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Seminar 7    Questions and Answers, part c
Dr. dino
(this seminar was given in 2005)
(some parts of the originally given seminar appear removed in the latest English DVD release of this,
that what is presented here is the unedited version)

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Seminar 7: Questions and Answers  
(part c)

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Back to Main Index About discoveries of fresh (unfossilized) dinosaur bones...

Next question we often get asked is: “Hé, if dinosaurs drowned in the flood, have we found fresh dinosaur bones? Or if they are all fossilized, it takes millions of years, doesn't it?” First of all, it doesn't take millions of years for things to fossilize. We covered that on video #6. But yes, some fresh dinosaur bones have been found. There's a great book called, The Great Alaska Dinosaur Adventure. About some guys that went up to northern Alaska and in the river banks of the Coleville River, on the north slope of Alaska found frozen frozen dinosaur bones. I talked to Les Zerbe, my friend up there who has been a missionary for years in Alaska. I was just up there a few months ago with him. He said: “He was there, and he could fly his plane right to the spot, land there and dig up some fresh frozen dinosaur bones if we'd like.” But yes, they have been found. In the journal Science magazine in December of 1993, reported that “the amazing preservation of the bones of a young duckbill dinosaur found in Montana. Under a microscope, the fine structure of the bones was seen to have been preserved to such an extent that cell characteristics could be compared with cells of chicken bone.” Anybody that teaches dinosaurs died off millions of years ago has not studied the real evidence. “In northwestern Alaska in 1961 a geologist found a bed of dinosaur bones in unpermineralized (that is unfossilized) condition.” This is possibly the same bed that Les Zerbe goes to. He offered to take me the last time I was there, but the weather wouldn't permit it. We were going to fly up there for a couple of hours and see this stuff. I'll go next time I get up there. “In Prudhoe Bay, Alaska which is way on the north slope near Barrow, Alaska they found frozen dinosaur bones that are as light as balsa wood and look as fresh as yesterday's dog bones. Their structure was porous and the fossils were not mineralized.” not fossilized. A Canadian Indian, Eskimo in 1987 on Bylot Island up in northern Canada found part of a lower jaw of a duckbill dinosaur. It was in fresh condition.

Joe Taylor, our friend from Crosbyton, Texas; has a website; he has dug up dinosaur bones before that are not fossilized. He has dug up dinosaurs all over the world. In the summer of 2005 they found dinosaur tissue inside a T-Rex leg bone and the dinosaur tissue was still soft. Now the scientists are trying to figure out, like John Horner from Montana, trying to figure out how could they stay soft for 70 million years? The thought will never cross his mind that maybe they are not 70 million years old, ok. He's already committed to that and to say, maybe they are only 6,000 years old or 4,400 years old from the flood would absolutely be anathema to them. They'll never consider that. So now they'll probably get a government grant, and try to figure out how could they stay soft for 70 million years? They are totally asking the wrong question. The question is when they formed, not how they formed. Here's a picture from a magazine showing they found a fossilized dinosaur still had, what they thought and I believe was confirmed, was the heart, soft tissue, fossilized in the dinosaur. Up in Alaska they frequently find dinosaurs. Well, Alaska is cold. Reptiles don't do well in cold weather. But dinosaurs in Alaska? Not many, but a few have been found, and yes it's true some have been found that are not fossilized. You can do more research on that on your own, and we'll cover more in our College Class when we get to that.

Back to Main Index About where are all the human remains had gone, if there really was a Flood...

“If there really was a Great Flood,” I often get the question, “...where is all the humans? Why aren't there more human bones?” There should be, you know, bazillions of human bones buried. We find lots of clams, find lots of other animals. And it's true, of all the fossils formed..., Jonathan, don't you know the percentage, it's like 90% of all the fossils formed are marine organisms. Have you read something like that. [Jonathan answering]. 90 or 98, you know, Adam wasn't living in the water, ok. Very few mammal fossils are found and very few human fossils are found. Marvin Lubenow in his book Bones of Contention, is the best one I've read on the topic. He's a creationist, but he spent years and years and years, like 25 years studying all the human remains. He says there are about, 4,000 human remains have been found. This is compared to clams of which we find billions of those or fish, billions of those. Why only 4,000? Well, there are a couple of things to consider why so few human bones are found. And by the way, they are all 100% human. Actually, the Neanderthals had thicker bones than we have. They were in much better condition. They were like..., they say the average Neanderthal could pick up a football player and fling him over the goal post. They were in just incredible condition. Their muscular structure must have been great.

But when God made the world 6,000 years ago, there were two people. But it was full of plants and full of animals. 4,400 years later, it was still full of plants and full of animals and still not full of people. I have no idea what the population was at the time of the flood. This is just a pure guess, probably a billion people. If you figure they are living 900 years and having 70 or 80 kids per family, you know, if you need time, for about 70 kids, it would be a large population in a hurry. But just pick a number, say it's a billion. But why are so few found as fossils? Well, the purpose of the flood according to Genesis was to destroy man off the earth.(Gen. 6:7) That's why God had the flood. The Bible says there were giants in the earth in those days, and there were mighty men of old. (Gen. 6:4) So I don't know for sure what that means, but I suspect it might mean that people were actually bigger before the flood came. We've covered in video #2 about some of the giant fossil skeletons that have been found. People 9 feet tall, 10 feet tall, 12 feet tall (3-3.7 m). I don't know if everybody was that big or not. But certainly it appears some of them were.

