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       From time to time briefings are issued to Scientology staff and public so they can keep abreast of what is going on in the Church -- whether it concerns a new Org or Mission being opened in some country, an LRH book being translated into a new language, or some milestone in the crusade to get basic LRH standard tech being applied (and squirrel practices stamped out).

       This is a briefing on a squirrel named David Mayo.

       The following data is being released to you because, as a staff member or public in Scientology, you should be kept informed of such things and the actual facts made available to you.


       Mayo was simply a bird dog. The definition of a bird dog is:  “Somebody sent in by an enemy to mess things up.”*   (LRH)

“The actual situation is that you had a bird dog right in the middle of the control room:  David Mayo. He was sabotaging execs by wrecking their cases. None of this was by accident or incompetence. Of all the crazy, cock-eyed sabotage I've ever seen, man, he was at it. He was not doing Dn and Scn. He was just calling it that and using the patter. His obvious intention was to wreck all cases of persons who could help others.”   (LRH)

       Betrayals like this are not new. Groups and organizations have had to contend with covert attacks such as this since ancient times. And over the past 33 years our group has weathered its share of those who sought to infiltrate and sabotage our activities, gaining positions within the Church through deception in order to halt the expansion of Scientology or disrupt its organizational structure.

       There is a long roster of such persons, including Edgar Watson, Jack Horner, Harry Thompson, Werner Erhardt, Bob Miles, Alan Walter, Bernie Green and others of that ilk. All of them are squirrels, all of them are suppressives. And all of them were, of course, caught.


       With Mayo, the first clue to what he was up to was when he broadly published a misdefinition of the State of Clear. A cramming order was issued at the time, but instead of simply doing the cram, he claimed motivators:

“Mayo was the boy they were relying on. He is a very clever fellow in that he could lie to me consistently, convincingly report, this that or the other thing. He actually came a cropper when two of the most banal technical actions you ever heard of (the first one was a cramming order, clearing the word ‘Clear’ as per Book One and the second was taking a car down a road) ‘caved in his case’ and caused him to have an accident and break his finger. This is the symptom of a mental reaction of trying to make somebody else wrong. The truth of the matter is that these actions were about as strong as a drink of milk and couldn't possibly have done anything to anybody. He directly lied and was found to be squirrelling the simplest process there ever was. He also false reported the actions of a pc on [the process] and bow the program was run on her. It was this last straw which broke the camel's back.”   (LRH)

       Despite his cleverness at lying and manufacturing convincing reports, there were indicators which gave him away.

       One of these is that over a period of time he became increasingly critical of other people — auditors, C/Ses, public pcs, staff pcs, public students, tech staff, admin staff, his seniors, his juniors, celebrities, businessmen who applied Scientology tech, executives, Set Org staff, Mission staff, field auditors, respected people in a variety of professions (both in and out of Scientology) and, especially, Ethics Officers.

       This built up to a point where staff members around him had only to start really looking at what he was so busy accusing others of to find the clues to what he himself was up to (see HCOB 15 Sept 81, THE CRIMINAL MIND).


       A pc folder that Mayo had been personally C/Sing was reviewed. This case had been run on Post Purpose Clearing by an auditor and was VGIs. Mayo then got hold of the folder and intentionally C/Sed to mix an Expanded Dianetics action into the program to make the pc think that his (the pc's) post purpose was an “evil purpose”. Concerning this pc's Post Purpose Clearing:

“To cross it with Expanded Dianetics was inexcusably malicious.”   (LRH)

       Probably the last thing Mayo expected was that a Class 4 auditor would find this out tech or, upon finding it, would report it. Fortunately the auditor did report it, applying the HCO PL 22 July 82 KNOWLEDGE REPORTS, to keep Scientology working. LRH then called for more pc folders that Mayo had been C/Sing and more of the same hideous squirrelling was found. The actions he had taken on these cases were not “errors”. What he'd been doing was deliberately misprogramming and mis-C/Sing the cases of executives in the areas he worked in to try to cave them in and make them think that Scn “didn't work”. Concerning this one particular matter:

“[It was] an SP use of tech, selectively caving people in.”   (LRH)

       This same type of thing was found in quite a few folders that he had been “C/Sing”, and a number of these are described in the HCOB of 28 Sept 82, C/S Series 115, MIXING RUNDOWNS & REPAIRS, written by LRH to correct severe out tech that had been committed (and foisted off on tech staff) by Mayo. The following is from that HCOB:


“To do otherwise is violent and actionable out-tech.

