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Seminar 5    The Dangers of Evolution, part c
Dr. dino
(this seminar was given in 2003, with a few sections added from 2005 seminar)
(it would appear that the released 2005 seminar has been edited and only half its original size remains,
what is presented here is unedited)

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“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;”
    II Timothy 3:1-4  

Seminar 5: The Dangers of Evolution  
(part c)

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Well, welcome to the last session, it's on our videotape #5, about the effects of the evolution theory. How that evolution is responsible for the rise of communism, Marxism, socialism. And tonight we are going to talk about Nazism, the last one and then the New World Order. Then we are gonna tell you what do you do about it. Our world is quite obviously falling apart. What are we gonna do?

Go back Battle for the superior race

Nazism is based on the philosophy of evolution. You have to think one race is superior to another. Mussolini, the Italian dictator, thought that the Italians were the superior race, and everybody else should be eliminated. Of course, Hitler felt the same way. He thought that the Germans were the superior race. He believed in Aryan supremacy. Hitler believed the Germans were the superior race that deserved to rule the world. Everyone else was just taking up room. “The German Fuhrer consistently sought to make the practice of Germany conform to the theory of evolution.” This fellow said: “A direct line runs from Darwin, through the father of the eugenics movement, Darwin's cousin, Francis Galton, to the extermination camps of Nazi Europe.” Exactly right.


Go back ‘Mein Kampf’; Aryan supremacy

In Hitler's book Mein Kampf, you can read his racist philosophy. It just kinda oozes off every page. “Adolf Hitler's mind was captivated by evolutionary thinking, probably since he was a boy. Evolutionary ideas lie at the basis of all that is worse in Mein Kampf and in his speeches.” Hitler offered to send the Jews to anybody that would take them. He said: “You want these Jews, I'll send them to you.” I read a lot about Hitler and the Holocaust. You ought to read the book While Six Million Died, and see what the rest of the world did. Did you know Hitler offered to send the Jews to America and Roosevelt refused to let him? Unbelievable what happened, folks, before World War II.

In Hitler's book Mein Kampf, on page 286 in this edition, he said: “Even less does nature desire the blending of a higher with a lower race.” Who's a higher and a lower race, Adolf? Hitler kept talking about the ‘Aryan blood’ and ‘lower peoples.’ Who's an Aryan anyway? Well, I found Hitler's hit list. I was reading in Keene State University in New Hampshire, I was doing some research in their library there one time, and they got a whole section of the library just about Hitler and the Holocaust. I thought, Wow, I was in hog heaven. So I asked the librarian: “Why did Hitler kill the Jews? Why not somebody else?” He said: “Oh, I'll show you the list he was using.” He brought me book after book after book. For six hours I copied $20 worth of pages, 10¢ at a time, out of that library. Here's the list Hitler was using. Hitler thought the blond haired, blue-eyed Nordic, were close to pure Aryan, the superior race. Did you get all that, blond-haired, blue-eyed Norwegian: “Hvordan står det til i dag [How are you doing today]. Ya, sure, you bet ya, HUFTA!” [Dr. Hovind himself has Norwegian ancestry] And he thought the Germans were mostly Aryan, the Mediterraneans were slightly Aryan, the Slavics were half-Aryan, half-ape, the Orientals are slightly ape, the black Africans are predominantly ape, and the Jews are close to pure ape. Hitler killed the Jews ’cause he honestly thought he was speeding up the process of evolution by eliminating what he thought were the inferiors. If he would have killed all the Jews, guess who would have been next? Blacks, Hitler hated black people. Does anybody know where the Olympics were held in 1936? Berlin, Germany. Does anybody know who won the most gold medals? Jessie Owens, the black American athlete. Hitler was so angry, he said: “It's not fair to make my men race against this animal.” One of the Jewish prisoners who survived the Holocaust said: “There is a difference between those who look upon their fellow human beings as common creatures of a common creator and those who look upon them as a conglomerate of biologicals and chemicals.” Hey, is man just a bunch of chemicals that got together by chance over billions of years or were we designed by a Creator? That is a fundamental difference, folks. That's the difference between creation and evolution right there.

Go back Battle for religious supremacy (Talmud, Islam)

By the way, the Jewish Talmud (not the Torah, which is the Old Testament), the Talmud teaches that anybody who is not Jewish should be killed. The Talmud says: “All non-Jews are to be exterminated. All gentile children are animals.” “Even the best of the gentiles should be killed.” You'd be surprised how many religions in the world teach that they are the only one, not just the only one that's going to heaven, but the only one that deserves to live.

You ought to read what the Muslims teach. You know, official Muslim doctrine is, according to Islam. you can read about The Prophet, a great little book here, if you wanna read about the start of the Muslim church, or about Who Is This Allah? anyway. These are books we offer in our ministry, you can get these through our bookstore downtown here. Or Islamic Invasion, by Robert Morey, oh man. Tremendous book on exposing what the Islam people really believe. Or this one, just new out, by Don Boys, excellent book on Islam: America's Trojan Horse.