So there are several theories of why so few human bones have been found.

  1. Number one; there were less people to be killed. There aren't as many people available, so you're not going to find as many bones of them. You're going to find more animals, more fish and plants and stuff like that.
  2. Secondly, people are smarter than animals, well, some people. And they would tend to avoid drowning until the last possible minute. Whereas animals would get surprised and covered up and buried, the humans would figure out some way to avoid this. Plus it probably took about six months to kill everybody.

I mean, the flood covered the world, but this doesn't mean it covered the whole world instantly. It rained forty days and forty nights (Gn 7:12) and probably what we see today, the continental shapes and everything, obviously is a pure coincidence based on the water level, and everything was flexing up and down during the flood. We cover this on video #6. If the earth was a totally different configuration unrecognizable by today's globe. But as the crust of the earth was flexing up and down, the water is slowly coming up from the fountains of the deep that were broken open. The rain was 40 days but the water kept coming up for 150 days. (Gen. 7:24) So if we start with the assumption that during the flood, there were high ground above water, that may have lasted for six months. The high ground getting smaller and smaller. And people would run to high ground. And you would also have the tide. The moon is causing the tide. The moon doesn't know or care that there is a flood on the earth. It's just, you know, pulling the water up. So the tide may go up and cover an area and then go down, and people and animals would run to the newly exposed island. You know, “Ah, here's some high ground. Let's get over there.” So we find footprints in these mud layers that then would get covered up with the next tide. I mean every 6½ hours the tide changes. High tide to low tide in 6 hours and 25 minutes on average. So as these mud layers are full of footprints, they bake in the sun just for a couple of hours, enough to get a skin on them. And then a new mud layer washes in on top from the next tide. It is highly probable that during this flood, during theses first few months of the flood, you would get thousands of layers deposited for multiple reasons we cover on video #6, and you may have footprints within each of these layers.

We had a man who called in to the radio program yesterday, the guy is from Sweden and he calls in every once in a while, an evolutionist. He said we find layers of rock and footprints between the layers. That proves each layer was exposed for thousands of years. No, that proves it was exposed for maybe 30 minutes. It doesn't prove it was exposed for thousands of years. So yes, it's possible to get footprints, especially if you look at the footprints, and especially if you look, nearly all of them are running in the same direction. What would that mean? Kind of avoid something. They are all going the same way, probably avoiding the floodwater. And in Psalm 104, it says: “The mountains arose, the valleys sank down,” so during the flood the crust of the earth was all broken up into plates. And they are much more flexible and moveable than they are today. Today they are kind of locked into position, as most of the water is gone that was underneath that was lubricating this movement. So they run to high ground and then of course a couple of days later, that may not be high ground. Something else becomes high ground as the plates twist around.

  1. So second reason though, people are smarter and probably would avoid drowning. If they end up on top, they rot; they don't fossilize. How many buffalo got killed out west in the last 200 years? Like millions. None of them fossilized. See things only fossilize if they are buried. See, you could have a lot of humans get killed toward the end of the flood or toward the middle of the flood, I guess, and not be fossilized at all.
  2. Thirdly, if humans were bigger, they would not be recognized as human. I mean if you find a 5 foot (1.6 m) thigh bone, you're not going to recognize it as a human. You would say, oh it must be from a dinosaur, cave bear or something. So those are the reasons so few human fossils have been found.
  3. Fourthly, I'm not sure who is doing the counting. When they say 4,000 have been found, who is counting all these. Marvin Lubenow says that is what he can find in the published record. But how many things have been found that are human, fossilized, in certain layers, but it doesn't match the established scientific paradigm of the day. And so they say we'd better not even report this, because you are not allowed to find humans with dinosaurs, or else, man you are going to lose your job. You can't go against the evolution theory. It's a carefully protected state religion.
  4. I point out, no human and chicken bones have been found fossilized together in the same rock strata, any where in the world. So that proves humans and chickens did not live at the same time. You know that's not good logic, ok. We don't have to find the bones together to prove they lived together. We don't have to find the footprints together to prove anything either. No human and chicken footprints have ever been found together.
  5. No coelacanth fossils were found for 65 million years of the geologic column. They've got their geologic column, and they say coelacanths lived 65 million years ago. How do you know? Well, that's the last fossil we found of them. And then they find them still alive. What does that prove? For 65 million years by their thinking, no coelacanths lived or no coelacanths fossilized? Obviously they would say it just happened that none fossilized. Well it could be that not many of the humans fossilized either that were killed in the Flood. They weren't buried deep enough, or they just haven't found them yet. There are all kinds of reasons for that.

Back to Main Index About what Noah used to make the ark waterproof...