“EXAMPLES OF MIXED RUNDOWNS AND REPAIRS “Recently one particular (now removed) C/S was found to have an ‘anything goes’ pattern of C/Sing and programming cases. This C/S mixed rundowns one with another into hash and did not do the standard rundown or repair it standardly as its own rundown.”

...“RULE FOUR:  ALWAYS C/S the pc for his own gain, not for any other purpose. The purpose of auditing is to help the pc, not to remedy social or organizational ills. If this is followed, those same ills vanish. If this is not followed, the ills multiply. The purpose of auditing is to help the pc become more able as a being and has no part in discipline or ‘getting even’.”   (LRH)
 Copyright © 1982, 1983 by L. Ron Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


       Mayo directly supervised the delivery and tech quality of a Qual Div in the area he worked in, which was responsible for the auditing and enhancement of some 200 staff.

       By actual survey of their pc folders, these staff had made little or no progress up the Bridge for a period of 3½ years -- the time period that Mayo was over the area. The following stable datum was given by LRH on this:


       The cases of these staff had been mis-programmed; the auditors had mostly either given up auditing or had been blown off the lines, and those that remained in the Qual Div were found to be running squirrel “pilot” and “repair” processes that had been invented and C/Sed by Mayo.


       It was found that Mayo had worked industriously and by various means to make the subject of Scientology Ethics and Justice totally confusing for other Scientologists, hoping to make this LRH technology appear to be unworkable (and thereby even further foul up people's progress up the Bridge.) For example, Mayo put out falsely signed issues and communications that conflicted one with the other -- such as on the one hand ordering or advising from his post incorrect or overly-harsh ethics actions on certain staff and public, and on the other hand issuing material generally instructing staff to NOT use ethics. It took some doing to get this straightened out and get his off-Source despatches, issues and verbal tech traced down and off the lines.

       An HCOB was written by LRH entitled ETHICS AND THE C/S, HCOB 13 Oct 82, C/S Series 116. Mayo is the “C/S” described in the opening two paragraphs of this HCOB:

“It has just been brought to my attention that over the last few years a C/S had been advising staffs that C/S approval was required before somebody could be handled in Ethics!

“(The real problem that he was solving was that he had an out ethics situation of his own going on, and didn't want an Ethics Officer anywhere around. He has since been removed from post.)”   (LRH)
 Copyright © 1982, 1983 by L. Ron Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


“Mayo had a very interesting criminal trick going here:  He was pretending that he had discovered that sec checking and ethics were out when as a matter of fact he was only covering his tracks:  He was the one who threw it out. And when [later someone was] requiring some sec checking, I suppose in a panic he ‘discovered’ that ethics had not been used for a long time. He was the one who had pushed it out.”   (LRH)


       Additionally it was found that Mayo had tried to sabotage the training side of the Bridge by removing the Professional TRs as a prerequisite to professional auditor training, and issuing policy stating that auditors were not to do their TR training until after Class IV:

“That blank Mayo and company cancelled out the Pro TR Course as a requisite to a professional auditor.”

“This hits squarely at the most fundamental thing in auditing that you could hit at:  The TR course.”   (LRH)


“In other words, this Pro TRs Course was a key point which was carefully and cleverly removed.”

“Mayo could not have done a more vicious thing than that.”   (LRH)


“The main discovery was that Mayo had very carefully eradicated TRs. Thinking it over, I would say that Mayo is a covert NCG, for if he were ever audited by somebody whose TRs were out, not even his suppressive curves would permit him to make such a horror of a scene.”
 [NCG, means no-case-gain despite good and sufficient auditing. (HCO PL 16 May 69]


“I notice that Mr. SP Mayo, the darling of the psychs, rewrote HCOB TRAINING DRILLS REMODERNIZED. In a case of this character, you would expect to find sneakers of one sort or another, little curves that would turn up later to wreck things.”

