking about a national healthcare plan. I thought, did you know 70 to 80% of allhealth care costs are from self-induced problems? Somebody wants to drink or smoke or take drugs and when they get sick they want me to pay for it? They were debating on the radio here on one of the...; WCOA, I think it was; talking about should we have a national healthcare plan. Well I called in, I think it was Luke I got, I said: “Hey, Luke, I think we should have a.., I got an idea here,” I forget how I started off. I said: “I forgot to change the oil in my car and I blew the engine. I think everybody should help me pay for it.” They said: “Well, if you forgot to change oil and blew your engine that's your problem.” I said: “Well, that's exactly the same idea with healthcare. If you don't want to take care of your health, I guess that's your business. But if you get sick, why should I have to pay for it?” If you don't want to brush your teeth and floss your teeth; do whatever you want, they're your teeth; but I'm not gonna pay to get you new ones. I got to take care of my own too you know.

If we are gonna have universal healthcare, why not universal auto-care? If you ever damage your car, the government will pay for it. How's that for an idea? How about universal house-care? You got a problem with your house, you need new doors, need new carpet; hey, the government will pay for it. How about the government pay all utility bills? You don't have to yell at your kids anymore: “Shut the refrigerator!” Do you realize what would happen in a hurry? The whole system would crumble. That's what the Canadians are just now trying to figure out: “Wow, how come it's costing us so much for this healthcare?” I haven't had any health insurance now for 14 years. I take my vitamins, a lot of them. I probably spend $40-50 a month on vitamins and nutrition for me and my wife. Wow, that's a lot of money. Cheaper than $400 a month for health insurance, isn't it? And boy when you get sick, it's neat, you go to the hospital, they have to do some kind of surgery. One of my boys had surgery, the bill was like $4,500, you know, for two hours in an outpatient place. So I called the different people, I called the anesthesiologist, I said: “Hello, Sir, I noticed your bill is $1,500 for an hour and a half.” You know, putting him to sleep. “I don't have any insurance, I do pay my bills and I'll pay whatever I have to, but this seems kinda high for an hour and a half, you know.” He said: “Oh, you don't have insurance.” He said: “Ok, lets make it $300.” Just like that over the phone. I called the place that had the room, you know, I'm sure they had to change the sheets and put some new band-aids out and stuff you know. I said: “Look, I saw your bill here was like, you know, $1,800, seems kinda high for an hour and a half, you know, for your room.” I said: “I don't have any insurance.” - “Oh, you don't, oh, ok, let's make it $400.” I got the bill down, I think from $4,500 down to about $1,000, just over the phone, with 5 phone calls. “You don't have insurance, oh ok.” The more people have insurance, the more it raises the price of everything. I'm not against health insurance, ok, but I am saying the philosophy here is what's important to understand. We've got this crazy idea that the government is supposed to provide everything. Well, they'll be glad to do that, but along with that they are gonna take away all your freedoms.

Our founding fathers said: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” For instance, who gives you the right to have a church? Why do we ask the government for permission? You know, just about every church in America now has become 501(c)(3) incorporated, because they wanna get government handout. You ought to get the book Hushmoney or the bigger version of it, In Caesar's Grip by Peter Kershaw, a good friend of mine, if you want to find all the dangers of 501(c)(3) incorporation.

  Hushmoney In Caesar's Grip

The church doesn't have to get incorporated, but if you do get incorporated you better not preach against certain things from your pulpit. Did you know that if you are an incorporated church and you preach against homosexuality, IRS will pull your tax-exempt status? Churches are tax-exempt anyway. What are we asking them that for? Come on. You ought to read the book if you want more on that. Patrick Henry said: “It can not be emphasized too strongly that this great nation was founded ... by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

  • See the other philosophy of government is based on Creation thinking, which says:
    • Laws come from the Creator.
    • Rights are unalienable, and;
    • The government should be limited to the punishment of evildoers and defense. The only two legitimate functions of government, they are not supposed to provide everything for you.