I was in a debate with a former preacher (turned atheist) one time. It was a debate over Noah's Ark. One of his arguments was that Noah could not have built the ark like the Bible says, because the Bible says, Noah covered the Ark with pitch. And he said: “Hovind, don't you know that pitch is made from oil and oil is a post-flood product according to your theory. The flood buried this world. All of these animals got buried and squished and turned to oil. So if oil came as a result of the flood, then how could Noah have had pitch to cover the ark?” Well, that's based on a common misunderstanding. In Genesis 6 (v. 14), it says: “Noah covered the ark with pitch, within and without.” Make it “with pitch.” (Exodus 2:3) Moses was put in a little basket covered with pitch. So, what is pitch? The Bible says in Isaiah chapter 34 (v. 9-10): “And the streams thereof shall be turned into pitch, and the dust to brimstone, and the land shall become burning pitch. It shall not be quenched ...; the smoke thereof shall go up for ever.” Pitch, according to the 1828 Webster's Dictionary, which is in the library there, is made from tree sap. There used to be huge industries taking pine trees, baking them down, getting the sap out, and making pitch just for waterproofing ships, kind of like varnish today or spar varnish or linseed oil. There are many oils and things made, that don't have to rely on something from a flood. It doesn't have to be something that was destroyed in the flood. Pitch, according to the dictionary: “The resin of pine, or turpentine.” And there were giant factories all over America producing barrels and barrels of pitch to sell to shipyards in the 1700s and 1800s. It was common. You bring a few extra barrels of pitch with you. If you get a leak in your ship, you tar. So it does not have to be from flood-related deposits. I'm holding in my hand. I don't know if you guys can focus in that or not, this is a piece of shale.


There are probably 60 layers to it, real thin layers, and you can see oil oozing out the side. But right there on the surface is an exact replica..., it's a fish. It's true that animals under pressure turn to oil. It's a fact. This fish was squeezed between these layers, and you can see the actual impression of the fish. There's no question that at least some of the oil in the ground comes from organisms, living organisms; fish, you know, people, whatever that was squeezed. But that doesn't mean that Noah had to have this particular kind of oil to waterproof the Ark. This is in our creation dinosaur museum, if you want to come down to Dinosaur Adventureland, if you want to look at that.

Back to Main Index About the ‘smart’ modern man and the ‘not so smart’ ancient man...

Next question. I often get asked the question: “Is modern man smart, and ancient man stupid? Was he stupid or was ancient man really smart?” There's a good book called, The Puzzle of Ancient Man by Donald E. Chittick. Excellent book. I believe they've had a hard time keeping it in print. We sell a lot of them, I know. It's really, really good. It goes through all kinds of interesting artifacts that are found made by humans. Amazing machines and artifacts that would have to be really, really old.

Go back The Biblical account

Well the Bible teaches before the flood came, the people lived to be 900 years old. Adam came pre-programmed straight from the hand of God. He could walk, talk, name the animals, and get married the first day. He probably knew incredible amounts of information that was pre-programmed in or after spending a hundred years walking and talking with God, he just knew a lot of stuff that God told him. God would say, Adam, you see this tree right here. Watch this. You pull off the bark, scrape the inside, and you chew on that. Oh, wow. Yes, that got vitamins. You need that, Adam. Probably a lot of the ancient medicines, you know, that cultures have are remnants of things left over from knowledge passed down by the ancients. Like how did the first guy know that you could take a willow tree, scrape the bark off and make vitamin C out of the tea? I mean, how did they know that? Who's the first guy to start chewing on a tree? I mean, you've got to wonder. Somebody must have told them. So, if they are living 900 years and having huge families and learning an incredible amount, I don't know how far advanced they got before the flood came, but I suspect possibly even more advanced than we are today.

Go back Then and today...

And some people say: “Well, why don't we dig up their cities?” The problem is we are looking at things what we need today and assuming that they needed them before the flood. Suppose they lived in a world with perfect weather. You don't need a house. Just go sleep on the grass. Suppose you lived in a world where none of the animals would harm you? All the animals were friendly. Everything is vegetarian, Genesis 1:29. Again, you don't need a house. Why don't we find their cars? Man, if you're 9, 10, or 12 feet tall, and can run 50 miles an hour, everything is growing in your yard, and you don't need to go anywhere anyway, why do you need a highway system, why do you need a car? You don't need airplanes; you don't need trains. So if you can think garden of Eden conditions, the things that they needed would not be the same things that we need. After the flood the people were still living to be 400 years old. So a lot of this knowledge would be retained. Now today, about the time you know everything, you're 80 years old and you die. Now you can't pass it on to anybody else. But if you could live to be 400-500, you could pass on your knowledge to your great-great-great-great-great-grandchild. So it would just be a real different world back then. So a lot of this knowledge I think went to the grave. But in the old days, you could go talk to your great-great-great-great-grandfather and get advice, and he'd give you some really good advice about how to do certain things.

Go back Ancient advanced civilizations all appeared suddenly

Many civilizations after the flood would arise very quickly. If you got a bunch of smart people, Noah's sons having, you know, 15 or 20 kids per family or whatever, and they are going to go off to this area and they are going to build their own civilization. Well, it wouldn't take them long as long as they have high IQ. They might not have all the technology, they might have to make stone tools at first, you know, until they can dig a hole to find the iron to melt it down to make the steel tools. They would know how to do it. It's kind of a Gilligan's Island situation. But within 50 years, you could build a civilization. You look at Robinson Crusoe, you know, lands on an island. After 20 years, he's got a farm; got a house; got a fort. He did it all himself, you know. If you get smart people in situations like that, you can build a civilization in a hurry.

It's interesting that if you study history, all of the great ancient civilizations, the Babylonians, the Sumerians, the Greeks, the Chinese; they just arose out of nowhere. Poof, there's a civilization. There's no evidence of this stuff they teach in school, of them going from hunters and gatherers and grunts and groans. The cave man stuff, becoming civilized and building cities. There's no evidence of that. The farther back you go, it is all of a sudden poof, the beginning of the Egyptian civilization, the beginning of the Chinese civilization just like they moved in and built it in less than a hundred years. So, some strange things have been found in the fossils, in the ground, that indicate that man used to be really smart.

