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Seminar 3    Dinosaurs and the Bible, part b
- Dinosaurs Today -
Dr. dino
(this seminar was given in 2005, with a few sections added from 1999 seminar)

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“Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox.
Lo now, his strength is in his loins, and his force is in the navel of his belly.
He moveth his tail like a cedar: the sinews of his stones are wrapped together.
His bones are as strong pieces of brass; his bones are like bars of iron.”
    Job 40:15-18  

Seminar 3: Dinosaurs and the Bible  
(part b, Dinosaurs Today)

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Ok, let's take up where we left off about dinosaurs in the Bible. People say: “Come on now, dinosaurs aren't in the Bible!” Well of course, the word is not in there. They did not make up the word until 1841. The word ‘computer’ is not in there either, but there really are computers, ok. But yes, dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible. You say: “I didn't see them in there.” Well, you need to read carefully, ok.

If you get the book of Job. The book of Job has 42 chapters. Just about dead center in the Bible, just before Psalms. You will find a very fascinating book. In Job chapter 1 (v. 1) it says: “Job was a perfect man. He feared God and hated evil.” By the way that is good advice, ok. “And Job had seven sons and three daughters. And Job had thousands of sheep, and camels, and oxen, and asses.” (v. 2-3) The guy was rich, really rich. Job was probably written after the Flood, but before the Law was given in the days of Moses. Before the Flood they lived to be 900. After the Flood they lived to be 400. You see Job lived long enough to have 10 kids all grown, out of the house, they all died, he had 10 more kids and saw his great-great-grandchildren from his second family. (Job 42:16) So you got to be living a long time to accomplish those things, ok. So, those are the reasons why most people think the book of Job was written after the Flood during the time when they were still living to be, you know, 400, anyway...

Go back Bad tidings

“One day the messenger came to Job and said, Job, I got some bad news. The oxen and asses were stolen. And your servants got killed, and the sheep got burned up, and the camels got stolen too.” (Job 1:15-17) Stock market crash. Get it, stock?, never mind. Another messenger came and said: “Job, your kids all died. All 10 of your kids are dead.” (v. 18-19) Job is having a bad day. “Then Job said, The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord.” (v. 21) Man, what kind of guy is this anyway? Hey, do you do that when bad things happen to you? “Then Satan gave him boils from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet.” (Job 2:7) And a boil's like the world's worst zit. And Job was covered in them, and his wife turned against him. (Job 2:9) You know man can handle just about any tragedy in life, but that's the toughest one, right there.

There is a verse you probably never heard preached on ever. Ephesians chapter 5 (v. 33) talks about, you know, “Husbands love your wives, and wives submit yourselves to your husband.” You probably have that part preached on, but you never heard this part, “Let the wife see that she reverences her husband.” Treat him like a God. Offer him burnt sacrifices, three times a day, ok.... hey man, alright. Chapter 2, verse 10: “Job said, You speak like one of the foolish women. Can't we receive good at the hand of God, and not evil?”

And then Job's four friends came to visit him. One of those guys was the shortest man mentioned in the Bible, “Bildad the Shuhite.” (Job 2:11) That is pretty short. These four guys came and talked to Job for 35 chapters. Most of the book of Job is these guys explaining to Job, why everything went wrong. They had to be Baptists, the way I got it figured. They said: “Job you must have sinned,” I mean. Eliphaz said: “Who ever perished being innocent?” “Job, the reason why bad things happened to you is because you sinned.” (Job 4:1,7) Now folks, that is the wisdom of the world, ok, that is not true. See, if something bad happens to somebody, you don't know why it happened. You should love ’em and pray for ’em, encourage ’em, and shut up. Don't go to the hospital when they get their gall stones out and say: “Hey brother, these are not gall stones these are tithes and offerings, God's getting them out of you one way or another.” Don't do that, ok! Let God take care of why everything went wrong, he can handle them just fine, alright.

Go back Job

So, Job is sitting there scraping the pus out of the boils, by the grave of his ten dead kids thinking: “God, would you please answer me, why did this happen to me?” (Job 31:35) Folks, you don't have to live on this planet very long before you'r gonna be asking that question. God, why did you do this to me? Now, I don't want to drag skeletons out of anybody's closet, ok? But maybe you have had tragedy in your life. I know a little bit about what I am talking about, I have three kids here and three in heaven already, ok. Yes, tragedy comes to good people trying to do right. It happens, alright. But if something bad happens, what's your response? Job said: “I wish the Lord would answer me.” You see, Job didn't know about Romans 8:28. God said: “We know all things work together for them that love God, to them that are the called according to his purpose.” Now, this verse does not say everything that happens is good; it doesn't say that. It says it'll work together for good.

I'll show you. Has anybody ever been hungry? Have you been hungry before? Suppose you come to my house, you knock on the door: “Hey, Hovind, I am hungry.” I'll say: “Come on in man, and I'll give you a cup of flour.” - “That don't sound too good.” - “I've got it, how about a spoon full of salt. Now, that'll feel you up.” - “No, that ain't gonna help.” - “I've got it, how about a spoon full of baking soda. Now that will wake you up in the morning.” You are probably getting pretty dry by now, so let's pour down a half cup of Crisco [oil]. And chase it down with a cup of buttermilk. You would say: “Brother Hovind that would taste terrible.” How about if we mix them all together and make biscuits? Did you know the individual ingredients for biscuits taste lousy, but they work together for biscuits.

And did you know that everything that happens to you may not be good but it will work together for good if you love God and you are called according to his purpose. See the Christian life is so simple. Keep your heart right with God. That's it. Now that'll be tough to do because “the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.” (Jer. 17:9) Job is sitting there scraping the pus out of the boils saying: “God, would you please answer me.” And in chapter 38 (v. 1): “The Lord answered Job out of a whirlwind.” You know if a tornado starts talking to me, I am gonna pay attention. The Lord said: “Who is this that darkeneth council by words without knowledge?” (Job 38:2) Hey Job, your four friends did not know what they were talking about! And by the way be very careful about getting any Bible doctrine from the book of Job, ok. It's true that the guy said it, but what they said was not true. And cults are always good at picking a verse out here; you better read the whole chapter, ok. I believe the Bible is the word of God, but the Bible contains some lies. It accurately records the lies of men. It is true that they said it, but what they said was not true. That is the case of these four guys, anyway....

