L. Ron Hubbard


LRH ED 102 INT                                                                                       20 May 1970

To:    All Staff

From:    Ron

Subject:    THE IDEAL ORG

Reference:    Current “Data Series” PLs

The ideal org would be an activity where people came to achieve freedom and where they had confidence they would attain it.
It would have enough space in which to train, process and administrate without crowding.
It would be located where the public could identify and find it.
It would be busy looking, with staff in motion not standing about.
It would be clean and attractive enough not to repel its public.
Its files and papers, baskets and lines would be in good order.
The Org Board would be up to date and where the public could see who and what was where and which the staff would use for routing and action.
A heavy outflow of letters and mailings would be pouring out.
Answers would be pouring in.
Auditors would be auditing in Div IV HGC and Qual would be rather empty.
Supervisors would be training students interestedly and 2 way comming all slows.
The HCO Area Sec would have hats for everyone. And checked out on everyone.
There would be a pool of people in training to take over new Admin and Tech posts.
The staff would be well paid because they were productive.
The Public Divisions would be buzzing with effective action and new people and furnishing a torrent of new names to CF.
The pcs would be getting full grades to ability attained for each, not 8 minutes from 0 to IV, but more like 30 processes. And they would be leaving with high praises
The students would be graduating all on fire to audit.
One could look at this ideal org and know that this was the place a new civilization was being established for this planet.
The thousand or more actions that made it up would dovetail smoothly one with another.
And the PR Area Control would be such that no one would dream of threatening it.
Such an ideal org would be built by taking what one has and step by step building and smoothing, grooving in and handling each of its functions, with each of its divisions doing more and more of its full job better and better.
The business is always there - the skill with which it is handled and the results on pcs and students is the single important line which makes it possible to build the rest.
The ideal org is the image one builds toward. It is the product of the causative actions of many. Anything which is short of an ideal org is an out-point that can be put right. The end product is not just an ideal org but a new civilization already on its way.



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