Go back An ancient airplane?

This little airplane, for instance, is in the Smithsonian. It was found in a grave in Columbia. It's about a 1,000 years old. But it's an airplane quite obviously, with all the features of an airplane. But it can't be an airplane according to the evolutionists. So therefore they have it labeled in the Smithsonian as a “stylized insect.” Now tell me, does that look like a stylized insect to you? See they can't admit that ancient man knew about airplanes, because that would go against the theory. The theory says modern man is smart. Ancient man was stupid. He was, you know, a chimpanzee walking on four most of the time, slowly came up, and here we are today the gods of the universe. That's the thinking in their mind. Actually, the evidence shows the opposite of that. Here's an airplane found in an Egyptian tomb this time, 2,100 years old. Pre-Christ. How did they know about airplanes? A little model airplane. They knew about flight.

Go back Cast iron pot found in coal

This iron pot, we've got a model of it here, was found inside a lump of coal. This is a replica which you can get from Dr. Carl Baugh. They're breaking open a lump of coal, and there is an iron pot inside. They examine the coal that comes out, and it's molded right to the pot on both sides. The coal formed around the iron pot. What would you conclude? That a coal miner dropped it? No, because then the coal would not be conformed to the pot. I would conclude that they had iron and were making iron vessels before the flood. During the flood, they got buried in a forest of trees, and squished and turned to coal. Of course it was not going to affect the iron any. How do you get an iron pot in a lump of coal? Ancient man must have been smart, not primitive.

Go back Giant walls, how did the stones get there...

In Peru they have got giant stonewalls, like the ones in the picture here. These stonewalls are phenomenal. Some of the rocks in there are so huge, we can't even move them today. There's more in The Puzzle of Ancient Man on that topic, if you want to read more. One of the stones down in Peru weighs 20,000 tons. Now to give you an idea how big that is. The largest crane on earth today can lift 3,000 tons. I think they just built one in Japan for unloading ships, that I recall. I just heard about it in 2003 or 2004. That can lift 6,000 tons, it is something like that. May be someone is going to say: “Hovind you are wrong. It is more. 3,000 is wrong. You are lying.” I am not lying, I just don't know. I think it is 6,000 tons now, ok. But still you have got stones up here that weigh 20,000 tons. How did they move that? Who did it and how did they do it? I don't think it is logical to say that ancient man was primitive. They must have known something we don't know today. Like this guy said: “What is truly impossible about the block is that it is the size of a five-story house and weighs 20,000 tons. We have no combination of machinery today that could dislodge such a weight, let alone move it.” We can't even break it loose from the ground, let alone move it. We can't do it.

Go back Did ancient man have brass and iron?

  • This bell was found inside a lump of coal in West Virginia. The guy who had it on his desk for years later moved to central Florida (he's an old man now) and I've not been able to get a hold of him lately. So if you get his address, let me know, because I think he needs to have it on display in a museum in Pensacola, Florida. This bell was analyzed and they said: “This is some kind of strange old Buddhist type god on the top here.” But how could you find a brass bell inside coal? Ancient man knew how to work with all the metals. The Bible says: “Tubalcain was an artificer in brass and iron.” (Gen. 4:22) That's Adam's grandson. They were already working with brass and iron.
  • This little zinc and silver vessel was found inside rock that was supposed to be “600 million years old.” Well I disagree with the 600 million years part, but they knew about things.

Go back The Antikythera mechanism

There's a great article in The Puzzle of Ancient Man about the little device found in a ship that was sunk about 100 BC in the Aegean Sea, which is right next to Greece. It had an analog computer on board. How on earth did they know about analog computers in 100 BC? It's called the Antikythera device..., Antikythera mechanism. The History Channel in March 2005 was amazing, it had a whole hour-long message about this Antikythera device found in Greece. They actually built a working model of it. And said that this thing by turning the crank would be able to predict where the planets would be or the sun would be. It would be like an amazing computer for a ship's navigation. 100 BC! No, ancient man was not primitive.

Go back Ancient petrified hammer (Logic of the evolutionist)

You can get copies of this hammer from our museum. Dr. Carl Baugh has the original in his museum. He's let us make replicas of it. This was found in 1934 in New London, Texas. When they first found the hammer, the handle was petrified, what was left of it. And they looked at the hammer and said, “Man...,” it was in solid rock, “what on earth. How can a hammer be in rock?” And the hammer was supposed to be 400 million years old. So, of course guys who believe in evolution would say that proves aliens visited the planet 400 million years ago, and one of them dropped his hammer. I mean, that's the kind of logic they use, instead of thinking, you know maybe our whole time scale's wrong. They will never consider that. They cut a little notch in the hammer with a file in 1934 to see what kind of metal it was. It is still not rusted, the notch. It's a type of stainless steel. Batelle Laboratories analyzed it, and said it was 96% iron, 2.6% chlorine and .75% sulfur. And then they said we don't think you can get those elements to combine, unless you do it under a much stronger magnetic field. Probably the pre-flood Earth had a magnetic field 8 or 10 times stronger than what we have today.

Go back Did the Egyptians have electricity?