You ought to read Davy Crockett's story about, he is out..., you know, a neighborhood burned in Washington D.C. when Davy Crockett was senator or something like that. And the senators got together and said: “You know this whole neighborhood burned, what a horrible tragedy, everybody lost their house here, let's vote to give this neighborhood,” you know, “$50,000,” whatever it was way back then to rebuild their homes. The next fall, Davy Crockett's out stumpin’ trying to get people to vote for him, he saw this farmer plowing his field, he stopped and said: “Hey, Neighbor.” The farmer stopped, said: “Yes Sir, can I help you?” He said: “I'm Davy Crockett.” He said: “Yes Sir, I know who you are.” He said: “Well, I wanna see if you'll vote for me.” The farmer said: “No Sir, I'll never vote for you again in my life.” He said: “Well, why not?” He said: “You broke your trust.” He said: “I voted for you last time to put you in there to manage things for our area and you blew it.” He said: “Well, how did I blow it, what did I do?” He said: “You voted to give those people money to rebuild their houses.” Crockett said: “Well ya, it was a horrible thing that happened,” you know, a big fire swept through the community, or something. And the farmer said: “Are you gonna do this for every tragedy across America? What if I lose my crop? What if my cow dies?” This is a slippery slope, folks, there's no way out of this one. “You have no business to give away our money. Now a few congressmen wanna get together and pull your money and give those folks some money, you go ahead, but we've entrusted you to manage our money.” We've got the whole story, it's amazing, if you call us or email us we'll send that to you. Davy Crockett said: “Boy he learned his lesson.” But the senators and representatives today do not understand that lesson. They love giving away your money. Long story on that.

  • A republic though, is based on the idea that the law is supreme.

Our government started off to be a constitutional republic, not a democracy. I get real nervous when I hear them talk about, ‘spread democracy around the world’. That would be the dumbest thing we could do. Talk about a dumb form of government.

Go back The Communist Manifesto (1848) (continuation)

  1. The second part of Karl Marx's plan was a heavy progressive income tax. Don't get me started on that one, ok.
  2. The third thing he said was, Abolish the rights of inheritance. The Bible says: “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children.” Everything about communism is backwards to the Biblical plan for things.
  3. Confiscate property rights. Take away the property.
  4. The Bible says: “The love of money is the root of all evil.” (I Tim. 6:10) Karl Marx said: “We need a central bank.” He knew full well, a central bank could destroy the country. And in 1913, some rich guys got together on Jekyll Island, Georgia, and tricked everybody with the Federal Reserve. Nothing federal about it and there are no reserves. The Federal Reserve is a private bunch of bankers. Remember “The love of money is the root of all evil.” Got a whole lot more of that on our College Class CSE 103, get a whole lot more on the Federal Reserve. We are gonna skip some for the sake of time here.
  5. Government ownership of communication. That's why we have an FCC, Federal Communication Commission. And government ownership of transportation. That's why we now have the TSA, the Transportation Security Administration. I go to the airports. I flew 175 times last year, I'll break that this year. I go to the airports and there will be 50 people standing around, ya know, to check everything. I went once and they took my fingernail clipper out, this big, it had a little thing that swings out to clean your fingernails. They said: “Oop, can't have that.” Broke it off. You've got to be kidding. I'm gonna take over a plane with a fingernail clipper, hahahah... They are paranoid.
  6. Government ownership of factories and agriculture.
  7. Government control of labor.
  8. Corporate farms and regional planning.
  9. Free education. You know the public school idea came from Karl Marx. Now there were public schools before that, I understand, but Karl Marx said that government should do free education for everybody. Well, my PhD is in education, my mom taught for years and retired, my brother's in his 34th year now teaching in public school. I speak in hundreds and hundreds of schools across the world. Folks, I'm for education, but I'm dead set against government involved in education. Governments got no business being involved in education at all. You better read your constitution, the Tenth Amendment. Unless that is spelled out in that document the government shouldn't do it. We've gotten a long ways away from that.

Go back School with the Bible...

Hitler said: “You let me control the textbooks and I'll control the state.” Martin Luther said: “I am much afraid that the schools will prove to be the great gates to Hell unless they diligently labor in explaining the Scriptures, engraving them in the hearts of youth.” He said: “I would advise no one to place his child where the Scriptures do not reign paramount. Every institution in which men are not increasingly occupied with the Word of God, must become corrupt.” Go walk the halls of the schools, folks, I'm telling ya they have become corrupt.