Did you know the Koran clearly teaches, if a person will not convert they have to be executed. Here's the Koran, in Surah 4:89: “Allah commands, that any person who leaves Islam or encourages others to do so should be seized and slain.” Allah told Mohammad that: “All those who opposed his message should be killed or they should be nailed to a tree or their hands and legs should be cut off.” You cannot be a good Muslim without being a revolutionary. You have to hate everybody that isn't Muslim. I feel sorry for the folks that are duped by that silly idea. They need the gospel. We need to try to get it to them, ok. Maybe God's brought a bunch of them to America so we can win them to the Lord.

Go back Nazi Germany, the Jews and evolution theory

But what Hitler did with his concentration camps and killing the Jews, I don't think it's possible to understand what Hitler did and why he did it, until you see how evolution ties in. Hitler thought he was speeding up the process and doing the world a favor by getting rid of the inferior genes. He killed at least six million. I've been to Germany three times, I read lots of books about Hitler and the Holocaust just to keep my blood boiling. What Hitler did was a direct result of his belief in evolution. See, what you believe determines how you behave. He was just speeding up the process.

Go back The Hitler Youth (Hitlerjugend), abortion and Aryan supremacy

Hitler held his rallies at Nuremberg. I stood on the spot where Hitler spoke all of his rallies there in Nuremberg; on that granite mined out of Flossenbürg camp where I just had been a few hours earlier, where all the Jews died trying to mine granite for Hitler's platform to stand on. Hitler tried to make the people look small, the individual is small and ‘the cause’ was great. Had these massive rallies at the Nuremberg Arena there. You know the environmental movement folks tried to do the same thing. They tried to make the individual look small and ‘the cause’ look great. You know, people are expendable, we have to save ‘mother earth.’ Doing the same thing with our kids today. Hitler knew full well you have to indoctrinate the young people, and the evolutionists have worked very hard to infiltrate our school system and thoroughly indoctrinate the young people.

It's interesting, Hitler referred to the Jews as “parasites in the body of nations.” The abortionists refer to the unborn child as “a parasite in the women's body.” Same language. Hitler, one of his justifications for believing in evolution was the gill slits. We talked about that on video 4, the idea that the embryo has gills made up by the German Professor Ernst Haeckel. And that goes on, we can talk a lot more about that, get our video #4, about how abortion is murder based on the thinking that evolution is true. It's a crazy idea. Hitler said: “This new state (Germany) will give its youth to no one.” We are going to raise the youth the way we want them to be raised.


There was a man in Skokie, Illinois that shot and killed a doctor, when they asked him; “Why did you kill this doctor?” He said: “Because he's making blue tinted contact lenses for people and he's diluting the Aryan beauty.” Folks, the Aryan supremacy idea is not dead. There are still white supremists all over the country, and I know, I'm in the South. Get over it ok. Nobody is better because of the color of their skin.

Go back Hitler, Christianity and propaganda

Hitler tried to hide behind the idea that Christianity justified what he was doing. This excellent book by Marvin Lutzer at Moody Bible Press on Hitler's Cross; about how he tried to make people think that it's ok, because God had told him to kill all these people. Hitler, one of his propaganda pictures, showed him walking out of a church with the cross over his head. He was a liar. Did you know they had Nazi baptisms? Hitler secretly though hated Christianity. He said: “I regard Christianity as the most fatal, seductive lie that ever existed.” Because Christianity teaches “all nations are of one blood!” (Acts 17:26) You are not better than anybody because of the color of your skin. That's what Christianity teaches. But they had Nazi baptisms, Nazi altars. Just unreal what Hitler did trying to hide behind the guise of Christianity.


Go back Japan and WWII

Now, the Japanese also thought that they were superior race. The Japanese textbooks taught their kids for 30 or 40 years... When Darwin's book came out in 1859, when it was translated to Japanese several years later, the Japanese bought it up like crazy and said: “Wow, this is a perfect theory.” They sucked it right in because it goes right along with the religions they already had there in Japan, and they said: “Wow, one race is superior, I bet it's the Japanese.” They had special studies where they studied people and they said the Japanese don't have as much hair on their body, which proves that they ascended further from the apes. And they said, they have a milder body odor, and they were the superior race that deserved to rule the world. When I say: “I think evolution is largely responsible for World War II,” they look at me like I'm nuts. But folks, that's exactly the case.

Back to Main Index New World Order (NWO)

Evolution is also the foundation philosophy for the New World Order. We cover lots on this on our College Class CSE 103, where my 17-hour seminar is stretched out to 60 hours, where we chased every rabbit and kicked every dog that walked by. There's a whole lot of stuff on our College Course there.

Go back The plan for a ‘one world government’

The United Nations has plans for a one world government. The United Nations wants:

  1. To establish a UN military force that can intervene in the internal events in any country.
  2. They want to eliminate the veto power of the United States.
  3. They wanna give the UN jurisdiction over the ‘earth commons’. That means the United Nations decides who owns, you know, the rivers, and everything on the earth.

This is from a speech given by the Secretary General, in September of 2000. They have already divided up the world into 10 regions. You know, for years I was taught, the Old Roman Empire was gonna be revived in the last days and we are gonna have the ten..., you know the vision in the book of Daniel; ten kings are gonna get together and give their power to one king. I think, maybe we've been missing something here, brother. Maybe it's not 10 countries in Europe gonna unite, maybe it's 10 regions of the world. Maybe this last vision of Daniel was the whole world uniting. They are making plans for a New World Order. There are some extremely wealthy, powerful people making plans to rule the world. Like Pinky and the Brain. They're out there trying to take over the planet, and God's up in heaven laughing about it. Psalms chapter 2, the psalmist said: “Why do the heathen rage, the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh.” (ps. 2:1-4) God sees all their plans for a one world government and He's laughing about it. Now, in the mean time, I think we are gonna have to go through some really hard times down here, folks.

