M A G A Z I N E   O F   T H E   F L A G   L A N D   B A S E
  ISSUE 19,                   
February/March 1979


David Mayo, Senior C/S International
December 16, 1978. 10:00 p.m. Fort Harrison Auditorium. Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. Planet Earth, on the outer rim of the Milky Way. A dramatic event that took over 700 people out of the world of matter, energy, space and time. A glimpse of the world of pure theta, unrestrained, free and at native cause, as in the original unchanged moment of creation.
   Enter the darkened hall, filled with gently rotating light spots reflected off a hundred tiny mirrors suspended from the ceiling. Know you are about to enter the very core of the universe, with sight, sound, touch and every perceptic geared to know what the world has been waiting to know for all these millennia. Sit on the edge of the seat, full of the questions as yet unanswered, and hope against hope that you too can find the answers today, tomorrow or . . . They exist at last, even for the final questions.
   See the pictures flash upon the screen. First close up, then a little further, then a little further away still, the world presented becoming ever more distant, the viewpoint looking becoming ever more exterior until finally you know you have entered the kingdom of theta and truth, the real world made possible for mankind by L. Ron Hubbard.
   Hear these words, the first announcements of those who walked all the way into this world.
   “. . . it's the basic of all basics. When I try to say what it's like it just disappears. It's a level of as-isness and beauty and perfect simplicity. I've lost alt doubt of myself and I've lost all concern for the future of the beings on this planet. Ron has surpassed himself. This is a dream come true.”
   “. . . . there is nothing it cannot handle. It means the end of the endless ease. It is the solution, and after NED for OTs there will be no more case at all. Just a thetan, clean and sparkling. To be higher and higher in ability. It contains the very stuff of life itself. And it is essential to one's well-being and future freedom. This is the iceberg. Up until this step one has only handled the tip. . .”
In such an atmosphere, NED for OTs was released at Flag. At what has been called the best Flag event ever, David Mayo, Senior C/S International who assisted Ron in his research and development of this new OT Level, gave a thrilling talk about NED for OTs and some of what it deals with.
   The whole population of the Flag Land Base sat silent, still and spellbound as the first information about this top secret level was released. One attendee commented afterwards that he was already more OT just knowing some of the things that lay in store for him when he completed OT III. Another commented what a relief it was to know that his remaining questions could and would be answered on NED for OTs.
   Source presents a summary of that talk so you too can share the magnitude of what Ron has done for Scientologists and for mankind with his continuing research and his great breakthrough, NED for OTs.
Ron asked me to give you his love.
   NED for OTs began on September 12 of this year [1978] when Ron discovered that you can't audit a Clear on R3R or engram running.
   Now obviously there are some things that I can't tell you because they are confidential and secret and so on. But I can give you some idea of what NED for OTs is about. And I hope to give you a little glimpse of what the first part of it might be.
   How many of you have tried to run R3R or engrams after going Clear? Did you ever have any trouble? Did you ever have a picture end up maybe too small, or it was kind of off here somehow, or it didn't seem like it was happening. And then maybe you thought there was something wrong with your pictures or something wrong with your ability to see them. Or maybe you can't quite get into it any more or something.
   An offshoot of this discovery was the discovery that we had actually made a great many more Clears than we'd ever realized. Dianetics and Scientology have been infinitely more successful than they've ever been given credit for.
   So we had two things that happened. One at the lower end of the bridge with the discovery that there were a great many more Clears than what had been recognized. And up at this level of NED for OTs, the discovery that you couldn't run a Dianetic Clear on R3R. Research by Ron into what do you run a Clear on . . . led to the discoveries in NED for OTs. There have no doubt been times when a Clear run on R3R has experienced discomfort, somatics, maybe an increased feeling of solidity or mass. And if this rule about not running engrams on a Clear or above is violated on somebody who's high up on the OT levels, it can recoil rather heavily.
   These had to be handled and researched. And as always, Ron says he never minds what happens to him for the sake of research, getting new rundowns and techniques developed for humanity and the planet.
   A person who's Clear and is run on engrams after that invariably decides some type of decision along lines that he cannot or must not really be Clear after all. They go to an awful lot of what you would call “twisted think” trying to turn things around inside the mind to explain how it really isn't so when it really is.