Go back God answers to Job (chapter 38)

  • God said: “Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me. Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth?” (Job 38:3-4) - I read that 36 years ago as a brand new Christian and I thought, what a dumb question. “God, why would you ask Job where he was when you laid the foundations of the earth?” I said: “God, he wasn't there, you know that and he knows that, so why are you asking such a question?” How many of you were here when God built the earth? Was anybody here when God made the earth? Only a couple of Mormons, ok. You're in your second existence, I understand, ok. No, you were not here when God built the earth. Now kids this is gonna be complicated so listen carefully, ok. Since you were not here when God made the earth, that means that God is older than you are. How many can figure this out with no help at all? Ok. Did it ever occur to you that God is also smarter than you are? Did it ever occur to you that God is stronger than you are? Did it ever occur to you that God is richer than you are? You say: “Brother Hovind everybody is richer than I are.” Ok..., oh God certainly is.
    Hey try this one, I said this one a thousand times and I have never understood it once. But I say it a lot and I think about it a lot until my brain hurts. Did it ever occur to you that nothing ever occurred to God? He has already thought of everything. He even knows everything you ever thought about. The Bible says: “He understands the imaginations of the thoughts.” (I Chron. 28:9) That is a fascinating verse. He not only knows your thoughts, he knows the imaginations of the thoughts. You see, you can not only think about things; you can actually think about, what you are thinking about. Think about that. The brain is amazing. The Bible says: “God knows the thoughts of man.” (Ps. 94:11) - And by the way it says in Luke (11:17): “Jesus knowing their thoughts.” That is one of many verses that prove that Jesus is God almighty in the flesh. God knows your thoughts and he loves you anyway. Wow! Praise God for His mercy, right?
  • Job 38:4, God said: “Declare if thou hast understanding. Who hast laid the measures thereof if thou knowest?,” question mark. - Job doesn't answer. Job is not answering any of God's questions.
  • God said: “Hast thou entered into the springs of the sea?” (Job 38:16) - Do you know scientists didn't even know that there were springs in the sea until 1977. Just discovered. Science is very slowly catching up with a few parts of the Bible.
  • God said: “Where is the way where light dwelleth?” (Job 38:19a) Now that is fascinating; I taught Physics. Did you know light doesn't stay in a place, it is in a way. It is always moving.
  • But then it says: “ for darkness, where is the place thereof?” (Job 38:19b) You know the speed of light, 186,282.4 miles per second (300,000 km/sec). Do you know what the speed of dark is? Zero. Darkness cannot move. Now think about it, we are “the children of light.” (I Thess. 5:5) We are supposed to be on the move, you know, get something done for God, alright. People say: “Well, it is getting dark, the world's so bad.” Well, turn on your light, duh! The reason it is dark is because of you. You are the light, turn it on, right. The Bible says: “The gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matt. 16:18) Gates do not attack you; you attack them. Yeah, let's go man, do something for God, anyway....
  • Verse 24: “By what way is the light parted, which scattereth the east wind upon the earth?” - Now wait-wait-wait, is God telling Job that the light causes the wind? He sure is. And you can ask any weather man that is exactly correct, the sunlight causes the wind patterns. The ground heats up, expands the air. We have wind on earth because of the light, just like God said 4,000 years ago.
  • God said: “Canst thou send lightnings.” (Job 38:35) - Boy, it is a good thing I can't. How many of you can think of somebody that is lucky to be alive because you can not send the lightnings. I can think of several. Yes I can, ok. God said: “Canst thou send lightnings, that they may go, and say unto thee, Here we are?” (Job 38:35) Now wait-wait-wait, is God telling Job that electricity can be used to send a message? Like radio, cell phone, microwave, T.V. Electricity sends a message two different ways. Through the electricity through the wire, and also through the electromagnetic force, the radio waves coming off of it. God told Job that 4,000 years ago. Marconi and them guys just discovered that in the last hundred years.

Go back 84 questions

God asked Job 84 questions. Job never answered one. These are the kind of questions that don't need an answer. The question was designed to change the person's attitude. These are the same kind of questions you dads have to ask your kids. See, I have three kids, one of each. I know what I am talking about. Kids get to a certain age and they get kinda cocky and think, you know, they should make the rules around the house.

The kid comes in one day and says: “Hey dad listen, I believe I should be allowed to stay out until 4:00 in the morning with my friends; after all I am 10 now.” Dad says: “Hold on just a minute kid, you'd like to know why you can't stay out to 4:00 in the morning. Well son, let me ask you a couple of questions: ‘Who pays the electric bill around this house? Who's paying for the house? Who paid for them clothes you are wearing, son? Who paid for the bed you slept on last night? Who pays for the food that you eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat? Who paid for that hot water and soap that you took a shower with, about a month ago?’ Let's just get it straight son, the Bible is very clear: ‘He who payeth the bills maketh the rules!’ II Opinions, chapter 4 (v. 7) You see son, me dad, you kid. And if you are gonna sleep under my roof and eat my food, You are gonna do it my way and if you wanna do it your way, well then go get your own roof to sleep under and do it your way. See, that's the golden rule, son. ‘He that hath the gold maketh the rules.’ (II Opinions 5:9) Who do you think you are kid? Where were you when we bought this property and cleared this land? Then drove off the Grizzly bears, and marched up hill to school 40 miles in the snow bare foot both ways.” How many got the same speech growing up?, you know. Oh, good, good... “Let's get it straight son, me dad, you kid.”
[* a made up Bible book]

I think that's what God is doing to Job. God asked Job 84 questions. Job never answered one, but Job got an attitude adjustment. See Job had the same problem that most of us have. He did not have a good appreciation for who God was.

Go back Behemoth

Come to chapter 40. God said: “Behold now behemoth.” (Job 40:15) What on earth is a ‘behemoth’? Well, what ever it was, Job could behold it, because God never tells you to do something you can't do. You see, God would not say: “Behold now behemoth,” if he could not behold now behemoth. That is deep theology, I know, ok, but think it through, alright. Some reference Bibles say behemoth is probably the elephant or hippopotamus. Oh, that is ludicrous. I believe behemoth is the long necked dinosaur. Now, there are 13 different long neck dinosaurs, ok. There's the brachiosaur, the apatosaur, the ceatosaur, he's got the big seat, ok. There's the ‘blondosaur’, you have to talk to her kind of slow, ok. I think behemoth is the brachiosaurus. It says: “It eats grass as ox.” (Job 40:14) Some people say: “Hey, my Bible says elephants, and elephants eat grass.” Well, duh... Bunny rabbits eat grass too, ok; a lot of animals eat grass, right.

Look at the next verse: “His strength is in his loins, his force is in the navel of his belly.” (Job 40:16) The biggest part on him is his belly. And they say elephants have a big belly. Yes, I know. Hippopotamus have a big belly. Brachiosaurus had a big belly. He has a big belly. So does he! That is just sick-sick, who would pose for that?, anyway...