People say: “Oh, God's gonna get us out of here before the tribulation.” Oh, tell that to the Chinese Christians, and the Russian Christians, and the Egyptian Christians that have been killed, and those in Sudan, where they've killed hundreds of thousands in Africa just because they're Christians, just in the last 10 or 15 years. Boy if any country ever deserved the judgment of God, it's America, and I think it's coming soon to a city near you.

Go back Controlling the world's water/food supply and jurisdiction over (muzzling) churches

  1. United Nations has plans to tax the world. We will be paying a tax if they have their way, to United Nations.
  2. They want to get the UN authority to regulate international commerce. They wanna control food. They understand full well that the production and distribution of food is the way to control the world.
  3. United Nations has plans to establish a new seat of power in the UN called ‘The People's Assembly’. It will consist of representatives from nations, but also representatives from non-government organizations. Just organizations can have a seat in there, interesting.
  4. They wanna have jurisdiction over all nation-states.

They certainly want to have jurisdiction over all the churches, and many churches have already stuck their head in the noose by becoming incorporated, and they don't realize what they've done. There's a good book if you wanna read more on that, you can get it from our website or right here in our bookstore. In Caesar's Grip, about how the incorporation process, 501(c)(3), has trapped churches where they cannot speak out on certain topics. Man, 100 years ago the politicians were scared stiff of the pastors ’cause they just get up there and preach. Ya know, “Senator Jones is a whoremonger.” Well, today if you talk about politics they'll jerk your 501(c)(3) status, and so Christians say: “Oh, we can't talk about certain topics in the pulpit.” Well, then you are not serving God. If you are a prophet of God you say what God told you to say. If it hair-lips the devil, then tough. It goes back to the two basic philosophies of government. You know, evolution based on man's opinion, and creation based on laws come from the Creator. He gives us rights to have churches, he gives us rights to speak the truth.

Go back ‘Declaration of Independence’  or ‘ Accommodate a global one-world society’?

Our founding fathers said: “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the [political] bands which have connected them to another, ...” They said: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, all men are created equal, they are endowed by their Creator with certain [unalienable] Rights, ...” They kept talking about the right of the people because of the fact they were created by God. When you get a bunch of people together who believe they were created, they don't make good slaves. They are going to throw the tea in the harbor and start a big war. And so the guys who would like a New World Order are fighting very hard to not let creation into the schools, because the schools are their primary method of teaching their evolution theory; which says: “Rights come from government not from God.”

This fellow said: “Fundamentalist parents have no right to indoctrinate their children in their beliefs. We are preparing their children for the year 2000 and life in a Global One-World Society and those children will not fit in.” They wanna prepare our kids for a New World Order, and boy it's working, folks. “75% of kids from Christian homes that go to secular schools lose their faith after one year of college.” There is a great book called The Medusa File by Craig Roberts, excellent book on the government cover-ups of all sorts of things that have been covered-up. Do you know how many Prisoners of War were left behind when we fought World War II and when we fought in the Japanese theater and when we fought in Vietnam? Those prisoners of war were taken off to be coal miners up in the Soviet Union and in China. They just disappeared into slave labor camps. And some leaders in our government knew about it and said: “Nope, it's not worth messing with, just let them go.” Some still alive over there. Read this book, The Medusa File, if you want to get more on that.


Go back Satan's plan to rule the world

If you wanna understand the conspiracy that right now Satan is using to control the world, there are so many good books you can read about this. I've got several on the table here. There are different groups with their smoke filled rooms trying to control the world. There is a committee of 300 Jewish financiers, all Masters of Lodges, who rule the world according to Protocols of Zion. Now I get criticized for recommending the Protocols of Zion. I understand the book was written so that if it was found it would be blamed on the Jews. It's actually the bankers, but they wrote it as if the Jews are gonna do this and the Jews are gonna do that. You can read it, it has all come true in the last 100 years. And people say: “That's a bad book, brother Hovind.” Well, ya it is, but it reveals their plan for the world, but it was not written by Jews; it was written by financiers, moneylenders. It shows their plan to rule the world. There is a book called The Committee of 300, showing the 300 top people who really make the decisions on this planet to decide when we are gonna have a war, and when we are gonna have a depression, and a recession, get more on that.

Go back Engineered events

See, a lot of these crisis's that we face are man-made, intentionally made. I don't know if you saw the video of the airplane flying into the twin towers, but there is a video on the internet you can watch, showing an F-15 flying right beside it, guiding them into the twin towers. They slow the tape down and show it frame by frame. Interesting. I'm not sure what all happened that day, folks, I'm not sure if anybody is sure what all happened that day, but they will develop a crisis just so they can get their goals accomplished. Some of these guys would like a New World Order, a one world government, and they are not against killing 3-4,000 people if it helps their cause. Like blow up the Oklahoma City building just so we can eliminate the militia groups that are getting a little out of hand, you know. Or just so we can get more homeland security measures. I can't even carry my pocketknife on the plane now.