Flag's new Advanced Organization, Technical Division 4A, opened up specially to deliver NED for OTs. It has its own space and full administrative staff, as well as a team of Advanced Courses Specialist auditors to deliver this auditing to you.
   Looking at where NED for OTs is run, it's not run during the noninterference zone of course, You must complete OT III first. And it can be run after any higher OT level. When complete one could have OT VIII which is fully written up, ready for release and awaiting having a number of people complete on NED for OTs so they would be ready for it.
   You have probably already heard some statements about perception, so we'll discuss a little bit about what an OTs perception is like. We could talk about perceptions through the body looking through the eyes, listening through the ears and so on — physical or through-the-body perceptions. And in talking about perception the body tends to act as a kind of magnifier, a sort of a receiver of perceptions from the environment, a collector of these perceptions and a magnifier of them for the being running the body that kind of does it all for him on automatic. Very similar to watching TV — it's all done for you.
   The other type of thing is his OT perception or the being's own perception. Various things happen, such as the person goes exterior and looks around and doesn't see as Well as he does through his eyes. So he thinks there's something wrong with his perception. A very common thing when a person goes exterior is for the walls or the floor or the room or his physical environment to seem kind of vague, kind of flimsy.

Tags on the Div 4A scheduling board don't stay in the same position for long at all! Full and standard application of Ron's Admini-strative tech is a vital part of the velocity of NED for OTs delivery.
   And this can make it seem like his perception isn't all that great. But it also brings to light the very interesting phenomena that to an OT, and especially someone who's completed NED for OTs, physical objects would look completely transparent unless he chose to have them appear as they usually do. But he would have to actually do that, and then he would see them far more clearly and in far more detail than he would through his body's perceptions.
   A person's perceptions is one of the things you have to deal with because you've got a pre-OT there and he has to perceive things, and answer questions and so on. And so the subject of his perceptions comes into it. There are actions that help develop these perceptions and, to a very large degree, get rid of the things that get in the way of his perceiving. Of course, if they weren't there, he'd be able to have far cleaner comm lines’ and perceptions and everything else.
   One of the first things that some persons brought up when they heard that you couldn't run Dianetics on a Clear was, “Ah, well how could I get rid of my Somatics?” It also brings to light another factor which is, there are a lot of Scientologists that have looked at persons who have gone through Clear and OT levels and said to themselves, “Well, although that person is an OT he's still walking around with Somatics and there are various outnesses,” which tend to invalidate the OT level.

The power of NED for OTs is so great that sessions are short. Speed of delivery is very important.
   One of the results of NED for OTs is to get rid of all physical Somatics. This goes further than just a pain in the arm or something like that. One of the other discoveries is that one can feel his body and feel the weight of it — you have to lift it out of bed in the morning and some days you have to push harder than others to push it around. The discovery is that these are not normal perceptions. In other words, that's not the way bodies should feel. In actual fact, just as things become rather flimsy or transparent to an OT, a body becomes extremely light.
   There are some things that come along with this which are very interesting. You will find the answers on NED for OTs to any questions you have asked about the subject of perceptions and exterior perceptions. There are other philosophical questions such as “Is this the only universe?” “What are thetans really?” and “Are all beings really part of one original one or are they all really separate individuals?” “One day do they all come back together or have they always been themselves?” For the first time the exact answer to that question has been discovered and proven. When you get onto NED for OTs, you'll find out what the answer is.
   We keep calling NED for OTs the second wall of fire. Ron said early on when he started making his initial discoveries into NED for OTs that he considered it to be his greatest discovery since OT III. And that states it. It really is.
   The rundown is extremely powerful, and because of this it must only be run by auditors specially trained on NED for OTs, called Advanced Courses Specialists. And it is limited to these auditors and C/Ses specially trained on the rundown for those reasons.

C/Sing goes on around the clock.
   NED for OTs auditing is distinctly different from anything at any lower level. It is a very, very OT type processing. One of the immediate results that a person being audited on NED for OTs experiences is that he is being addressed as an OT. His ability and his state of being an OT is being validated by the style of auditing approach. And the entire processing technique is very very OT. It's a unique level in that one is not only getting processed and getting things handled but he's also acquiring and learning data, very vitally necessary for an OT, of great and vital interest. And this leads, of course, to the attainment which is achieved on NED for OTs which is cause over life.
   That certainly is the first and foremost ability most inherent to a thetan, more germane to a thetan's existence. The thing the person's got to have is cause over life because, after all, he is living and operating and that's the one thing he has been lacking. That's where NED for OTs leads to.
   To sum up, on top of all the other discoveries that have gone before, we now have a very very miracle technology that is more powerful than any other processing technology that I've seen, and which produces miracle results within the first session or sessions, sometimes within the first 15 minutes. The only thing I can say about it is — Ron has done it again.


“NED for OTs is my Christmas present for the FCCI's and the FSO.
   “Merry Christmas and Merry Christmases forever.
                                                                             Love, RON”

   With that greeting, the packed auditorium came to its feet in a long long ovation of the man who has made our spiritual survival his life's work, L. Ron Hubbard.
   The Commanding Officer of the Flag Ship Org, the first org to deliver NED for OTs announced simply that she had started off with something to say, but by now it had all been said! The first NED for OTs sessions would begin in the morning after the opening of Division 4A, Flag's new Advanced Organization.

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