It says: “He moveth his tail like a cedar.” (Job 40:17) Now, hold on a minute, his tail is like a cedar tree. Have you ever seen an elephants tail? Would that remind you of a cedar tree? Or a hippo tail? Not like a cedar tree. Now a brachiosaurus tail, yeah, that's more like a cedar tree than the rest of them, ok. You know, before they put those footnotes at the bottom of the Bible, I think they should be required to read the passage at least once, and then comment on it, ok. By the way, you preachers, if you are gonna preach on a passage, at least read it once before you preach on it, ok. Yeah, alright; anyway...

Next verse says: “His bones are as strong pieces as brass; his bones are like bars of iron.” (Job 40:18) He has big heavy duty bones, and they did. This is a real dinosaur toe bone I got in my museum in Pensacola. One of the knuckle bones from a brachiosaurus. Now, this'll be kinda complicated, so listen carefully. The reason he had such big toe bones is because he had big toes. How many can figure it out with no help? Four, five, six, ok. And the reason he had those big toes is because he had a big foot. There's a kid taking a bath in a brachiosaur footprint. The picture is right here in the book on the steps. And the reason he had that big foot is because he had a big leg to hold up. His front leg is 20 feet (6 m) tall. The biggest dinosaur found so far is 60 feet (18,3 m) till the top of the head. Found in Oklahoma. They say it is gonna take them 20 years to dig all the bones out of the ground, because it is a government project. They say: “When it was alive it probably weighed a hundred tons.” Now, a hundred tons is equal to 14 school buses put together. That means if he was to come by and step on you, you would be deeply impressed by him. You would be road pizza.

By the way, speaking of government projects, I got to share with you my new invention. It's gonna make me the richest man on planet earth. I am gonna save so much money for the highway department, construction crew, utility companies, and the military. And all I want is 10% of the savings, and I'll be the richest man on planet earth. I have invented a shovel that will stand up by itself. You won't need to pay these guys to lean on it any more. Ah, thank you, I know haha...

Next verse says (Job 40:19): “He is the chief of the ways of God.” He's the chief, that's the Hebrew word re'-shiyth. He is chief, he's the principle; he's the biggest animal God ever made. Well, that would not be the elephant or the hippopotamus. That would be the Brachiosaurus. And that kind of fits the pattern for the way the Devil works, you know. Whenever God makes things, the Devil tries to destroy them. God makes beautiful things, and Satan always tries to destroy them.

Go back The lesson told by the book of Job; How big is your God?

Hey question: “How big is your God?” I mean, do you ever think about that? When you stop and pray and you say “Heavenly Father,” do you have any idea who you are talking to!? Have you ever just stopped and think about that? Who are you about to talk to? I mean, you sit down for lunch and you are going to pray, “Ok Lord, bless the bunch, as they crunch the lunch. Amen.” We expect God to come like a puppy dog when we call, don't we? “Ok God, I have time for you now, pay attention, here are my prayers. Give me this, give me this, give me this, give me this, and give me this, and give it quick.” That is about what it boils down to, isn't it? Have you ever stopped and really thought who you are talking to? How big is your God? Hey, is your God big enough to tell you what to do? And do you simply do it, without question?

  1. For instance, does God tell you what kind of clothes to wear? I Timothy (2:9) says, the women should dress “modestly.” You see my daddy always said: “If you're not in business, then don't advertise.”
  2. Does God tell you how to cut your hair? I Corinthians (11:14) says, it's a shame for man to have long hair. When I got saved I was a life guard, nice suntan, long blonde hair. I read that and I said oh wow, I need to go cut it. It is just a no-brainer. God, you're not happy? Then, yes sir. It is absolutely a no brainer. How big is your God? Who is God of your life anyways? If he is really God, then you read the Book and you do what he says, end of the story.
  3. Hey, does God tell you what kind of speech to have? Ephesians 4:29 says: “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth.” Is God happy with everything that is coming out of your mouth? (Luke 6:45): “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” That is a good verse to quote to somebody when you hear them cuss by the way.
  4. Does God control what you watch on T.V.? Psalm 101 (v. 3) says: “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes.” Hey, have you put wicked things in front of your eyes? Suppose you made a rule, just suppose you made a rule around your house. If you hear a cuss word on T.V., then you are going to shut it off for 2 hours. If you see someone immodestly dressed, you are going to shut it off for 2 hours. If you see someone drinking alcohol you are going to shut it off for 2 hours. What if you just make those three simple rules at your house? How much T.V. would you watch? None. So you might as well sell it and give those 30 bucks a month for the cable bill to a missionary. And we could then win the whole world to Christ couldn't we?
  5. Does God tell you what kind of music to listen to? Ephesians 5 (v. 19): “Speak to yourselves in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, singing melody in your heart to the Lord.” Is God happy with your music? See God loves music. God invented music. But Satan has invented some ungodly music you shouldn't listen to. Someone asked me one time: “Hovind, do you know what you get when you get when you play country music backwards?” I said: “No.” He said: “You get your wife back, your hound dog back, your pickup back, and you get out of jail.”

“God created them male and female.” (Gen. 1:27) Did you know God invented marriage and the family and sex. He invented the whole thing, and he wants it to be wonderful? So He put some rules down; boys don't touch the girls until you are married to them. (I Cor. 7:1-2) Now if you don't want to touch them then stay away from me. I saw your kind at San Francisco. God put the rules down. He put the rules down, because he wants the best for you. He said: “...the adulteress will hunt for the precious life.” (Proverbs 6:26) God doesn't want you to be hunting for a precious life. He wants you to have a precious life. Do you know why these Hollywood folks have to get married again every six months?

  • Britney Spears, 55 hours;
  • Jennifer Lopez, 7 months;
  • Brandy Norwood, less then 2 years, less than 6 months;
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor married for 1 day.

Do you know why they got to get married again after 6 months? They are hunting for the precious life. They don't have it. Now listen carefully; don't pay any attention to Hollywood. They don't have a clue, not a clue in the world how to have a precious life. If you want to have a precious life, you keep yourself pure till you walk down that aisle and the preacher says “wilt thou,” and you wilt. Whatever they do. And then you stay faithful to that one for the rest of your life. That is the precious life. Don't believe Hollywood for a second. They don't have a clue, alright.

Back to Main Index The Devil playing tricks with the dinosaurs: “Millions of years ago...”

God created the living creatures, every living creature, as it says in Genesis 1:21. God made the dinosaurs. He made them. And Satan said: “You know, there has to be some way that I can use dinosaurs against God.” But he couldn't fool Adam; not with dinosaurs. Adam named them. Can you imagine the Devil walking up to Adam and saying: “Hey Adam, did you know that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago?” Adam would say: “Are you stupid?” There's one in the backyard right there eating on the cherry tree! What do you mean “million of years ago”? The Devil could not fool Noah, he fed them everyday during the year of the Flood.