This was was found in Iraq, this little battery. Quite a few of these were found. They knew about electricity 2,000 years ago. The Egyptians apparently knew about electricity. Here's a hieroglyphic showing snakes in some kind of chamber, hooked up with a wire going to a little generator of some kind, we don't know. There are two theories; one is they are using electricity to mummify the snake or do something, or they are using electric eels to produce electricity. I don't know which way the electricity is going, or even if it's electricity. But I think we've got the wrong idea, to say: “Modern man is smart, but ancient man was stupid.” I think ancient man knew a lot.

Go back Was ancient man medically advanced?

They knew about brain surgery. Quite a few skulls are found like this. This process is called trepanning. They would actually cut into somebody's head. And many are found with the hole healed over, which indicates that the patient lived. Cutting the hole is no big deal, but some of the ancient Ica Stones from Peru show what appears to be brain surgery. Dr. Dennis Swift that spoke at our boot camp in 2004, has some of the hardened copper instruments that they would use for brain surgery or for surgery period, ok. Ancient man knew how to do all kinds of things with people's heads, besides cut them open and let them heal. They made strange shapes to the heads. They apparently did heart surgery, from some of the Ica stones, anyway. It appears they are doing open heart surgery. Here's a guy with an artificial limb attached, so they knew about that. That would have been, you know, 2,000 years ago.


Go back Various more ancient artefacts

  • This little machine appears to be some kind of steam engine. They might have known about some kind of power like that 2,000 years ago.
  • They certainly knew about the wheel. This little cat was found on wheels. Some little kid's toy, apparently. In some of the Inca Indian tombs.
  • They were certainly smart as far as biology goes. This spider 150 feet (45 m) tall is one of the Nazca Line images in Peru. We cover some of that on video #2. They knew to make this spider, with no eyes, because it's blind. This little spider is extremely rare. It is only ⅛ inch (1 cm) long and it lives in caves in the dark, in the Amazon, 1,000 miles (1,600 km) away from where the drawing is. So they really knew about their biology. They even knew to make the one leg longer. It is the correct leg too. Third leg down on the right on the right side. That leg during the mating season, for 15 seconds, that one leg grows longer and exchanges DNA off the tip of that leg and they knew that. So they were ancient, but not stupid.
  • This Piri Reis map of 1513 shows Antarctica with no ice on it. First of all, how did they find Antarctica? How did they know to map it with no ice? Something was different, ok.
  • This metallic sphere was found in South Africa. It has three parallel grooves around the equator. But it was found in what they said was Pre-Cambrian material, 2.8 billion years old. Well, of course I disagree with the 2.8 billion years. That's a human artifact, quite obviously, found in rock supposed to be 2.8 billion years old. But see, rather than question; you know, maybe it's not 2 billion years old?

Guys like Michael Cremo who wrote a great book on stuff like this, it is called, OopArts, ‘Out-Of-Place Artifacts’, O-O-P-A-r-t. He studies all kinds of these things. Now, he's a Hindu. Michael Cremo has the book The Hidden History of the Human Race. He says this proves aliens came and visited the Earth 2.8 billion years ago. Rather than question, hé, maybe the whole geologic column is wrong, they just..., I don't know why. They aren't allowed to question that. His book's called The Hidden History of the Human Race, it's in our library if you want to read that.

  • Here's a mortar and pestle, you know to grind wheat or grind flour with, grin corn. The problem is it is in rock supposed to be 33 to 55 million years old; way before man got here. So what do you conclude? Well, again, aliens came and visited the planet.
  • These little spirals were found, what is amazing about these spirals, they are made of tungsten, a very difficult metal to work with, very difficult to refine. And these things are 1/10,000th of an inch, .003 of a millimeter in diameter and it follows the perfect Golden Mean Ratio; the same thing used in the Fibonacci Sequence, 1 to 1.618. How did they know about that? A lot of these are found in Russia. Paul, if you get over there, bring me some of these, I want some of these for the museum, these amazing little spirals. There is all kind of stuff on the Internet about this if you want to read it.

Back to Main Index About the builders of the Great Pyramid...

Well, what about the pyramid? Who built the Great Pyramid? If we are thinking that ancient man was, you know, dumb, how did they build the Great Pyramid? There are 66 copies of the original, apparently. There appear to be 67 of these giant stone pyramids found around the world. Who built them and why? Well, there's not much question on the 66 copies, who built them. It was the Egyptians or, you know, the South American Mayan Indians, or something. But who built that original one? The original pyramid is often called, the Great Pyramid. It is by far the largest of the pyramids. And it's very different, in it, there are no inscriptions found in it, other then a few marks the builders apparently made. You know, put this rock on top of this one. But all the rest of the pyramids in Egypt have all kinds of hieroglyphics, you know, this is king Herman, the greatest guy that ever lived, blablabla. Not this one, the greatest Pyramid, the biggest building on earth by far, has no inscriptions. Who built it? Why was it built? Well, there are four theories about the Great Pyramid, and they fall in two general categories.

1. a)  One theory says it was built before the flood by some godly people, i.e. Adam, Enoch maybe, I don't know. And the purpose of it was to preserve some ancient knowledge. Because there are some amazing mathematical formulas in the pyramid. Like, you know, twice the height divided by the base is the value of pi, 3.14159... (I forget). There are all kinds of amazing mathematics in the Great Pyramid. So one theory says, it's built by godly people before the flood.
  b)  Second theory says, it's built by heathen before the flood. It was just a heathen structure, some kind of temple worship or something.
2. a)  The third theory says it's built by godly people after the flood.
  b)  And the fourth theory says it's built by heathen people after the flood.