“What happened here in this mess Mayo created -- and very artfully I might add -- was that he involved basic policy with simply tactical considerations and altered basic policy and then tangled up the rest of it as well. It is typical of criminals that they can make a championship mess that is difficult to untangle.”   (LRH)

       Nevertheless it was untangled, and Mayo's issue (PL of 13 Sept 81, ACADEMY LEVELS PREREQUISITES) has been cancelled along with the other write ups that he'd put out on this subject, by HCO PL 8 Aug 83, CANCELLATION OF ISSUES ON TRs. And the correct placement of the Pro TRs Course has been restored with the issuance of HCO PL 23 Jan 83, URGENT - IMPORTANT, AUDITOR TRAINING PREREQUISITE. Also the HCOB TRAINING DRILLS REMODERNIZED as last revised by LRH himself in 1978, has been reissued replacing and cancelling the altered version that Mayo had put out.


       It was discovered Mayo had authored a batch of squirrel issues in 1980 and 81 consisting of grossly twisted interpretations of the tech, very misleadingly labelled “Keeping Scientology Working” issues. These are described in the HCOB of 11 April 83, CANCELLATION OF DESTRUCTIVE ISSUES, by LRH, which cancelled the lot. (And, not surprisingly, there was a sharp rise in delivery stats internationally right after these issues were cancelled.)


       Instead of carrying out his post duties, Mayo spent a large part of his time working out various ways to communicate to staffs and public the idea that he was “Source” --- an idea that he had entertained for some time and still does to this day --- whether by getting his name in print, his face featured in promotional pieces or other means. Recently, for example, Mayo had such delusions of himself as being the “Source of tech” that he was negotiating with a dwindling squirrel group (Riverside, California) to sell them the rights to promote their tech as “Mayo tech” instead of “L. Ron Hubbard's tech”.

       He is dramatizing megalomanic (defined in the Tech Dictionary as “a person who has delusions of grandeur, wealth, power, etc.”).
Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary
 Copyright © 1978, 1983 by L. Ron Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

       He was trying to set himself up as someone whom others would look to for interpretation of Scientology tech materials, rather than working at getting actual Scientology tech applied by others exactly as written in Source materials.

“The apparency is somebody's pretence to know from me more than is on the tapes and in books and mimeos, or, brutally, somebody's alter-is of materials. This looks like a ‘hidden data line’. It surely isn't.” (LRH, from HCO PL 16 Apr 65, THE “HIDDEN DATA LINE”)
 Copyright © 1965, 1983 by L. Ron Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


       The above data has been made available to give some idea of what this person was up to. It is not by any means a full and complete account of all his destructive actions.

       There are other HCOBs and HCO PLs written during the past year that give further information on what Mayo did and the actions that have been taken to handle these messes. These include HCO PL 29 Sept 82, MISREPRESENTATION OF DIANETICS AND SCIENTOLOGY and the HCO PL of 12 Oct 82, CORRUPT ACTIVITIES.


       Mayo's hat when he was in the employ of the Church was to safeguard and ensure standard application of the tech, and to assist in compilations of LRH technical materials; NOT assume the hat of Source. His expressed intention was to “take over” the hat of the SOURCE of Scientology and Dianetics tech. Such a concept is so outrageous and ridiculous it defies comment.

       Beneath that was a purpose to block the flow of people moving up the Bridge and onto upper levels. The actions that he took to carry out this purpose were not accidental; they were deliberate.

       “Insanity” is defined in HCOB 28 Nov 70, C/S Series 22, PSYCHOSIS (Tech Volume X, page 72). Per this HCOB:


“Possibly the only frightening thing about it is the cleverness with which it can be hidden.”   (LRH)
 Copyright © 1970, 1983 by L. Ron Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


“Mayo is a very clever cat. Although he did not succeed in the long run in fooling me he could nevertheless put up a pretty good show. This means that he is a very clever fellow. He showed one face in one direction and quite another face in another direction.”   (LRH)

       Further on this same point:

“The out tech scene perpetrated by Mayo adds up to a very cunning attempt to block the flow of people up the Bridge. Some people have a horror of anyone getting more powerful than they and people with an unsavory past on the whole track, can become panic stricken. What we have here is a person who faced in one direction with all kinds of reassurances and false reports to cover up his tracks, while, in the other direction total planned destruction was going forward. This definitely raises the point with Mayo that his own grades are as false as a confederate three dollar bill. One is not likely to benefit from something he is seeking to destroy.”   (LRH)

       And insanity has nothing to do with competence or how smart one is:

“A true psychotic can be brilliant or stupid, competent or incompetent. It is his general motive or purpose that determines whether or not he is insane or sane.