But for the next 4,000 years the dinosaurs became more rare. They were dying off or being killed off or whatever, as some of the reasons they died. By 1809, they were just nearly extinct and somebody found the bones and put one together. In 1809, the first dinosaur that we know of was put together for a museum. Satan was there that day and said: “Wow, here is my chance.” These critters have always lived with man, I know that and God knows that. But these people don't know that. So the Devil said: “I think I am going to tell everybody that they lived million of years ago.” And if they believe it will make them doubt the Bible. And boy, has that worked good.

You know, for the last 200 years kids have gone to kindergarten and they get a book like this, I can read about dinosaurs. Would anybody like to take a wild guess what is the first sentence in the book says? “Millions of years ago...” How many kids are being taught that in your town? At your expense you are paying for the destruction of the next generation. Now maybe that does not bother you, but it bothers me. And if you think that I leave my gorgeous wife and travel all over the world, I have been gone over 200 days per year, for years now. I flew 215 times last year, spoke over 900 times. If you think I leave my gorgeous wife and my 4 grandkids, because I like being gone, you are mistaken, ok. I would much rather be home, but there is a war going on! Somebody has got to warn the troops: “Hello, to arms! Pick up your guns, let's go!”

There are kids by the billions being brainwashed on this planet, and Satan is using dinosaurs to do it. Nearly all the books say “millions of years ago” and then we got some Christians that totally ignore the subject, because they don't have an answer. Well, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God...” (II Timothy 2:15) Get the answer and go share it with somebody. “Millions of years ago,” the book says. I go to museums all the time; it just makes my blood boil. You see hundreds and hundreds of kids coming past these incredible displays, I mean, beautiful dinosaur skeletons. And guess what the sign says at the bottom? “Million of years ago...” Christians don't seem to understand this, the museums and science centers, that is their church. They are preaching their gospel just like you are trying to preach your gospel. And they are using your tax dollars to preach their gospel. That's how it happens. “Millions of years ago...”

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Could a few dinosaurs still be alive today?

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Go back Behemoth (Book of Job)

The Bible says: “Behemoth lieth under the shady trees, in the covert of the reed, and fens.” (Job 40:21) Now, the word ‘fens’ is an Old English word that means, the swamp. Do you know the biggest swamp in the world is right in the middle of Africa? It is called the Likouala swamp. That swamp is huge. Most Americans don't appreciate the size of Africa. Here is what Africa looks like next to the entire United States. Africa is gigantic, ok. That swamp is bigger, is the same size of the state of Florida, 55,000 square miles (140,000 sq km). That swamp is huge. Did you know that swamp is today is 80% unexplored? In 1885, Congo in Africa was taken over by Belgium; and it was called the Belgian Congo for many many years. In 1960 the communists liberated them. You know, the communists liberate countries; kill everybody... “Ok, you're free now.” Anyway...

Go back Chipekwe or Ngururi

There were reports in that swamp from the 1700s, when the missionaries went in there. They said: “Man, there are dinosaurs still living in that swamp!” Dinosaurs still alive? 1910 New York Herald ran an article about dinosaurs still living in Africa's swamps. Here's the Saturday Evening Post 1948: “There could be dinosaurs still alive in Africa.” A big game hunter named Mr. Gobler returned from a trip from Angola. He announced to the Cape Town newspaper, the Cape Argus, that there was “an animal of large dimensions, the description of which could only fit a dinosaur.” The natives call it Chipekwe. In the Central Africa Republic, they call it Ngururi.

Go back Mahamba

Roy Mackal went there 1980, on an expedition; he spent a quarter million dollars. Went back again the next year; went to that swamp. He said: “It is the most miserable swamp on planet earth.” The mosquitoes landed on them at the rate of about a thousand an hour, constantly, I mean like swarms of dust around you, blood thirsty mosquitoes. 95° F (35° C), 95% humidity all the time. As they traveled around the swamp the natives talked about this animal called, Mahamba. He said: “What's that?,” and they showed them a crocodile. “Oh yeah, Mahamba, right there, Mahamba.” He said: “How big does it get?” And they paced it off on the sandbar, 50 feet long (15 m). Now if you're a pygmy 4'4" (1.3 m), a 50 foot (15 m) crocodile looks really big to you, ok! And everybody says: “No, crocodiles never get past about 17 feet (5.2 m).” Oh, I don't think that's correct. Earlier in the summer of 2005, they killed a 24 foot (8 m) crocodile in that swamp. Of course, the natives will say: “Oh, you should see the big ones!”


Go back Mokele-Mbembe

The natives also talk about an animal they call, Mokele-Mbembe. Mokele-Mbembe? What on earth is that? Well, if you show them a picture of an apatosaurus, they'll say: “Yeah, that's it, Mokele-Mbembe.” The natives claim these animals live under water. They are very rare, of course they are in the swamp in Africa. Nobody goes out at night anyways. And there is no lights over there, at night. But, the animals are seen mostly early-early morning or late in the evening when they come out, and their favorite plant is the Molombo plant. There is Dr. Mackal holding a Molombo plant. Dr. Mackal was a University of Chicago Microbiology professor. And he went over there and studied this carefully. He came back and wrote a book called, A Living Dinosaur ? He believes in evolution, but his book is great about the evidence for dinosaurs still living in African swamp. They found footprints of the creatures.


A missionary friend of mine was there for 43 years as a missionary, Eugene Thomas. He is in Ohio now. Here is his phone number, call him up. He was there for 43 years. He said: “I have two pygmies in my church that killed one and ate it.” Dinosaurs. There have been reports of these creatures in that swamp for a long time. One Belgian Congo biologist went up there, up river 500 miles from his house and he said, he saw one. But his camera malfunctioned because the high humidity apparently ruined all the mechanisms inside, I don't know. But, there have been many reports of dinosaurs in that swamp; and you can study this for yourself. One group went there and they said: “The creature was dark brown in color, the skin appeared slick and smooth. Had a long neck and a small head. They heard it, they saw it, it was making a roaring noise. And the government officials even saw it.”

There is an article here in the Boston Herald newspaper about a group going over to look for the dinosaurs still alive in the Congo swamp. All you got to do is type in ‘Crypto zoology’, Crypto means, hidden, zoology means, study of animals. Crypto zoology, you will find all kinds of stuff about dinosaurs still living. The natives claim these animals live in caves along the side of the river.

William Gibbons has been there 4 times now to the Congo Swamp. He and I wrote this book together for kids, Claws, Jaws & Dinosaurs. William Gibbons wrote me a letter, he said: “According to our guide, Pierre Sima, we were the first white men to actually penetrate the forest and swamps bordering the Boumba River. Our informants almost all of them Baka Pygmies, with the exception of an elderly Cameroonian Muslim, are perfectly familiar with all the known and unknown animals of the swamps. While they do not regard the Le’Kela-bembe,” that's a different language, ok, “ being an unusual animal, they do fear the creature because of its ferocity, in attacking hippos, elephants and crocodiles. The animal appears to be completely intolerant of any other large creature that shares the river and controls large stretches of the river, particularly where its food supply is present.