Probably it was not built during the flood. I think we can probably all agree on that, ok. Not a good time to build a pyramid. I kind of lean toward number one, but I couldn't proof that and wouldn't be dogmatic about it. I think some godly, probably Enoch, built this Pyramid to preserve the gospel story. One of the theories on all this is... Of course, Adam did not have a Bible. So, God gave him the gospel story in the stars. This is what many people think, and I kind of lean that way, though I'm willing to discuss it. Noah did not have a Bible, and if the canopy was gone that used to protect them, and probably amplified the light, so they could see the stars better before the flood, You know, 20 inches or 30 inches (50 or 75 cm) of ice compacted, super-frozen, like we talked about on video #2. That canopy, before the flood, would have actually made it easier to see the stars, and they could actually hear the music of the stars, the zodiac, that's one of the theories. But Noah didn't have a Bible; he had a couple of chapters because Adam actually wrote part of Genesis. And we cover that in the toledoth discussion coming up soon. So God gave them the Gospel in stone. This is how..., it preaches good, whether it's true or not, I don't know. But basically there used to be the gospel in stars, then there was the gospel in stone, and today we have the gospel in Scripture. The 3 different ways. Now let's assume that there may be some truth to that, and go from there. If there isn't, it is not a big deal, I won't lose any sleep over it.

Go back Largest building today

But the Great Pyramid is an amazing structure. By far, the largest building on the planet today, still. Largest building in the world. Built bigger than anything ever built by man since. Some people think Isaiah 19:19 passage is referring to the pyramid, it says: “In that day shall there be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof... And it shall be for a sign and a witness.” There are quite a few folks who think that the Pyramid is it. Because the teaching goes, that Egypt split into two kingdoms, the northern and southern kingdom, and they were fighting, you know, Civil War kind of stuff. And this pyramid is right on the border. And then when they united, it is now in the midst thereof. So it is both at the border and in the midst. Otherwise how could a building be that way? Now of course the Jehovah's Witnesses have gone crazy with the pyramid. There are all kinds of books by Jehovah's Witnesses thinking: “Oh, this prophesies everything, and proves Jehovah Witnesses are right,” you know. And they kind a take it to real wild extremes. And there are many books available on the pyramid, some of which are absolutely loony. But it's very interesting reading.

The pyramid is a huge building. It goes up four sides to the top and the top stone was never installed. If you look at the diagram here, there's only one door into the pyramid, and nobody could find it until 800 AD. That pyramid sat there for thousands of years, and nobody could find their way in. Finally in 800 AD, some Arabs got a hammer and chisel and just started pounding a hole and chiseled their way into the pyramid. They chiseled and chiseled for months. And the guy kept telling his workers: “Oh there's going to be lots of gold in here. You're all going to be rich,” blablabla... Well, finally after months and months of chiseling, everybody was getting tired of digging a hole in the rock, because it was solid rock. Finally they were close to giving up, and they heard the noise of a rock falling. They said: “It came from over that way. Let's chisel there.” They chiseled over, and they hit one of the passages in the middle and then had to work their way backwards to find the door. Had they known where it was, they could have walked up and pushed it right open. But nobody could find this door for centuries. Well, once they found the pyramid and mapped it out, you see that it's got the entrance where the A is. The entrance, only one entrance in. It immediately takes you on the broad road down to the pit, letter C. Or you can make a choice to take a turn and go up channel E there up the narrow road, that goes to the king's chamber. So your choice is the broad way that leads to the pit, or the narrow way that leads to the king's chamber. Now that'll preach. It sounds like there is a little gospel in there somewhere, right.


Go back Related symbolism

If you get to the king's chamber, you find yourself in an empty tomb where nobody ever rotted, nobody decomposed in there, and it's on the 50th row of stones. What's that all mean, I don't know. There's a grand gallery, that some people think has marks along the way. Those marks, if they go by pyramide inches, which is a little bigger than our inch. The pyramide inch they say, each one marks a year. And they say on this grand gallery that it's got marked off where World War I is, World War II, major events of the world history are supposedly marked off in the grand gallery. That's some of the stuff you read in these books you read about the pyramide. It is the largest building by far. It contains enough stone to build a 10 foot high brick wall all the way around Texas, or France, they are about the same size. 10 foot high brick wall around Texas. The top of the pyramide is 455 feet high. The 50th row of stones; which is interesting, 50th year is Jubilee; the 50th row of stones is where the king's chamber is. And those who teach that the pyramide has Christian symbolism of course would jump on this type of thing, the brought way, the narrow way, you know, the king's chamber, etc., or you go down to the pit. In the king's chamber is an empty tomb. I was told, I didn't check it out, may be it is not correct, but it has the same volume, this empty tomb, as the ark of the covenant. You take the length times the width, times the height, it equals the volume of the ark of the covenant. Maybe someone could check that out and let me know if that is correct.