“Famous psychotics like Napoleon, Ivan the Terrible, Stalin and Hitler were all quite brilliant yet wound up destroying everything in sight including their own people.

“They had a destructive basic purpose. Every psychotic has one. It is usually covert, hidden, but in full play against his unsuspecting friends.

“The sole difference in motive is whether it is destructive or constructive.” (LRH, from HCOB 9 May 77, Issue II, PSYCHOSIS, MORE ABOUT, Tech Volume XI, p. 313)
 Copyright © 1977, 1983 by L. Ron Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


       Suppressive Acts are those acts which are “calculated to impede or destroy Scientology or a Scientologist” and “actions or omissions undertaken to knowingly suppress, reduce or impede Scientology or Scientologists.”*

       The following are some of the Suppressive Acts committed by Mayo, listed here for your information.

       Falsely attributing or falsely representing oneself or others as Source of Scientology or Dianetics technology; or using any position gained with staff and/or public to falsely attribute non-Source material to Source or to falsely represent non-Source material as authorized Scientology or Dianetics technology.

(Spread lies that he had “invented” various Scientology processes which were in truth developed entirely and completely by Source, not by Mayo; wrote squirrel programs in pc folders [this was while he was holding a staff position] and sent these to certain orgs, telling the C/Ses at these orgs that the programs and rundowns were from Source, when they were not -- they were completely manufactured by Mayo by illegally taking bits of one rundown and bits of many other rundowns and mushing them together [results in restimulating different areas all at once without completing the handling of anything and can make a pc think that auditing doesn't work]; and many other incidents similar in nature to the above, intended to make others think that he was “so close to Source that he must be Source”, and gradually bring about circumstances which [he hoped] would culminate in his being able to “take over” this hat altogether and “rule” all of Scientology internationally via tech lines.)

Falsifying records.

“Blatantly false reported to a senior C/S concerning the processes that certain pcs were being run on; falsified worksheets in pc folders; placed fabricated case data reports inside of staff members’ pc folders in order to lend credence to out-tech programs that he'd written and put in their folders; made up communications from a senior that never existed and were not written by that person; falsely claimed and received bonuses for “handling public cases”, when in actual fact he misprogrammed them for processes of his own invention and/or an illegal mixture of pieces of different standard rundowns, and other tech personnel had to then repair each of these cases.)

Organizing a splinter group to use Scientology data or any part of it to distract people from standard Scientology.

(Promoted using Scientology tech when he has no permission whatsoever to use any of the trademarks or service marks of Scientology applied religious philosophy in the first place, and has already demonstrated that his intentions with regard to Scientology are destructive in that he seeks to use pieces of the tech to tangle up people's cases and confuse people as to the actual Source of Scientology tech, and puts out his own interpretations of the tech with the result of distracting people from Scientology; the group that he has helped to organize to deliver his version of the tech, sent out promotional type material to persons known to be on the communication lines of Scientology Churches and Missions, advertising other practices to distract them from Scientology.)

Organizing splinter groups to diverge from Scientology practices still calling it Scientology or calling it something else.

       (See above.)

Unauthorized use of the materials of Dianetics and Scientology.

       (See above.)

Testifying or giving data against Scientology falsely or in generalities or without personal knowledge of the matters to which one testifies.

(Spread falsehoods about Church of Scientology activities and personnel, including matters he actually does not have any personal knowledge of but is pretending to; gave out generalities against Scientology including falsely attributing the Source of Scientology technology to himself when in actual fact he is not the Source of any Scientology technology whatsoever. Such a claim is so absurd that it alone shows just how far south he really is.

Using Scientology (or perverted and alter-ised tech and calling it Scientology) harmfully so as to bring about disrepute to an org, group or Scientology itself.