The two suspected dinosaurs Mokele-Mbembe and N’Goubou, are observed and encountered on a regular basis. I questioned an older Baka couple that work on Pierre's plantation. Like most pygmies they are very familiar with the flora and fauna of the region. I presented them with our book of known African animals and dinosaur illustrations. About 98% of the dinosaur illustrations were rejected, except for two. Which they picked out without hesitation, that they had observed. A sauropod dinosaur and a Triceratops.” Now why would people in the middle of the swamp in Africa say: “Oh yeah, we've seen that one!”?

Missionary Cal Bombay was there for years in Kenya. He said he and his wife saw one of these creatures. But the plates on the back were bigger; more like a Stegosaurus.

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Down in South America they got the Amazon jungle which is huge. “In 1907 the British army sent Colonel Fawcett to mark the boundary between Brazil and Peru. He was an officer in the royal engineers and was known as a meticulous recorder of facts. In the Beni Swamps he said, he saw what he believed to be a Diplodocus.” The natives and the tribes around there said: “Oh yeah, that animal still lives out here in the swamp.” Colonel Fawcett's son made sketches of the footprints.


In 1883, Scientific American ran this article, before they got committed to evolution. An article like this would never make it in Scientific American today. Because now they are dedicated to preserving the theory. But they said: “The Brazilian minister at La Paz, Bolivia, had remitted to the minister of Foreign Affairs in Rio photographs of drawings of an extraordinary saurian killed on the Beni after receiving thirty-six balls. By the order of the president the dried body had been preserved and was sent to La Paz. It was twelve meters long (39 ft) from snout to point. It had scale armor, the neck is long, the belly large, and almost dragging the ground. Professor Gilveti, examined the beast, said it's a member of a lost species. The indians in that region make small earthen vessels in the same shape, probably copied from nature.” Dinosaurs?

Go back Urefere and giant snakes

Vaughn Goff called me three days ago, because I was driving up here to Indiana. He said, Yeah, the natives in his area talk about a lizard that is 30 ft long (9 m), and 5 feet tall. It makes a thundering noise to startle its prey. The native Waiwai Indians call it ‘Urufere’ and they are terrified of this creature. Here is his email,, email him if you want to talk about dinosaurs still in the swamp down there.

  • Here's a giant snake that was killed several years ago. It is a 35 foot snake (10.7 m); it had eaten a man who fell asleep on the job. Stay awake on the job, fellas; ok.
  • This snake was reported in Indonesia being 49 feet long (15 m). I don't know if it is true or not, but... I mean, people might have exaggerated, but that's the report of a giant snake down there.
  • Colonel Percy Fawcett said he killed a 62 foot (19 m) anaconda snake and the natives were terrified. They said: “Colonel, if there is one, there is gonna be another one!”
  • “Officials of Brazil Columbia boundary,... in 1933... killed a 98 ft (30 m) snake 2 feet in diameter. Weighed 2 tons.”
  • The cook from a hotel in the Amazons said they saw a 100 foot (30½ m) snake that the military hunted down after it had killed and eaten 2 soldiers. The head was 5 feet (1½ m) long.
  • Reuters News Service reported a 130 foot (39.6 m) snake, back in 1997.
  • This thing floated down the Amazon River. Nobody poked it to see if it was alive. But they reported it to be nearly 150 feet (46 m) long. Amazon River is huge. Halfway up, where a former student of mine; was a missionary for years; he said the Amazon River way back here is 9 miles (14½ km) wide. That's a big river!

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Go back Loch Ness monster

There is a lake in Scotland called Loch Ness. Has anybody ever heard of Loch Ness? Loch Ness is a huge lake 24 miles long (39 km), 1-1½ mile wide, up to 900 feet (275 m) deep. Loch Ness is big enough that everybody on planet earth could go drown in it at the same time. You would hold the entire population of the world. 6 billion people would fit into that lake. It's huge. In 1933, a roadbed was cut into the side of the mountain. Because before 1933; if you wanted to see the lake; you got to climb over the mountains, or go up river 7 miles (11 km) in your boat. So not many people went there; very sparsely populated. 1933, the first year the road was put in, there were 52 sightings of the Loch Ness monster. This author said there had been 9,000 reported sightings today, now that was back in the 1960s, when this book was written. Today it's over 11,000 reported sightings of the Loch Ness monster. 11,000! Of course some are fakes and frauds, ok. I wouldn't trust, the, you know, the Weekly World News, you know..., where they got all this weird stuff in there.

But Sir Peter Scott is a member of Parliament and he said he saw it. He believes it is a Plesiosaur. Almost everybody that sees it says: “It is this animal right here!” A Plesiosaurus, long neck, four big flippers. One guy wrote a book, and he said: “Some people think Nessie is a Plesiosaur. There is one thing wrong with this theory. Plesiosaurs are believed to have become extinct 70 million years ago.” Oh, is that what is wrong with the theory? They ‘believe’ in evolution. I think this evolution theory got to be the biggest hindrance to scientific research that has ever been, ok. You look at the facts; forget your theories; look at the facts and come up with your conclusions, ok.

Arthur Grant nearly ran into Nessie on his motorcycle one night. He said: “I had a splendid view of the object. In fact I almost struck it with my motorcycle! It had a long neck, and large oval shaped eyes, on top of a small head. The tail would be 5 to 6 feet (1½-2 m) long.” He described it 15 to 20 feet long (4.6-6 m) altogether. He said: “Knowing something about natural history,” he was a veterinarian student, ok. He said: “I have never seen anything like it in my life!” Here is the sketch of what he drew of what he nearly ran over on his motorcycle. It looks like a 20 foot long Plesiosaur.

Alexander Campbell was the game warden for Loch Ness for 47 years. He said he saw it 18 times. There's the sketch he drew of it.

Go back The search for Nessie

Many people have tried to catch the Loch Ness monster. They have used everything you can imagine for bait and some things you could not imagine. So far nobody has caught it. I mean, the lake is huge, but there have been many, many sketches drawn.

  • One family said they saw it with a sheep in its mouth.
  • One guy got a picture of the hump sticking out of the water; the neck is over on the far right. Then Reader's Digest; of course they crop everything down; they cut the neck off when they published their picture. A cropped picture.
  • MacLeod said he watched it for 9 minutes through his binoculars, made four sketches of it, of what he saw. MacLeod said: “I think the monster looks like this.”

All you got to do, you know, is watch T.V. programs once in a while where they talk about the Loch Ness monster. There are thousands of people who will go on record and say: “I have seen it.”