Go back Precision in design

But originally the pyramid was covered by 144,000 smooth polished casing stones. Each one weighed about, I believe they said, 10 tons for the casingstones. They fit together so tightly that in many cases you could not even find the seam. And in all cases I've was told, you cannot even get a piece of paper between them. Imagine a 10 ton stones fitting in with the next one so tightly you cannot even get a piece of paper between it. No mortar. I mean today, we build brick walls and put mortar in there, and you can look at the brick on the house here, and some of them are straight and some of them are not too straight, you know. The brick layers get in a little bit of a hurry. These stones are massive. And they didn't even use mortar, and they fit together flawlessly.

Go back Biblical symbolism

And the top stone was never installed. And those who teach it is a Christian building, or there are Christain principles in there, they say: “hundred and forty and four thousand,” aha, Revelation chapter 7, 144,000. The Bible talks about “the whole body fitly joined together.” And they'll say: “See, this is evidence that it has some Christian symbolism.” May be it does, I don't know. Ephesians 4 (v. 16): “...the whole body fitly joined together.”

Matthew 21 (v. 42) talks about “the stone that the builders rejected.” Now the Great Pyramid never did have a chief cornerstone. Imagine the largest, neatest building on the planet, no cornerstone. Why would they stop one rock short? Why didn't they finish the job? Well, I don't know. There are a couple of theories about that, but in Mark 12 (v. 10) it talks about, the Scripture says: “The stone that the builders rejected.” Luke 20 (v. 17): “The stone that the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner.” This is obviously referring to Jesus Christ. In Daniel (2:34), it tells about “the stone that was cut out” of the mountain “without hands and smote the image on the feet,” in the book of Daniel. Could this stone be Jesus Christ who is going to make His own kingdom in the world? Revelation 21 (v. 2) talks about the “New Jerusalem coming down from God out of heaven.” There are those who teach that the New Jerusalem, “the city, the holy Jeruzalem, descending out of heaven” will be “clear as crystal, four square and 12,000 furlongs.” (Rev. 21:9-16) That's 1,379 miles (2,000 km). So there's going to be a city, in Revelation 21 that is 1400 miles by 1400 miles by 1400 miles. And everyone assumes it's going to be a cube. Maybe so, I don't know. But maybe it's a pyramid. Because that's a structure that could also have those dimensions and would lie four square. And if it is a pyramid, pyramid's only have one cornerstone, right on top, whereas other buildings would have four. So there are those who teach that the New Jerusalem is going to be in the shape of a Great Pyramid, and Jesus Christ is the chief cornerstone, and he is the light of the world. And if the whole thing is clear as crystal, then the light, is translucent, goes right through. So He is the light thereof. The first 13 verses in the Bible starts of with this, the earth has light, but it has no sun . The last 26 verses of the Bible, the world has light, but it has no sun. He is the light thereof. And so maybe the Pyramid is symbolic of that. I don't know. Noel Hutchings has a good book on that if you want to read it. And of course if any of this is true, it's obvious Satan would use it, pervert it for his use, and the Great Pyramid on the back of our dollar bill is a Masonic Lodge symbol, which has thirteen rows of stones representing the 13 degrees in the Blue Lodge. The chief cornerstone is not yet in place, and many people say this represents Lucifer. And he's going to come down and establish his kingdom. When actually God, you know, is going to establish His kingdom in the end. Which one is right? I don't know. I kind of lean toward theory number one, but I wouldn't be dogmatic. The Bible isn't clear.

Back to Main Index About the theory that the earth once had been a hot molten mass...

Next question, the textbooks often teach that the world was a hot, molten mass. This Earth Science book says: “As the earth formed, it was hot and there were large pools of bubbling lava.” Well now the Bible says in Genesis, chapter 1, that “the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” (Gen. 1:2) So was the world a hot molten mass, and it slowly cooled down over billions of years? Or was it created under water, which means of course it has to be less than 212 degrees (100 C). It's not a hot molten mass. Somebody is wrong. Either the Bible is wrong, or the textbooks are wrong. About the earth being, you know, a hot molten mass. So what is the truth about this?

Go back The presence of radio polonium halos

One of the neatest books on this topic is this one we referred to earlier by Robert Gentry, called Creation's Tiny Mystery. He spent years studying radio polonium halos, which are little tiny rings, only visible with a microscope. They are found in granite, every type of granite all over the world contains these little radio polonium halos, little tiny circles in the rock. Well, what are they? Well, polonium; as one of the many elements on the periodic table, as polonium decays, it's radioactive, dropping to another lower level; it's sends off little fragments kind of like a hand grenade. The problem is polonium has a really, really short half-life, like 0.164 of a second, so if this was taking place in hot molten rock, the polonium would decay, make its little halo, and the rock is liquid, so it disappears, it would flow away. Just like the fireworks from the Fourth of July don't stay there in the sky all year. It goes up, poof, makes a little ring and then falls down. But if you could explode a hand grenade in a giant block of Jell-O, the fragments would go out and stick and be preserved. The only way you could preserve a ring, a halo, would be to do it in something that is, you know, like in a giant block of Jell-O or in something already solid. The way to get these little polonium halos preserved, which are found all over the world, is to do it while the rock is already solid. Robert Gentry was writing all kind of articles about these radio polonium halos, saying: “Look, you know, this indicates the world was never a hot, molten rock.”