(Ran a Qual Bureau which was found to be committing gross auditing errors and running squirrel procedures under his direct supervision, and when asked to correct the out tech, refused to do so; sanctioned [in writing] the squirrel procedures that Kingsley Wimbush had invented, which were admittedly an alteration of standard PTS handling tech, “authorizing” Wimbush's use of these squirrel processes in Scientology Missions when he [Mayo] had not in fact been granted any such power to “authorize new tech”; released two issues internationally which falsely labelled any use of Scientology Ethics technology as “inval” and “eval” and “not to be done on preclears”, and also claimed that this was based on Source materials when this is the reverse of what is stated in Source materials; directed a number of persons to be put onto an upper OT level whose cases were not yet prepared for a higher Grade or OT level as per standard tech; Mayo programmed and C/Sed his own folder . (unthinkable per standard tech) for a squirrel “rundown” that he bad made up -- and ordered an auditor, Julie Gillespie [now Julie Mayo], to “audit” on him -- consisting of making a list of the persons he most bated, assessing the list, nattering to the auditor about each person whose name read, and then arranging to have his pc folder sent to the persons on the list for them to see what was written in it, all for the admitted purpose of introverting these persons -- not to mention that the “rundown” Mayo devised is completely divorced from anything even remotely resembling standard tech.)

Acts calculated to misuse, invalidate or alter-is legally or in any other way the trademarks and service marks of Dianetics and Scientology.

(Deliberately mis-C/Sed the auditing of his wife, Merrill Mayo, on a squirrel mixture of Audited NOTs, HRD commands and highly invalidative processes that Mayo had invented --- all done over the top of a heavy pressing present time problem consisting of the “C/S” [Mayo] telling the pc between sessions that he planned to marry another staff member, Julie Gillespie --- with the commands of the “processes” that Mayo made up and C/Sed to be run on the pc [his wife, Merrill] designed to introvert the pc and convince the pc that she herself was the source of this “2nd dynamic problem” --- and all during this time period, which went on for months, Mayo saw to it that the pc never went to an Examiner after any session, and kept the pc's folder locked in a file cabinet to ensure that the other tech personnel around would never see the pc folder or discover what was actually going on.)

Sexual or sexually perverted conduct contrary to the well being or good state of mind of a Scientologist in good standing or under the charge of Scientology such as a student or a preclear.

(Violated the 2nd dynamic rules of the Church staff codes with Julie Gillespie, while married to Merrill Mayo.)

Issuing alter-ised Scientology technical data or information or instructional or admin procedures calling it Scientology or calling it something else to confuse or deceive people as to the true Source, beliefs and practices of Scientology.

(Issued verbal tech and squirrel instructions to auditors and broadly published a misdefinition on the State of Clear, causing tech personnel to think that this was Source data and send pcs who had not achieved the State of Clear to attest to Clear, thus jamming these persons’ progress up the Bridge; altered several TRs HCOBs so as to jam the progress of auditor trainees up the Bridge; authored and falsely signed a C/S Series HCOB [C/S Series 114, since cancelled] which was a covert alteration of Source material and was intended to confuse auditors and C/Ses so that they would follow Mayo's “discoveries” about ethics and neglect the Source material on the subject, thinking that they were following Source material.)

(Note:  There are many other crimes which Mayo committed, both while on staff in the Church and since his departure, which can be read about in FLAG CONDITIONS ORDER 7138 and in other issues; the above partial list was included here simply to give an idea of the type and magnitude of his destructive actions.)


       Mayo continued this charade all the way up until the moment he was confronted with the evidence and knew he was caught.

       Despite his crimes, extensive (and benevolent) efforts were made to afford Mayo an opportunity to come straight and correct his wrongs. In fact, Mayo was on an LRH C/Sed auditing program, which would have salvaged him as a being, but instead of doing it he chose to blow before it was completed; and now brags about the fact that he managed to avoid doing the process honestly, as if avoiding case gain is something anyone should brag about. Utterly bananas.

       “People leave because of their own overts and withholds. That is the factual fact and the hardbound rule, A man with a clean heart can't be hurt. The man or woman who must must must become a victim and depart is departing because of his or her own overts and withholds. It doesn't matter whether the person is departing from a town or a job or a session. The cause is the same.