  • World Book Encyclopedia paid to have a submarine taken over there from South Carolina. A mini-sub. The guy went down in the water and said: “That water is so black, I can't even see the front of my own boat.” Loch Ness is like a giant mud puddle. You go down in there just a few feet and the visibility is zero. You can't see a thing.
  • Japanese put 24 boats and went down all the way in the lake And they reported that they scanned the entire bottom with sonar. They said: “Man, this is a deep lake and it is wrinkled up like a raisin.” And there are caves going off to the side, probably with air chambers. The creature can come up under, you know, inside the mountain, and breathe and live in there.
  • One guy got a picture of a diamond shaped flipper under water. Again, they thought it was a Plesiosaur.
  • Reader's Digest published this picture back in 1978. The picture is right there on the floor about Nessie with its mouth open. We can go all day about Loch Ness monsters.
  • They said this photograph was a fake, and it probably was, but I don't know. It is interesting they waited till the last guy involved died to announce it's a fake. Now how do you check out the truth? But, anyway...

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Southwest England (Wales)

Morgawr, the Cornish sea serpent

There are other lakes besides Loch Ness. There's Loch Lochy. There's Loch Morar. There are many other lakes reporting creatures.

  • There's one called Morgawr, the Cornish sea serpent by England. The English Channel has many reported sightings of a creature like this.
  • “In 1749, in England, a creature was caught. Resembling to some degree an alligator, but having two large fins. The body was covered with impenetrable scales, and five rows of teeth.”

Back to Main Index France

In 1934 this thing washed up on the beach in Normandy, France. There's a guy standing there and looking at it for scale.

Back to Main Index Brazil (2)

A couple of scientists reported this creature swam past their boat in Brazil in 1905. They reported the whole thing in a scientific journal. The creature had a dorsal fin was 6 feet (1,8 m) long, 2 feet (60 cm) high, a small head on a neck about 7 or 8 feet long. Two experienced British naturalists reported the thing. Again we can go all day on reported sightings.

Back to Main Index New Zealand

This thing in 1977, a Japanese fishing boat pulled this up in their net. It was 32 feet (10 m) long, 4,000 pounds (1,800 kg). They said: “What on earth is that?” Captain said: “I don't know, but it stinks!” When they set it down on the deck it broke in half, and pus oust out everywhere. So they made a bunch of sketches, took a bunch of pictures, and shoved it overboard. A special stamp was made for Japanese mail in 1977. Now, some people argue that it might have been a basking shark. And I agree, it might have been a basking shark. But the fishermen on board said: “We know about basking sharks, and we don't think it is, ok.” Basking sharks they tend to rot away leaving the head part behind. That's a basking shark right there, ok. It could have been a basking shark it doesn't matter to me. They said the protein is 96% similar. Yes I know, but nobody has ever seen Plesiosaur protein, ok, to know what it is supposed to look like. Humans and apes are similar but have many differences also. Anyway, there are a lot of arguments about that, it doesn't matter to me. But some people get all bent out of shape for me even mention, you know, the Japanese catch of 1977.


Back to Main Index Russia

Russians report a creature in a lake up there called “Mystery of the Lake,” here. Well, it looks like a dinosaur washed up on the beach in Russia, 1994. It was 39 feet long (12 m).

This thing apparently is a doctored photo of a shark. Somebody with Photoshop, you know, made it look like a Plesiosaur but actually it is a doctored photo. So be careful there are plenty of frauds out there, no question. But the existence of a fraud or a counterfeit does not disprove the existence of the original.

Back to Main Index New Guinea

In 2004, a bunch of people over in Papua, New Guinea reported a creature like a dinosaur. 10 feet tall with a tail like an alligator, a head like a dog. It was right on the island in the city of Kokopo. One lady said she saw it, she ran for her life seeing a 3 meter tall creature with a head like a dog and a tail like a crocodile. You can read all about it on the Internet about this creature seen just in 2004.

Back to Main Index Japan and China


Japan reports some of these creatures. The north island Hokkaido reports them. And the south island down in Japan. They call it ‘Issie’ in Lake Ikeda.

In China there's reported one called USO, Unidentified Swimming Object.

Back to Main Index Scandinavia

Norway has several reported sightings, as do Swedish lakes, a couple of Swedish lakes up there. They call it, ...may speak Swedish, know how to say that? ...storjordan... close enough, yeah, ok, you don't speak Swedish do you? ...You're lying, ok. [‘Storsjöodjuret’, odjuret = ‘the monster’ in Storsjön =‘great lake’]. In Norway they got a creature that they say is very similar to Loch Ness Monster. Hundreds of folks claim they have seen it. It is in the news occasionally, kinda like Loch Ness, ok.


Back to Main Index Canada


Canada has reported sightings of these creatures, Canadian lake monsters. Nessie's Canadian cousin. There's a lake in the town of Kelowna called Lake Okanagan. It is a huge Lake, it's 80 miles long (130 km). I have been up there twice to speak in the town of Kelowna. The natives call this creature Ogopogo. We sell a book on our table back there if you want to get that, the Ogopogo. Very similar to the Loch Ness monster. Thousands of folks claim they have seen that one. This article says: “They were the latest among thousands to see something strange in this narrow, 80-mile-long lake.” “One guy swam the length of the lake and said the thing came up under him and it scared him half to death.” I got news articles like crazy about this. She said: “I saw Ogopogo twice,” this woman says.

I interviewed John Casorso. He and his family were sleeping in their boat on the lake. They're camping out on the lake on their big boat and something bumped the bottom of their boat. Woke ’em all up early-early in the morning. They went out and saw two Ogopogo's swimming across the lake. He went back, grabbed his camera. By the time he got it it was, you know, pretty far away, but he gave me a copy of the video footage of what he saw. At about, you know, quite... too far away to make out the details, but he said: “Look, brother Hovind, I saw the Ogopogo!” Many, many folks will go on record and say: “I have seen it!”


Back to Main Index USA (British Columbia, Oregon)


There is one in Cadboro Bay, British Columbia. There's a book about that if you want to read more. A baby Caddy was found inside of the stomach of a sperm whale. They say it has short pointed front flippers, and it's a long necked beast with a horse-like head. One guy caught a baby one with his dip net, drew a sketch of it before he released it. He didn't know what it was, so he let it go.

Back to Main Index Canada (2)

Nova Scotia:  I interviewed this guy for an hour. These four guys were fishing in Canada, when a creature chased their boat off Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia when I was preaching up there. That happened in 1992, when I met him. He said, he was 67 when this happened. He had been fishing out there since he was 5. He said: “This 40-50 foot long (12-15 m) creature chased their boat for 1-2 miles.” He said: “The neck was 2 feet thick and 8-9 feet long (2½-3 m), had a 9 inch (23 cm) diameter eyes.” He said, they were 6 miles south of Cape Sable Island. He said: “I don't want to see it again.” That's what he told me.