  • Well, the Civil War was deliberately done in order to get more toward a one world government.
  • So was World War I.
  • The 1929 Depression was deliberately caused to get people to come in and get a Social Security number, which by the way is a voluntary system.
  • The Cuban missile crisis was deliberate. See, the Russians they have a technique. They say: “We will take two steps forward and one step back and everybody thinks we retreated.” They wanted a military base in Cuba, so they put in a military base and missiles. Kennedy huffed and puffed about the missiles, you know, the big missile crisis in ’62, and they took the missiles out, we think, and left the military base. Two steps forward, one step back, they're further toward the goal. They've done that all over the world.
  • Oklahoma City was blown up, by apparently some terrorists, obviously. But it wasn't the truck bomb in the street that blew that building up, folks. There's a whole lot more to it than that. You want to get a hold of Ben Partin, the Air Force General in charge of explosives, he said: “I know what blows those buildings up, I've been doing this for 30 years.” He said: “A truck bomb did not blow up that building. There were bombs in the basement around the pillars, sheered the pillars off.” Talk to Ben Partin, there's his phone number right there, if you don't believe me, got a great videotape about that. In order to get anti-terrorism legislation passed that had been stalled in Congress, that's why I think those buildings came down.
  • The TWA bombing was done deliberately to get rid of some people who were going to testify against Bill Clinton apparently.

Go back Perilous times shall come...

There's been so many conspiracies, and I read all of this stuff and listen to all of these things, and read lots of books on it. But folks, it doesn't matter in a bigger sense. I think we as Christians need to be “wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” (Matt. 10:16) I wanna share with you tonight what I think the solution is. What should we be doing in light of the fact that there is a New World Order coming down upon us, and Christians are not gonna be welcomed. This fellow said: “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” I tell you what, when they are bombing your cities, people will give up their rights in order for safety. I think it was Ben Franklin said: “Those who would give up their rights for peace and security will have neither peace nor security.” The Bible says: “This know also, in the last days perilous times shall come.” (II Tim. 3:1) Folks, there are bad times coming. I'm not gonna get up here and say: “Everything is gonna be fine. I feel like something good is about to happen to you.” I feel like something bad is about to happen to everything, ok, get ready. I've got two grandkids, more coming, I'm just..., I'm not excited about bad times coming, but, folks, it's coming.

Go back The pattern of operation

What they do, they think up some excuse or create a crisis so the President can declare martial law, which of course sets aside the Constitution. Presidents are now actually ruling by executive order. There have been 13,000 of these given. Abraham Lincoln gave the first one ever in America, ordering 75,000 troops to invade the south. It was Lincoln's War not the Civil War, another long story on that one. We cover that on our College Class CSE 103. What they'll do, these rich folks will get in their mind what they want to accomplish, how to get more control over the world, and then they develop a crisis to get people to do what they want. They are laying plans for a one world government. And now the Presidents’ ruling by executive orders have totally by-passed the Constitution. We could talk for hours on the executive orders. I've got a list of quite a few of them here. In case of an emergency though they have the authority to take over all food supplies, take over all vehicles. If your vehicle is state registered, they can come take it if they want it; commandeer your vehicle. They can take away all the American people for workforces. They can take over all the health, education and welfare facilities, take over all the airports, register all men and women for the draft, force relocation centers, take over all the railroads, inland waterways, storage facilities.

FEMA is gonna provide the muscle to do this; the Federal Emergency Management Act. Those are the guys to watch. The ones that make me real nervous. They are going to be the enforcers. See, no dictator can really do anything without somebody to enforce his will on the people. Hitler never shot anybody, but people did. On March 17, 2003, George Bush told the Iraqi solders to disobey if they are given orders to use poison gas or set the wells on fire. Didn't he? How many heard that? He said: “You guys are gonna be judged as war criminals if you do these things, after we win.”

Go back Where lies your allegiance?

Well now listen carefully, soldiers, some of you are in the military here. You took an oath to defend the Constitution, against enemies, foreign and domestic. Is that right? What if the domestic enemy is your... boss? Who is your authority to? Who's your allegiance.., is it to God? This is gonna be a tough time for Christian soldiers. They are gonna have to make a decision to stand up and say: “Ok, I'm gonna do what God says.” Sometimes there are conflicts between authorities. Kids know this, they try to get mom to say one thing and dad to say another. Try to bring a conflict in the authority chain. Right? Kids are good at that. Well, God's the ultimate authority, and if I was a soldier, I would serve my country and I'll obey orders until there was an order to disobey something God had said to do. That's where you draw the line. “I'm sorry, I just simply can't do that, Sir. I refuse.” You say: “They are gonna court martial me.” Oh, so money's more important than God's will, huh? That's what it boils down to. It is always right to disobey evil orders. Many of you took and oath to defend this Constitution, now do it. Tyrants cannot succeed without enforcers. Hitler never shot anybody, he told people to do it and they did it for him.

Go back Groups and organizations supporting the plan

Ok, who's doing all this and why, and what are we supposed to do about it? There are many people involved in the plans for the New World Order.