       “Almost anyone, no matter his position, can remedy a situation no matter what's wrong if he or she really wants to. When the person no longer wants to remedy it his own overt acts and withholds against the others involved in the situation have lowered his own ability to be responsible for it. Therefore he or she does not remedy the situation. Departure is the only answer. To justify the departure the person blowing off dreams up things done to him, in an effort to minimize the overt by degrading those it was done to. The mechanics involved are quite simple.”* (LRH, HCOB 31 Dec AD9, BLOW OFFS)
 Copyright © 1959, 1983 by L. Ron Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

(Interestingly enough, this very HCOB is one of the LRH issues Mayo was trying to knock out of use.)

       Even after his blow, Mayo was again approached. However, he again refused any offer of mercy or assistance in straightening out his situation standardly.


       Mayo's current status, as per FLAG CONDITIONS ORDER 7138 of 2 March 83, is DECLARED SUPPRESSIVE PERSON and EXPELLED from the Church of Scientology.

       It has recently come to light that he has joined a group advertising other practices, teaming up under such persons as Valerie Weiss Stansfield (a failed auditor whose rip-off of Scientology tech has consisted of peddling a “Touch for Health” therapy in the Los Angeles area), Kingsley Wimbush (the person who attempted to re-write LRH PTS tech and call it “de-dinging”) and the “phoenix” squirrel group members (with their consultant, perennial loser Michael Flynn).


       Despite the Church's policy of always trying to “keep the door open a crack”, Mayo has in effect taken the door into his own hands and welded it shut, airtight. And now that he has accomplished that, he is trying to seal off any possible future case gain for others.

       The facts of the matter are:

(1)   Mayo actively worked to BLOCK people from progressing up the Bridge when he was on a post in the Church that had everything to do with helping people make it UP the Bridge.

(2)   He knows that there are many new OT levels above Solo NOTs which have been fully researched, and knows that he does NOT have any of the data on these nor has he ever seen them.

(3)   He knows very well that anyone involved in a squirrel group or psychiatric group or any anti-Scientology activity will never, ever be permitted to receive these services. He knows that when the Founder donated the trademarks of Scientology and Dianetics to the Religious Technology Center, RTC in turn promised to safeguard the tech against misuse and to make sure that, in accordance with long-standing policy, the upper levels are kept secure and out of the hands of anyone intending to use the materials to harm people or for some purpose other than spiritual gain, (As an aside:  Back when the Religious Technology Center was being formed Mayo tried desperately, on several occasions, to get himself posted in RTC --- he perceived it as a position of power from which he could wreak even more havoc on tech lines --- but his attempts to gain this posting were unsuccessful. He is now attacking RTC, as his squirrel practices are diametrically opposed to the aims and purposes of RTC which are simply to get LRH tech standardly applied.)

(4)   The actions of Mayo and the little group he has joined amount to not only an attempt to lure some people off the Bridge, but an attempt to deny that Bridge to them for eternity (because once they become involved with this squirrel practice they will thereafter be denied access to the upper levels). And he knows this too. And those few who might fall for his PR should be forewarned.


       David Mayo --- Just another bird dog in a long trail of such characters.

       They are simply suppressives, and as such they never manage to actually carry out their evil purposes FULLY as they cannot complete a cycle of action.

       Bird dogs come and go, but we still survive. And we not only survive, we grow stronger. We learn from such things as this. Despite the cleverness with which Mayo could lie, he was still found out.

       It is a testimony to LRH's refinement of the tech and the streamlining of the Bridge, with Scientologists becoming more aware and more perceptive in less time, that we're discovering bird dogs such as this faster now than ever before and handling fully and utterly exactly as per the LRH policies on suppressive persons.

       A suppressive cannot face up to the truth inherent in the tech nor our star-high purpose to free our fellow man.

       And, as LRH said about a very similar squirrel group in 1965, which is now defunct:

“They may bring temporary enturbulation to your area but beyond that have no other importance as such groups die easily and we make a habit of survival.”
Copyright (c) 1965, 1983 by L. Ron Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

  Cmdr Ray Mithoff
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