Newfoundland:  This thing washed up on the beach in Newfoundland. Sometimes big blobs wash up. Sometimes it is whale skin actually. The whale dies, gets eaten, and the layer of blubber, you know, washes up sometimes. Sometimes it's a basking shark.

Parker's Cove:  This thing washed up in Parker Cove, Canada. I talked to many folks who said they saw it. A lot of people went and analyzed it. I don't think that it's ever positively determined what it is. It might have been a basking shark, but nobody knows positively, but it's gone. People cut pieces off it. The vertebrate do tend to look like shark vertebrae instead of any other kind. It's just interesting that stuff like this washes up on the beach.

Back to Main Index North America

We sell a book called Monster! Monster!, about North American lake monsters. Lake Monsters, Sea Serpents, and here is a good book by Loren Coleman who is a cryptozoologist, but also an evolutionist, ok.

Back to Main Index Canada (3)

Lake Memphremagog creature

I interviewed Jacques Boisvert for three hours. He collects sightings of the Lake Memphremagog creature, between Vermont and Quebec, Canada. Hundreds of folks claim they have seen something in this lake up there in Lake Memphremagog.

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Go back The great New England sea serpent

Creatures have been seen in the Potomac River. There's a book about the great New England sea serpent.

Go back Block Ness monster

There's a island off Connecticut , Rhode Island called Block Island where many folks claim they've seen creatures swimming around out there. They call it the ‘Block Ness Monster’. One washed up in 1996. Another, something else, washed up in 2004. Never was identified that I know of. And I interview people all the time and...

Go back Lake Erie's monster

Lake Erie's apparently got one. “Erie's Besse matches Nessie.” They say: “It's 35 feet long (11 m)” and they say: “It has a snakelike head.” It's in the newspaper once in a while about Lake Erie's monster, ok. You can read about that for yourself. A dead baby creature was found on the beach of Lake Erie. A guy took it home and stuffed it, and mounted it, he's a taxidermist. He said: “You tell me what it is, I don't know!” Dr. Baugh bought it and it is in his museum in Texas. It has never been identified. They are not sure, it may be a fake, nobody knows. But, an interesting little critter.

Go back Scituate Harbor monster

Massachusetts:  I interviewed the sheriff that was the first guy that saw the Scituate Harbor monster. 50 feet long (15 m) when it washed up on the beach. Everybody started cutting pieces off. By the time they got the photo taken it was pretty butchered up. Some people argued it's a basking shark, others said it was a real sea serpent. The health department said: “We don't care it stinks so we are getting it out of here.” They blew it up with dynamite.

Go back California's Nessie

California, 1925, this critter washed up on the beach. That's the head, here's the neck, going down to the right. Just the neck was 20 feet long (6 m). Everybody that examined it said it was a Plesiosaurus, 20 foot neck! One atheist wrote me a letter and said: “Hovind, you're so stupid!,” he said: “Don't you know that was a whale?” I said: “Now just exactly is the neck on a whale?” It ought to be between the head and the flippers, hmm. He said: “It's a rare form of Baird's beaked whale.” oh, pretty rare all right with a 20 foot neck, duh... The people who saw it said it was a Plesiosaurus.

Why is that so hard to believe? You know why people resist explanations like that? It goes against their theory. They like the evolution theory because it gives them freedom from God. That's why they like that theory. And we can spend all day on cryptozoology stuff. I have studied this for years, and love... I have interviewed now a hundred people that claimed they've seen a living dinosaur.


Go back White River monster

New Port:  New York, 1969, the Harbor police chased something much bigger than a whale up river. They never did catch it. It could have been a Zeuglodon or a Basilosaurus. I don't know. But the White River monster in New Port, Arkansas has been reported many times, up until 1973. And apparently it disappeared. Arkansas Senate passed a resolution, it said: “It says it is unlawful to molest, kill or trample the White River monster.”

Go back Lake Champlain monster (‘Champ’)

Off the coast of Jupiter, Florida, something has been seen similar to a dinosaur swimming in the ocean out there. You can read the articles for yourself. A lot of this stuff is on my website, you can read all about this.

There's a lake between New York and Vermont called Lake Champlain. Where many people claimed they have seen the Lake Champlain monster. I interviewed Sandy that took this picture. I said: “Sandy, do you think that you saw a dinosaur?”She said:“No, I know I saw a dinosaur.”She and her husband and two kids watched it for ten minutes.

Fifty eight people on the Ethan Allen, which capsized earlier a couple months ago, you know, some people think; they all ran to one side to see something and... swissh, it flipped the board over, or I don't know. Maybe it's just too many Twinkies, but... The captain on board back in 1998 said: “If you think what I saw was a fish, it weighed 3,000 to 5,000 pounds (1300-2300 kg).”

The Bible talks about “the dragons of the waters.” (Ps. 74:13) “He shall slay the dragon that is in the sea.” (Is. 27:1)

Go back Pensacola (Florida)

In Pensacola where I live, five teenagers went scuba diving back in 1962. One survived the trip. Here is what he said. They were going out to the sunken ship in the Pensacola Harbor called the Massachusetts. And here is what he said. Uh, we got tons of stuff on this. He said:

“We were in an Air Force rescue raft bound for a sunken ship a few miles off the coast. Midway out we were caught in a storm and dragged out to sea. When the storm cleared we were in a dense fog. We began to hear strange noises like the splashing of a porpoise, and a sickening odor like dead fish. The noise got closer to the raft and I heard a loud hissing sound. Out in the fog we saw what looked like a long pole about 10 feet (3 m) high, sticking up out of the water. On top was a bulb-like structure. It bent in the middle and went under. It appeared several more times getting closer to the raft. The silence was broken once again by something out of the fog. I can only describe it as a high pitch whine. We panicked. All five of us put on our fins and went into the water. ‘Keep together and try for the ship!’ I yelled. After we got in the water we got split up in the fog. And from behind I could hear the screams of my comrades one by one.
I got a closer look at the thing just before my last friend went under. The neck was about 12 feet (3.6 m) long, brownish green and smooth looking. The head was like a sea turtle except more elongated. The eyes were green with oval pupils. I don't know how long it was before I heard a scream. It lasted maybe half a minute. Then I heard Warren call: ‘Hey, help me! It's got Brad! I've got to get out of here!’ His voice was cut off abruptly by a short cry. ‘Brad, Warren! Hey, where is everybody?’ I yelled back at the top of my lungs. Larry now swam with Eric and me. Warren and Brad were no where in sight. Right next to Eric that telephone pole-like figure broke water, I could see the long neck and two small eyes. The mouth opened and it bent over. It dove on top of Eric, dragging him under. I screamed and I began to swim past the ship, my insides were shaking uncontrollably.’
He drew a sketch of the thing that killed his friends. He said: ‘I finally made it to the top of the ship and stayed there most of the night. Next morning, I swam to the shore and I was found by the rescue unit.’”