  1. We have the United Nations.
  2. We have the World Counsel of Churches.
  3. We have the Counsel of Foreign Relations; you wanna get more on that, you wanna read; a lot of these books are referenced on my website, where you can get more information on these books that are..., if you wanna go down deep on these topics. There's the Trilateral Commission.
  4. The Bilderbergers. The International Monetary Fund (IMF), the International Bankers.
  5. The Club of Rome.
  6. The Communists, the Socialists.
  7. The National Education Association (NEA), very much involved. And by the way, teachers, if you are a teacher in a public school, get out of the NEA; quit paying them your dues, don't support them. You should read the stuff that they support and that they're for. If you are a Christian, and you love God, and you are a public school teacher quit the NEA. You say: “But, I won't get insurance.” There are other places to get insurance, for one thing. Number 2, money doesn't dictate right and wrong. If it does, you got a problem. You do what's right, God takes care of it from there, ok. Get out of that place, get out of that club, ok.
  8. The NOW (National Organization for ‘Wild’ Women), the ACLU (the American Communist Lawyers Union).
  9. The Masonic Lodge.

Go back Freemasonry and the Mormon church

I had a guy in our church came to me and say: “Brother Hovind, I've been in the Masonic Lodge for years, I don't see anything wrong with it.” I said: “Brother, would you go home and read this book Masonry: Beyond the Light, just read this book. Bring it back and we'll talk.” He brought it back two weeks later and said: “Well, I quit the lodge and got four of my other brothers to quit the lodge also. Brother, thank you so much for giving me that book.” Most of the guys that I know in the Masonic Lodge, including some very close friends of mine, don't really have a clue what they are in. They don't realize, till they get to the top, it's a satanic organization. I'll show ya. Here's the oath. General Pike said: “That which we must say to the crowd is: ‘We worship a god, but it's a god that one adores without superstition. To YOU Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to [the brethren of the] 32nd, 31st, and 30th degrees—the Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine. ...Yes, Lucifer is God.” “When the Mason learns that the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of his Craft. The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands and before he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly handle energy.” You can read Scarlet and the Beast, if you wanna go down real deep on the Masonic Lodge. Or this one, Masonry Beyond the Light by Chick Publications or call our office, we can get you one.


The Bible says, we are not supposed “to swear at all,” (Matt. 5:34) alright. Have you read the Masonic Oath that they swear? This is just the first one, they go through many oaths in this process. They say: “I (put their name in there) do hereby swear that I will always conceal and never reveal any of the secrets of Freemasonry to any person. If I do, I consent to having my throat cut from ear to ear, my tongue torn out by the roots, my body buried in the sands of the sea at low water mark.” Can you imagine Jesus saying something like that? Have we gone nuts? The Bible says: “Swear not at all.” (James 5:12) Get out of that club, just quit, ok. Quit supporting them. If you got all that free time on your hands go do something around the church. Go win somebody to Christ. Jesus said: “I've done nothing in secret.” (John 18:20) Why do they have those secret clubs or secret handshakes? You know, where you hold the second knuckle depending on what degree you are in, and these different secret handshakes. The secret way that they stand, you know. “Judge,” they put there hand like this, “I'm in distress,” you know, “rescue me, Judge.” You know, the judge is probably a mason too. Or like this, you know, that's the sign of ultimate distress. “You got to rescue me.” Every mason is obligated. They got their hands like this, making part of a square.


Joseph Smith, the leader of the Mormon church, when he was being shot outside the Carthage Jail did like this, hoping there were some Masons in the crowd. I had about six Mormon missionaries, I guess, lived down the street from me in California. I went there to visit them one time, to their house, trying to win them to the Lord. I was witnessing to them, brother. And I got there kinda early in the morning, for them, 10:00 o'clock. I thought it wasn't too early, but they had their holy underwear on. I'd heard about it, but I'd never seen it before. They come to the door, they got their holy underwear. Its got a Masonic Lodge symbol over each nipple and one on the thigh. They are not allowed to have all their underwear off at the same time because the demons can get them. So when they take a shower they leave their underwear on one leg, take a shower on half their body; put on the other leg and take a shower on the other half of their body. Talk about dumb. It's not holy underwear, ok. You should see how Joseph Smith went just near to the top of the Masonic Lodge in just one day.

The Mormons and the Masons are all tied in together, folks. February 2nd, 33rd day of the year by the way, is the first High Day of the Satanic churches. By the way, call it Groundhog Day, do it over and over and over till you get it right. You may be saw the movie, Groundhog Day, right. 1933, Roosevelt past the War Powers Act. He ordered all private gold turned into the government. Rockefeller helped set up Adolf Hitler in 1933, financed Adolf Hitler to come to power because we needed another war, so Rockefeller could make some more money. These guys make money off these wars, folks. We could talk a long time about the Masons and their tie into this, but just get our videotape CSE 103.

Go back Recommended books

There are so many good books you can read about what's going on: En Route to Global Occupation by Gary Kah, excellent book. The New World Order by William Still, he writes a lot on the federal reserve also, tremendous book. Angels Don't Play This HAARP, about the HAARP technology, High Altitude Aurora Research Project, how they are using microwaves to bounce them off the clouds in the high altitude atmosphere and create virtual lenses and steer weather, direct weather patterns, you know, make a country have a famine. Just by using High Altitude Aurora Research Project. You can read up on that. We could talk all night about that, but see our website, like we got a whole list of recommended books, if you wanna read more.