Here is a 1777 public school book, first grade. Here's what they taught the kids in first grade in America. Used in public, private schools. It's a first grade textbook. Here's how they learned the alphabet: (A) “In Adam's fall we sinned all.” (Back then they made the letter ‘s’ like the letter ‘f’, ok); (B) “Heaven to find; the Bible mind.”; (C) “Christ crucified for sinners died.”; (D) “The Deluge drowned the earth around.”; (E) “Elijah hid the ravens fed.”; (F) “The judgment made Felix afraid.” Public school textbook. Interesting.

Here's how the youth, young people learned [to use] their alphabet: “A wise son maketh a glad father.; “Better is a little with the fear of the Lord than great treasure and trouble therewith.”; “Come unto Christ all ye that labor and are heavy laden [and He will give you rest].”; “Do not the abominable thing which I hate, saith the Lord.” That's a public school textbook, folks. Guess what they teach the kids today. “You're an animal and share a common heritage with earthworms.” Here is a textbook that has over 100 pages devoted to evolution theory. Not one mention of creation or God any place in the book. Not one. What has happened, folks?

Go back The Communist rules for revolution  [added from 2005 seminar]

This is the Communist rules for revolution.

  1. For number one, you corrupt the young. Break down the moral virtues. This is incredible what they've done. Corrupt the young. Get them away from religion.
  2. Brake down their moral virtues. 
  3. Encourage a soft government attitude towards crime. Three strikes and your out. How about one strike and you're out? Where's the victim's rights in all of this?
  4. Divide the people into hostile groups. [race, religion, etc.]
  5. Get the people's minds off their government. Focus their attention on athletics [sex, etc.]. Get people more worried about soccer or football then what the government is doing. In 1896 there were three hundred and eleven athletes in the Olympics. A hundred years later there were 13,000. There are probably people in this room that know more about the local sports team or the Green Bay Packers than you do about who the senators are from your state. Our minds are off our government alright. 
  6. Control all media like CNN (‘Communist’ News Network). Don't get me started on the media. 
  7. Destroy people's faith in their leaders. Lenin said: “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” Interesting thinking. Who's programming these voting booths that are counting the ballots by computer? Who's programming these voting booths which count the ballots by computer? Go to ‘vote scam’ on the internet. Just type in ‘vote scam’ and see what you find. 
  8. Cause the registration of firearms so that you can eventually confiscate them. Gun control, communist idea. Lenin said: “One person with a gun can control a hundred people without one.” 

Imagine this scene. You're standing in a bank trying to cash a check. Somebody runs in there, pulls out a gun, and says: “Everybody lay on the floor!” So everybody lies on the floor. Now imagine this scene. Every citizen is armed. The guy runs in the bank: “Lay on the floor!” Everybody else pulls out their guns. You lay on the floor while they all stomp on your head. Every dictator throughout history has wanted gun control. It's just a normal thing. You have to control the guns. Every dictator has wanted that. “Gun control isn't about guns, it's about control.” Somebody sent me this button as a joke: “PROUDLY UNARMED.” Would you wear this? What does this say to a criminal? “ROB ME!” Isn't that what it says?

Go back Comrade Josef Stalin; Pol Pot (Cambodia); Communism in China  [added from 2005 seminar]

At a very early age, Comrade Stalin went to a Christian school, but he read Darwin's book and became an atheist. That's the book which changed Joseph Stalin's life, forever. Joseph Stalin killed between 60 and 100 million of his own people. You should read anything written by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, like his book the Gulag Archipelago. The concentration camp. He spent ten years in Stalin's concentration camps. My daughter-in-law is from Ukraine. We used to have seven people on our staff from former Soviet countries. We know what they do over there.

When Germany and Russia attacked Poland during World War Two, Poland was just totally overwhelmed. No chance of survival in a situation like that. They captured all of these Polish officers. They asked Stalin: “What should we do with the officers?” He said: “They're just Poles, execute them.” They finally admitted it in 1992. The Russians finally admitted: “Yes, we killed 14,700 officers at the Katyn Forest.” Massacred them. Why? Well, if you believe in evolution, you think you're superior because they're just inferior. It's really best to wipe them out; it's like pulling weeds, that's all it is.

Pol Pot, the leader Cambodia during the Cambodian Reign of Terror, killed one third of his own population. I don't recommend that you watch the Killing Fields. It's a pretty vile movie but it is pretty accurate. That's what they did; they killed people by the tens of thousands, for any reason.

