LRH with The Apollo Stars        Front: Neil Sarfati, L. RON HUBBARD, Tamia Arbuckle, Craig Ferreira, Kenny Campleman      Back: Russ Meadows, Luten Taylor, Tom Rodriguez, Charlie Rush, Wayne Marple.


Over the past six months, L. Ron Hubbard has researched and experimented and made unprecedented breakthroughs in Music and Dance. This year, in addition to his research and management actions, LRH collected traditional and contemporary music from countries all over the planet, analysed it, and created a magic formula of nine points which is the basis of LRH's New Sound in Music. Then to give movement to the sound, LRH developed the New Motions in Dance and formed a troupe of dancers to perform it.
     In December of last year, Ron assembled a group of musicians from the Flagship crew to represent the Flagship in a local concert. From that point they progressed. Rob personally “CSed” the tapes of their music, giving his expert direction in the application of the magical nine points of the powerful formula of the New Sound.
     Within weeks, under Ron's guidance and with the Power of Source in the nine points of the New Sound, the group became celebrities of the country and performed in parks, theatres and parades. Then Ron named them the Apollo Stars. In specially designed suits, studded with golden stars, they responded to demands for more performances.
     In March, Ron formed a group of dancers to accompany the Apollo Stars and give visual motion to the fantastic New Sound. Ron personally trained them and taught them the movements of the New Motions in Dance. His totally new concept in dance invites and demands audience participation. The Apollo Star Dancers teamed-up with the Apollo Stars and performed their numbers as programmed by Ron. They created an incredible impact on audiences and their sound and motion commanded instantaneous audience participation.
     Recently at a performance of the Apollo Troupe (troupe = a band or company of actors, dancers, musicians or the like) the audience climbed out of their seats, formed hand-in-hand chains which wove up the aisles, raced through the balconies, ran into and out of the theatre, dancing and making circles with the Apollo Star Dancers. Others threw flowers and stormed the stage to get close to the performers. About 100 Apollo crew members formed a chain in front of the stage to keep the crowds for mobbing the band.
     The Apollo Troupe created another powerful effect recently at a parade. The Apollo floats with the Stars and Star Dancers and the Troubadors (another group created by Ron) stole the show with Ron's New Sound and Motion and had the spectators flooding the street, dancing and cheering amidst streamers, confetti and flowers.
     As the Troupe excited whole countries, LRH worked even more closely with them perfecting the New Sound and the New Motions in Dance. Out on the open air decks of the Apollo he worked with them and with a tremendous speed of particle flow he created an entire new repertoire of 12 songs in one night.
     To further the reach of the New Sound, Ron personally recorded the Stars and the Sound of 1974. Using equipment specially ordered by him, Ron precisely controlled the recording. The result was a perfect duplication of the live sound of the Stars which astounded local professionals as well as those in the United States where the record album is being produced.
     The renown of the Apollo Troupe and the Power of Source is spreading fast. One week after the arrival of the ship in a new country, the Troupe hit the Press, had hours of radio coverage, and was featured in cinema shorts played in theatres across the country. Within days they were doing command performances and were well established as celebrities.
     “It's fantastic working so close to Source and watching him apply all his tech to the field of Music,” said Stars I/C Neil Sarfati. “We owe our total success to Ron. It is the exact duplication of his tech that has made us famous and is making us more so every day.”
     And the Apollo Stars with the Star Dancers are fast becoming internationally famous. Watch for their new record album “Power of Source” created and directed by L. Ron Hubbard, now being released.

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