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Satan is the one who is deceiving the world. These individual people are not the enemy. God loves them and they can be saved. Anybody can be forgiven for their sin. But there is a battle coming, folks. Satan's been working hard to get people to work for him, and there are now military forces that it'd be pretty hard to fight against. The Bible says: “Who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him?” (Rev. 13:4) The New World Order folks have a goal to reduce the population to one-half billion, as soon as possible. You watch, I think it'll happen in the next..., who knows, in my lifetime for sure, probably in the next few years. We're gonna see the population of the earth radically reduced through whatever means, vaccines, wars, pestilence, famine, just like the Bible predicted. Read Revelation, it's all in there.

  • Wurster said: “People are the cause of all the problems, we need to get rid of some of them.”
  • Jacques Cousteau said: “We need to eliminate 350,000 people a day to save mother earth.”
  • Ted Turner said: “We need a 95% decline in population.” Ok, Ted, you first.
  • Bill Clinton signed the biodiversity treaty which said: “We need to reduce the human population to one billion.” Well, Bill, a lot of folks wouldn't miss you, go ahead man.
  • Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth. She's the one that invented the micro‘wave’; you'll get that later. Prince Philip said: “If I could be reincarnated, I would wish to return to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.” I think they are gonna put viruses in the vaccines and give them to these third world countries and wipe ’em out. I think its already been doing, or going on, ok.

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Ok, what do we do? The world's a mess, we're gonna see the end of it. It's gonna get really bad, really soon. What do we do? We should do exactly what Jesus told us to do 2,000 years ago. He said: “Go ye into all the world, teach all nations, baptize them, get them saved, and then teach them to go do the same thing.” (Matt. 28:19) You know, Jesus lived under Roman control. So, go win souls.

The Bible says: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” We need to know what to do. Today what we need are some men and women of understanding to tell us what to do.

  • In the book of Proverbs (28:2) it says: “By a man of understanding and knowledge the state thereof shall be prolonged.” We need somebody who understands what to do.
  • The Bible says in Deuteronomy (1:13): “Take wise men, and understanding, and known among the tribes, and I will make them rulers over you.”
  • Solomon said: “Give therefore thy servant and understanding heart..., that I may judge (discern) between good and bad.” (I Kin. 3:9)
  • The Bible says: “Abigail was a woman of good understanding, and beautiful,” (I Sam. 25:3) that don't hurt, you know. But she was of good understanding, ok, she knew what to do.
  • In the book of Ezra (8:16) it says: “They sent for” all these guys, you know, “Eliezer and etc., men of understanding.”
  • “By the good hand of our God upon us they brought us a man of understanding.” (Ezra 8:18)
  • “The men of Issachar were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do.” (I Chr. 12:32)

We need some pastors to be men of understanding, to know what they ought to do. We need some dads to understand what's going on and understand what you ought to do with your family. Dads, that's your family, you are gonna stand before God one of these days and be judged for how they turn out. Take command of the situation.

People say: “Oh, my kids won't obey.” Are you feeding them still, are you clothing them, are you giving them a place to sleep? Hey, if you are gonna sleep underneath my roof and eat my food, they are gonna do what I say. Period, ok. My three kids all turned out serving the Lord, all working for me in my ministry. Now, they are not perfect by a long shot; but they can tell you, boy, when dad said it, he meant it. “You know, this is the way it's gonna be son. You are not gonna do that in my house.” - “Oh ya?” - “Ya, I'll show ya. I'm paying the bills, you know, as soon as you wanna take over the bills then you can take over the control. Meanwhile, shut your mouth.”

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I think it's time to get motivated, folks. There is a real serious problem coming, looming on the horizon. We are gonna see real serious trouble, in America. What do we do? Well, the first mention of Caesar in the Bible is in Matthew 22:17: “Tell us therefore, what thou thinkest? Is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar, or not?” Hm, Jesus was born under Caesar's control. What did He do? He ignored him. Just go win souls.

Twelve things we need to do:

  1. You need to realize God's in control. (Psalm 2) “He is the Potter, we are the clay.” (Is. 64:8) Shut up, sit still, let Him do something with you, ok. Be still and know that He is God. Let Him put you where He wants you and make out of you whatever He wants to make out of you. He's the Potter.
  2. Be wise as serpents. (Matt. 10:16 & Prov. 22:3) I think we stick our head in a lot of nooses and let them hang us. And we could talk a long time about all the different ways we have made a nexus of relationship with the government. Churches do that by getting 501(c)(3). People do that by getting marriage licenses and driver's licenses and Social Security numbers and on and on and on, we cover all that on our CSE Class 103.
  3. Be careful for nothing. (Phil. 4:6) Careful means, full of care. I see people that are worried and nervous; “Wow, what's gonna happen, the New World Order's coming, they're gonna come kill everybody.” Oh, go win some souls, ok.
  4. Pray for those in authority. (I Tim. 2:1)
  5. We are His children, obey His orders. Preach the Gospel! (Mark 16:15)
  6. Be the salt of the earth. (Matt. 5:13) Salt irritates. So many Christians are so worried about offending somebody. Who cares? I wanna please God, nothing else is gonna matter, folks.
  7. Use your influence. (1 & 2 Kin., Dan., Acts, etc.) Everybody has influence. Some of you ought to get on the school board. I hear people says: “Well Christians shouldn't get involved in politics.” Oh, tell that to King David, King Solomon, Daniel, he was involved in politics. I mean, read your Bible. Of course we ought to get involved. Right?
  8. We need to teach the truth about creation. (Acts 17:24) You know in Acts chapter 17. The only two great sermons in the book of Acts. Acts 2: Peter preached on Pentecost, spoke in one language, they heard him in 17 languages. An amazing miracle. And he quoted verse after verse after verse, the Jews were familiar with Bible verses, but in Acts 17, Paul preached on Marr's Hill to the heathen. He didn't quote one Bible verse. Imagine preaching a whole sermon without one Bible verse. He just said: “God made the world.” He talked about creation. And, folks, if we are gonna reach America it is gonna have to be using the creation message to reach them. The textbooks are teaching the evolution story. Textbooks in Escambia County, right here, are teaching the kids the evolution story. They learned it today, they are gonna learn it again tomorrow. This textbook says: “Life arose from non-living matter present on the early earth.” Does that agree with what the Bible says? No. Did we pay for that to go in the classrooms in this town? Yes. Doesn't that bother anybody? “The Earth is 4½ billion years old. The oldest fossils are 3½ billion years old. Eukaryotes evolved from prokaryotes about 1½ billion years ago.” They just teach it like it's a fact, folks. There's a war going on. Get involved! Do something! If a kid goes 12 to 16 years to school in this town; with what, over 200 churches in Pensacola; how's he gonna view the world? Well, if he believes what he is taught in the textbook, he's gonna believe in evolution.
  9. Don't get distracted! (Mark 4:19) Satan is a master of distracting us on absolutely dumb things that don't matter. How many have seen a mobile? You put it over the crib and you wind it up. The kid lays there and he goes, “Uh, uh.” We get distracted so easily. The average American watches 1,500 hours of TV a year. That's enough time to read your Bible 22 times. Now, I don't think you ought to sit around and read the Bible all the day long, you know, but you ought to read it some. The Bible said: “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes.” (Ps. 101:3) You put wicked things in front of your eyes? Folks, we are wicked, that's why we got all this government bureaucracy over us. The Bible says: “For the transgressions of the land many are the princes thereof.” (Prov. 28:2) That's why we got all these bureaucrats, because we are wicked. The Bible says: “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Prov. 14:34) Now, here is the solution, right here; God told Solomon: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall ‘vote Republican, start a militia, store up survival foods’.” Is that what He said? No. “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves.” Hey dads, when's the last time your kids saw you humble yourself? When's the last time they saw you at the altar praying for somebody? When's the last time they saw you crying for lost souls? When's the last time they saw you fast and pray in order to get somebody saved? When's the last time? “...shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn ‘off’ their wicked ‘TVs’;”... or, no..uh “...turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and forgive their sin, and heal their land.” Folks, America needs to be healed. We've got serious problems. God gave us the solution, and we're not doing it. I don't see it. Preacher, do you see it? I think we're gonna get what we deserve. We're just gonna get it.

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Little David was sent off to help his brothers, you know, they were fighting the war over there. Little David came up to the battle and gave them some cheese and raisins and stuff. And he saw Goliath out there, and David said: “Hey, why don't one of you guys beat him up?” And his oldest brothers said: “Go home and take care of the sheep, man. You little punk, get out of here.” (I. Sam. 17:26,28) And David said: “Is there not a cause?” Wow, what a verse: “Is there not a cause?” Hey, what's your cause? I don't know what happened to me, brother, but about 14 years ago I just got bit with this bug that...; this is the greatest cause there is, preaching the gospel, winning folks. And evolution is the greatest obstacle so lets just tackle it head on, let's chop right at the root of the tree. Evolution is the philosophy behind all sorts of evil things going on. Let's just go right for the root.

What cause do you live for? Is this it? Sports? “Oh wow, he can throw the ball through the hoop, oh ah.” Who's going to care in a 1,000 years? Does anybody know who won the Super Bowl 10 years ago? Does anybody care? It doesn't matter. All those grown men out there fighting over that one ball. They can all afford to go buy their own. It's not sinful, it's just stupid. You pay a guy five million dollars to carry a pig bladder down a cow pasture, I mean, come on. Get all them big lugs out of the way, and I'll carry it down for ya, ya know. We've gone nuts.

The Bible says: “He that loveth silver shall not be satisfied with silver.” (Eccl. 5:10) The people that have millions of dollars, do you know what they want? More. The people that have 50 pairs of shoes in their closet, do you know what they want? More shoes. The people that have a big house, do you know what they want? Bigger house. The people that have a fast car, you know what they want? Faster! Gas, ya, true. It takes a whole lifetime to figure out things in this world do not satisfy. People that play golf, you know, five hours a week, you know what they want? Six hours a week, 7, 8, 9... Hey, did you know, if you spend thousands of hours practicing at golf. Get the grip just right, you know, shoulders curled, thumb and finger make a V pointed toward the shoulder, same thing over here. Knees slightly bent, shoulders curled, club faced perpendicular to the ball, bend the right elbow first. If you practice for thousands of hours, someday you will be able to knock a ball into a hole in the dirt. And the angels rejoiced. We have gone nuts.