That's the sketch Brian McCleary drew of what he saw that killed his four friends. I was speaking in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, one time. And Valerie Bill came to me and said: “Mr. Hovind my stepson Larry Bill was one of the kids that was eaten. That story you are telling is correct.” But the Pensacola News Journal said; after they interviewed him; they said: “This is a beach town; you know, people come here to go swimming. We are not gonna report that your friends got eaten by a dinosaur. We are going to report that they drowned.” So that's what the newspaper said: “Four teenagers drowned.”

Go back Panama City (Florida)

Panama City, there has been something seen there that was similar. A youth director of a Lutheran Church told me his whole youth group was in the van, and they saw a creature like that in Panama City Harbor. There have been many reports of dinosaurs still living.

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Kongamato or Batamzinga

There could be some Pterodactyls still alive. The natives call the animal the ‘Kongamato’ if you're in Congo. In Kenya they call it ‘Batamzinga’. Steve Romandi was on the Kenyan Olympic Running Team. He called me and said he was then going to school in Louisiana. He said: “Mr. Hovind, I saw those creatures.” He said: “We've got them in my village in Kenya.”He said: “Their favorite food is decaying human flesh. They dig up graves and eat the bodies.” They kept talking about the Kongamato.

Oh, we could cover dinosaurs still living for hours. Buth there've been lots of reports of Pterodactyls still around. I get calls about this from people all the time about Pterodactyls being seen in Papua, New Guinea, or in Indonesia, or in Venezuela. I wish we had time to cover all that about all these Pterodactyl sightings.

Back to Main Index New Guinea, Indonesia

Go back The flying ‘Ropen’

Dave Woetzel went there and said: “Man, the natives kept talking about this flying ‘Ropen’. It glows in the dark over in Papua, New Guinea. He lives on the island right there. So, what's the point? You say: “Brother Hovind, who cares?” Ya, I think there might be some dinosaurs still alive. And I think we have really been lied to about the dinosaurs. Now I don't think there's many, and it is probable safe to go to the dorm, ok. Don't get excited and say: “Wow, we're gonna get eaten by a dinosaur.” No, its not that way, the hallway will be clear tonight, I assure you, ok.

Go back Orang-Bati  [added from 1999 seminar]

There is an island called Seram off the coast of New Guinea an Indonesian island chain. Missionary Tyson Hughes told William Gibbons (my friend in Canada) that local people say there is a creature down there four and a half feet tall that has leathery wings. They call it Orang-Bati, which means, man with wings. They say the creature comes especially when you are fishing. He tries to steal your fish away from you. It's not a seagull. Carl Baugh has made several trips to Papua, New Guinea where there are many reports of a creature like the Pterodactyl. And again they say its favorite food is decaying humans and it glows in the dark!

One missionary told me when I was preaching in Bloomington, Illinois, that he was spear fishing under the water and his wife was holding a flashlight in the canoe so he could see. And this creature with about a four-foot wing span came in there and hovered over the top of her and was glowing. And whatever was glowing was dripping off. All that they could figure was that it must have been some kind of bioluminescent creature. When this animal goes and hangs in a cave little creatures get on its skin and as the animal flies they fall off. No one knows for sure. But the reports are that it glows in the dark.

Back to Main Index Venezuela  [added from 1999 seminar]

A missionary from Venezuela came to me a few months ago in November of 1998. His name is Adam Hutchison. He said: “Mr. Hovind, I'm a missionary in Venezuela. The natives in our area keep talking about this animal that they are scared to death of. A big flying animal. They killed one of them about 30 years ago.” Here is the story he told me: “There is a giant bat that they feared greatly. It was said to capsize canoes and even carry off Indians!” Adam told me that, “Indians, terrified of this great ‘bat’ had sent their bravest men to the head of the river where they killed the creature about 30 years ago and buried it near the Muwada River. (Muwada means bat dung in their language) When Clint (another missionary) showed the indians a picture of a Pterodactyl their eyes got as big as saucers and they said: ‘That is the bat!’ They positively identified this ‘extinct’ dinosaur as the bat that lived just a few miles from their village. Even today the indians will not fish or drink from the river for fear of this creature.” Here is Adam's phone number 615-612-2586, you can call him and talk to him about it. He's a missionary down there.

Back to Main Index Arizona (Southwest US)  [added from 1999 seminar]

A couple of cowboys apparently shot a Pterodactyl in Arizona. It appeared in the Tombstone newspaper about 100 years ago. They said: “Nobody's going to believe us! We shot a giant bird with no feathers!” So they cut off part of the wings and took them back to the saloon and showed the boys at the saloon. Saying look what we did fellows. We shot a giant bird with no feathers. It's in the Tombstone Epitaph newspaper, April 26, 1890.

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But the indians got a legend called the ‘Thunderbird’. They said: “A giant bird got hit by lightening.” When they found it three days later the buzzards had picked the bones clean. But they said the wing span was 20 feet (7 m) and had a bony bump on the back of its head. The Indian prayer sticks to this day, have a head of a Pterodactyl on them. Henry Ford put an eagle on the tail light, it was a Thunderbird. It should have been a Pterodactyl. You blew it Henry.


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Piasa bird

A French explorer Jacques Marquette and Joliet stopped where what is now the town of Saint Louis. They reported they saw a big ugly bird painted on the cliff on the other side in Alton, Illinois. The Indians said: “Oh, it was a Piasa bird. The great chief killed him years ago.” They painted the picture up there for years. They finally put a big metal plaque. There's me there for scale; they later took it down for fear that the plaque would fall. I guess they just recently put it back up, I don't know. You go to Alton, Illinois, you will see the word Piasa, you know, Piasa Diary Queen, etc. It's pretty famous over there, whatever the Piasa bird was, ok.


What you can do to help

Back to Main Index Using dinosaurs as a tool

People say: “Brother Hovind, why do you speak about dinosaurs?”

  1. Well for one thing Satan is using them to teach his gospel. It's time Christians, you know, put up a defense.
  2. Christians are confused where they fit in.
  3. They are a great evangelistic tool. Kids will gather around you like crazy when you get dinosaurs.
  4. “He's the chief of the ways of God.” (Job 40:19) Well, then God ought to get the glory.

Now, the Bible also talks about Leviathan. (Job 41.1) But that's a whole other story, we will cover Leviathan some other time. So basically God made everything in six days. Dinosaurs lived with man, people have killed most of them. There could be a few still alive, and Christians need to quit worrying about dinosaurs, and should start using them for God's glory. We'll cover more on that in the next session.

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