When communists took over China, they began to kill Christians at a rate of 15,000 a month. Missionaries that were there reported those that survived, that got out of China, said: “You know, it was strange when they came into our village, the communists came in they didn't start teaching communism in the schools. The first thing they did in the schools was start teaching evolution.” Communists know full well that evolution is the foundation for communism. Russian atheist astronomer said: “Either there is a God or there isn't. Both possibilities are frightening.” See, if there's no God, man is in charge. You put man in charge, you're asking for disaster.

Go back United Nations education programme; Using education to forward one's propaganda?

United Nations has already declared, they had a “World Declaration on Education for All (1990) called for the nations of the world to adopt a common education system complete with implementation time-tables and recommended curriculum. In our own nation, Goals 2000, School-To-Work and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (Profiles of Learning) are totally consistent with the One-World Government recommendation of the 1990 UN Declaration.” You ought to get hold of Bob Frey in Minnesota, we'll put this address up here and you can call Bob about more stuff on the..., he's very involved in fighting this type of thing right here. A humanist said in a humanist magazine, John Dunphy said: “The battle for humankind's future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers who correctly perceive their role as proselytizers of a new faith... (that will replace) the rotting corpse of Christianity.” This guy said: “Every child who enters school at age five is mentally ill, because he comes to school with allegiance toward our elected officials, founding fathers, institutions, government, patriotism, nationalism, sovereignty. All these prove the child is sick, because the well individual is one who has rejected all those things and is what I call the true international child (communist) of the future.” Dr. Pierce from Harvard University. Well, Dr. Pierce, I'll buy you a one-way ticket also to the Soviet Union; if you use it, don't come back. I've been over there, folks, you don't want what they've got.

This is a Social Sciences book, public school book, they said: “Any child who believes in God is mentally ill.” “Education is the most powerful ally of humanism, and every American public school is a school of humanism. What can the theistic Sunday-school, meeting for an hour once a week, and teaching only a fraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?” They are right folks, and they are winning, we are losing. One professor said: “As a matter of fact, creationism should be discriminated against... no advocate of such propaganda should be trusted to teach science classes or administer science programs anywhere under any circumstances. Moreover if they are now doing so they should be dismissed.” You should fire them if they believe in creation. An Iowa professor said, you should “fail any student no matter what the grade record indicate, if the professor discovers the student is a creationist. Furthermore, the students department should have the right of retracting the grades and possibly even degrees if the student becomes a creationist later.” That's the kind of thinking we are up against.


Mr. Yefremov lives here in Pensacola. He came to my house several years ago. He's from Ukraine. He said: “Dr. Hovind, here's my high school diploma!” I said: “Ya. You know you are 50 years old, you've got 5 kids, 4 in college, uh, why are you handing me your high school diploma?” He said: “When I was in Ukraine, I went to school, had good grades.” They grade them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; 5's the best. He showed me his report card, all 5's, like straight A's. He said: “But we had a test to take before we could graduate, senior year in high school, one of the questions on the test was: ‘Do you believe in evolution?’ I answered: ‘No.’ They refused to let me graduate.” I said: “Well, how did you get the diploma?” He said: “Oh, you remember last year when we made your video tapes in Russian?” And he did the voice on them. I said: “Ya.” He said: “I sent them to my village where I grew up in Russia. The mayor watched them; made all the city council watch the tapes, and they said, ‘Wow, Eugene went to America and became a movie star.’” They put them in the public school to make all the public school kids watch them. The guy who refused to let him get his diploma, 35 years ago, had now become a city councilman, and the mayor said: “Ah go ahead and send him his diploma.” - “Ok, yes sir.” He said: “I just got my diploma in the mail. What do you think, Brother Hovind?” I said: “Wow!” What a story.

See, the humanist have decided years ago they are gonna use the education system to spread their evolution and humanism, because that way we pay for it. We are paying to spread their religion. So what's going on, folks? Communism is anti-Christian in every single way. The communists have eight rules for revolution, different ways, there is different things they wanna do to take over a country. We don't have time to go over them all now. Have to cover that some other time or get our College Class CSE 103, where we cover this in much more detail.

Evolution is the foundation philosophy for Nazism. Why did Hitler do what he did? Well, we'll cover that tomorrow night. It's the foundation for Nazism, communism, socialism, Marxism, and the New World Order. Coming soon, we'll talk about that tomorrow night. Very politically incorrect. You don't want to come tomorrow. And then we'll tell you what you can do about it. Coming next.

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