The Bible says: “Seek those things which are above, ...Set your affections on things above.” (Col. 3:1-2) Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. ...the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life, is not of the Father, it's of the world. And the world passeth away.” (I John 2:15-17) I remember when I was working at General Motors, working my way through college. Every night we'd put together 250 some trucks, assembly line, you know, come by, do my thing, another one comes by, do my thing to the truck. And I thought, you know, everything I'm doing here is gonna burn, it's all gonna burn. When we were working at M&A together, brother, building cabinets, we worked hard, had a good job, and I said: “You know this is all gonna burn.” It's all gonna burn. I want to invest my life in something that is gonna last forever. Get our videotape on How to Make Money and Spend it God's Way. See the way you really ought to spend your money.

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  1. Listen for the trumpet. (I Thess. 4:16-17) The Bible says: “The Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first.” Southern Baptists go first, but hey, we're going next, ok. And then..., I pick on the Southern Baptists a lot, I speak a lot at their churches too, and I'm Baptist myself. We are gonna “be caught up with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air.” Listen for the trumpet, folks, it's coming soon.
  2. Win Souls! (Phil. 4:22) The last mention of Caesar is right here: “All the saints salute you, chiefly they that are of Caesar's household.” You say: “Oh, they are gonna send troops in and occupy America.” Oh good, go witness to them. They sent troops in to occupy Israel, didn't they? What did the disciples do? Led them to Christ. I don't think the disciples sat around worrying about, “Oh, did you know these Romans are gonna send another 1,000 troops to Bethlehem.” Oh really, hey, get some more tracts, guys, let's go. That's got to be the attitude we take. “He that winneth souls is wise.” (Prov. 11:30)

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During the Civil War, this big old country boy from Alabama, signed up to go fight the war. Man, he's sick of them Yankees down here invading our territory you know. So he got him a rifle, got him a backpack. Went off and joined the army. He showed up for battle, said: “Reporting for duty, Sir.” Sergeant said: “Son, we are glad you're here, man, we need recruits bad.” He said: “Son, your job is to guard this trench right here.” Soldier said: “Sarg, I ain't come to guard no trench, I come to fight Yanks, and they're right over there. Can I go fight them?” He said: “No, son, you don't understand, we're dug in, they're dug in, we're waiting for orders. Guard the trench right here.” So the old country boy started marching back and forth in the mud, you know, he's getting madder by the minute. He said: “Man, I didn't come here to march in the mud, I came to fight Yanks, and they're right over there. Why can't I go fight them?”

Finally he worked himself up into a frenzy, he dropped everything, jumped up out of the trench, and ran screaming and yelling across no man's land straight for the Yankee trench. A one-man Rebel charge. The Yanks were stunned, they thought, wow this guy's trying to commit suicide. He ran all the way across no-man's land, jumped into the Yankee trench, picked up the first Yankee he saw, and ka-boom..., knocked him out, one punch. He was a country boy, he'd been toting hay, you know. Boom..., knocked him out. Grabbed his prisoner, climbed up out of the trench and ran back for the Rebel trench. Nobody dared shoot now. He jumped into the Rebel trench and all the Rebs gathered around and said: “What's that?” He said: “That's a Yankee.” They said: “Well, where did you get him?” He said: “I got him over yonder.” He said: “Ya'll coulda had one ifn youda wanted one! There's a whole bunch more over there.”

Hey, you know what, I think one of these days we're gonna get to heaven and some people are gonna have a crowd gathered around them that they influenced for God. Some of you Sunday School teachers been faithful for years, and you've influenced 1,000s of people over time, you don't even know about some of them. And you are gonna have a crowd of people gathered around you. Somebody else is gonna walk up and say: “Where'd you get all them?” You'd say: “Well, I got them down yonder on the earth, ya'll coulda had one ifn youda wanted one.” What do you want? You want to win somebody to the Lord or do you want to find out who throws the ball through the hoop? The longer I live the less some of those things matter to me.

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  1. Read the last chapter, folks. We win! Satan thinks he is gonna set up his New World Order. Don't worry about it. Christ is gonna set up His New World Order. We're gonna rule and reign with Christ for 1,000 years. The Bible says: “The God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.” (Rom. 16:20) “I saw an angel come down from heaven, having a key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. And he laid hold of the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years, ...he shut him up, ...that he should deceive the nations no more, ...and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus.” (Rev. 20:1-4) That might be us, folks, we may have to get beheaded. Oh well. Some people don't use theirs anyway. Wouldn't miss it. “Rule and reign with Christ for a 1,000 years.” Then we're gonna see Satan “cast into the lake of fire ...for ever.” (Rev. 20:10) You choose which side you wanna be on. I choose the winning side. “The Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come.” (Rev. 22:17) Come, come, come to the Lord if you're not saved; come to the Lord and let Him forgive your sins. “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.” (Rev. 22:20)

If we can be of any help, our ministry exists to help strenghten your faith in the Word of God. Or if you are not a Christian we wanna get you saved. That's what we're here for. Give us a call, you can get one of our catalogues. The materials is not copyrighted, purposely. Come down to see our bookstore if you are in Pensacola. Or get one our videotapes if you are not. Come see our Dinosaur Adventure Land. Man, you wanna have a fun time, we are having a blast. We don't really have a plan, some day we would like to sell the Lord more and once everything is covered with buildings, you know. But , basically that is the plan. We just wanna influence people for the Lord. Find something to do.

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