Excerpts from HCOB 10 Aug 73 “PTS HANDLING”:

     A PTS person can be markedly helped in three ways:

     a. Gaining an understanding of the tech of the condition

     b. Discovering to what or whom he is PTS

     c. Handling or disconnection.

     Someone with the wish or duty to find and handle PTSness has an additional prior step: He must know how to recognize a PTS and how to handle them when recognized.

     Let us consider the easiest level of approach:
Give the person the simpler HCOB's on the subject and let him study them so he knows the elements like “PTS” and “suppressive”. He may just cognite right there and be much better. It has happened.
Have him discuss the illness or accident or condition, without much prodding of probing, that he thinks now may be the result of suppression. he will usually tell you it is right here and now or was a short time ago and will be all set to explain it (without any relief) as stemming from his current environment or a recent one. If you let it go at that, he would simply be a bit unhappy and not get well as he is discussing usually a late lock that has a lot of earlier material below it.
Ask when he recalls first having that illness or having such accidents. He will at once begin to roll this back and realize that it has happened before. You don't have to be auditing him as he is all too willing to talk about this in a most informal manner. He will get back to some early this-lifetime point usually.
Now ask him who it was. he will usually tell you promptly. And, as you are not really auditing him and he isn't going backtrack and you are not trying to do more than key him out, you don't probe any further.
You will usually find that he has named a person to whom he is still connected! So you ask him whether he wants to handle or disconnect. Now, as the sparks will really fly in his life if he dramatically disconnects and if he can't see how he can, you persuade him to begin to handle on a gradient scale. This may consist of imposing some slight discipline on him, such as requiring him to actually answer his mail or write the person a pleasant good roads, good weather note or to realistically look at how he estranged them. In short, what is required in the handling is a low gradient. All you are trying to do is MOVE THE PTS PERSON FROM EFFECT OVER TO SLIGHT GENTLE CAUSE.
Check with the person again, if he is handling, and coach him along, always at a gentle good-roads-and-good-weather level and no HE&R (Human Emotion and Reaction), if you please.

     That is a simple handling. You can get complexities such as a person being PTS to an unknown person in his immediate vicinity that he may have to find before he can handle or disconnect. You can find people who can't remember more than a few years back. You can find anything you can find in a case. But simple handling ends when it looks pretty complex. And that's when you call in the auditor.

     But this simple handling will get you quite a few stars in your crown. You will be amazed to find that while some of them don't instantly recover, medication, vitamins, minerals will now work when before they wouldn't.

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