Go back Granite turns into rhyolite when it melts

And granite is an interesting rock. I don't think anyone knows how granite formed. If you melt granite, and then let it cool down, it does not turn back to granite. It turns to rhyolite. You see a picture of rhyolite here. So all the granites have these polonium halos. What does that mean? Apparently granite was the original created foundation stone. That was the original created rock. That is the only way to get these little halos in there that I know. You can talk to Robert Gentry; his website is and get much more the technical information on this. So I think the evidence would point to the fact that the earth was never a hot, molten rock. In a Nova TV program, they ran an article in the summer of 2005, in which they said: “Oxygen 18 found in 4.4 billion year old Zircons show it had contact with large quantities of water.” Why don't they get it? If these little Zircon crystals, which are extremely tiny, have evidence, show us that they had contact with large quantities of water 4.4 billion years old, which I don't buy that for a second. But their own evidence ought to show them the earth was never a hot molten mass, ...never.

Back to Main Index About global warming, and ‘saving the earth’...

Often in seminars I get asked the question: “What about global warming? Is the earth really getting hotter?” Well, I don't know. I've lived on it for 53 years now. To me it seems about the same as it has always been. Of course, that's a short time frame compared to the big picture. According to I Corinthians (10:26) it says: “The earth is the Lord's.” God owns the world. Psalm 8 (v. 5) says: “When I consider the heavens, ...” God made the heavens, and He made man to have dominion over them. Our job is to be the tenant. God's the owner. He is the landlord. We're the tenant. Our job is take care of His earth. It doesn't belong to us, but we're supposed to take care of it. It belongs to Him.

Go back ‘Abolish private property’

Now Karl Marx, in his Communist Manifesto, gave ten ways to destroy a capitalist country and turn it into a communist country. Number one was, ‘abolish private property’. That was essential to destroy capitalism. Nobody was allowed to have private property. Well, if you read the Bible in Leviticus 25 (v. 10), it talks about in “the fiftieth year” they have the Year of “Jubilee.” You “proclaim liberty throughout the land,” and everybody “returns to his possession.” There's a good link here between liberty and having your own possessions. See, if you own it, you control it. So if God created the world, He owns it. He controls it. And He lets man use it for His glory. And there are those who don't like that idea. Guys like Karl Marx and communists they think: “No, the world belongs to us,” you know, “and we control it. There is no God.” But in I Kings (4:25), it talks about having “your own vine, your own fig tree.” “Drink water out of your own cistern, running waters out of your own well.” (Proverbs 5:15) Private property is essential to liberty. And Peter Berle said: “We reject the idea of private property.”

Kids in school today are having pledges like this. Talk about stupid, stuff like this are on the walls of many public schools. “I pledge allegiance to the earth which I do love and depend on and to all life on land, air and sea which is as much a part of the earth as me.” This one says: “I pledge allegiance to the world to care for earth. sea, and air to honor every living thing with peace and justice everywhere!” Jacob Bredsten told me that when he was in third grade at Johnsville Elementary School in Blaine, MN his teacher, Ms. Klophocky, took down the American flag and made the kids pledge to the earth instead. Can you imagine? Boys and girls, we're going to pledge to the world today. We start these kids in third grade, half the cartoons on Saturday morning TV now are that kind of way, you know. Destroy the mean old capitalists that are destroying the world and save the planet, you know. Captain Planet. There are all kinds of cartoons designed to getting the world thinking that we got to save the earth.

Go back Is the environmental movement a front to abolish private property?

Well, I am against pollution, and I am against destroying things unnecessarily, ok. But the real purpose of this environmental movement and the big scare about global warming is not to save the earth. The purpose is to establish Communist plank #1: Abolish private property. They want you to have to get a permit to cut down a tree on your own property. One guy in California had this tree that was growing, ...obviously, into his house, and it was crushing the front porch. The house was a 100 and some years old. And it had been planted and the tree was caving in the front porch. So he went to get a permit to cut down the tree. And they said you can't cut down the tree, because the trees are protected. He said: “Well, then I need to get a permit to remodel my porch.” They said: “No, the house is 100 years old. That's a historic building. You can't remodel the porch.” Talk about stupid! Why go ask for a permit at all, that's what starts the problem. You see, once people sign a contract to become a servant of whoever, then you are under contractual law. You know, if you sign a contract and become 501(c)(3), well then you better do everything what they tell you to do, ok. So don't sign the contract. Don't get yourself tangled up in those things. That gets difficult to do.

Go back Evidence for global warming?

But there's a good book on the global warming question, if you want to read more. It's called Facts not Fear. I'm sure it's available lots of places, but Marilyn Quail, Dan Quail's wife, the former Vice President, wrote the foreword to it. What is the real evidence about global warming? And you can take a look through that if you like. It's in our library or order your own, if you like. They said in a magazine, that “Man-made rainforest baffles scientists.” They said: “A Man-made rainforest that should have taken millennia to evolve has baffled scientists by springing up in just 150 years.” This business of us destroying the planet and destroying these ancient rainforests, and you know, we're going to ruin the world and the sky is falling, is I think, baloney. There are a lot of environmentalists who are sincere and very intelligent and very wrong. And they're fighting the wrong battle. Now it's true, people abuse the environment, and when somebody is dumping chemicals upstream from my house, you know, I'm going to sue them and say don't dump that in my water supply, ok. That's fine. But if there is an environmental problem, is the government the one to fix it? Show me anything they've fixed. If they fixed it, it'll cost 10 times more than it should and it probably still won't be right. I do believe in global warming though. The Bible says in Revelation 16 (v. 8-9): “The fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.” There's going to be global warming. It hasn't happened yet. Coming soon to a city near you.

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