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     The whereabouts of L. Ron Hubbard chronology (3)  or
     A closer look at 1972, 1977 & 1982

(L. Ron Hubbard or not? (1975-79): Flag Land Base, Music & Cine, 1978 Tech & NED, E-meter reads, List One Project, Rock Slam, ...)
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The whereabouts of L. Ron Hubbard chronology  (page 3)

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Back to Main Index Why ‘Flag Land Base’?  or  The move ashore  (Sept 73-Nov 75)

In February 1966 L. Ron Hubbard had gone for a trip. He relates about this on a lecture he gave on 19 July 1966 (SHSBC #69, renumbered 1991 #432 “About Rhodesia”). Thus far all had been going well, the first Clear had just been confirmed, the various Scientology organizations were running fine. “I didn't have a very well conceived plan about it, but actually what I wanted to do was to find and found and locate an alternate base or OT base.”  LRH.  In regards to this things did not work out all that profitable in this Rhodesia trip (see the lecture for details).

We see then the following year that the Sea Organization (Sea Org) was founded on 12 August 1967. This event was announced to all staff and students of Scientology organizations with the release of Ron's Journal 67 (recorded 20 Sept 67). It tells about the Sea Org and that its personnel are OTs. “Its mission is to bring Clears through the upper levels safely and certainly and with speed, and it also has the mission of getting in ethics on earth. It would be quite impossible to bring in a totality of Scientology technology without first bringing in ethics.”  LRH.  This was also the outcome of his trip in Rhodesia in the previous year.
In this briefing he further relates about struggles with OT III. Then he says: “I formed the Sea Organization of OTs in order to have an area where a Scientologist could come, who could safely then walk through this last wall of fire.”  LRH.  So this was the purpose of that ship, to provide for this safe environment. Where no agency could observe his work from the neighbourhood, where no government could send any police or such. On 27 December 1967 then the first Advanced Organization offering these advanced levels was established aboard the vessel the Royal Scotman (later rechristened Apollo).

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“Ron present during the transfer from ship to shore” (late 1975)  ‘Source 29’, [ca Oct 80])

After having been at sea on the Flag ship Apollo since 1967, preparations for a move ashore may have been ongoing since the establishment of the Flag Service Org in September 1973. The place that was finally picked was Clearwater, Fl. The exact location was the Fort Harrison Hotel which building was purchased. It is explained as follows:
“The Fort Harrison Hotel was chosen after over a dozen other sites in other parts of the US and Florida were considered due to its facilities, its size, its location near an International Airport, and its good year round weather.”  (from ‘USB ED 23-1RA’, 8 Mar 76 “The Fort Harrison Hotel”).
An interesting question to ask though is why Flag, which thus far has had its base at sea, decided to find a location on land! After all out there at sea (1) you are reasonably safe, (2) you are international, and before all (3) you are mobile. In fact at the release of OT III in 1967 it was found necessary to create that safe place. L. Ron Hubbard decided that at sea it should be for the earlier mentioned reasons. Was it then found that the danger was over may be? Was it considered not necessary anymore to be at sea to proceed onto OT III? Either way we receive no explanation for this anywhere. It should not have been safe as we find that the organization was otherwise still pretty much under attack. A book written by Omar V. Garrison: ‘The Hidden Story of Scientology’, first published in January 1974, and reprinted in May of that year, does relate about various circumstances that actually confirms this. So, why then go ashore? The only reason given for the move was the following:

My plans are to bring you
     a new environment
     where you can experience
     newfound stability
     of case state
     and increased OT abilities,
     something I have wanted you
     to have for a long time.
     The best on the planet is
     waiting for you at the new
                             L. Ron Hubbard.

  (from ‘Source, a monthly publication of the Flag Base’ (first unnumbered issue), [ca Nov 75])  

This first issue of the new periodical ‘Source’ provides for a brief introduction of ‘The New Flag Land Base’, to consult click here (pop-up window).

‘Source 29’, [ca Oct 80] tells us in an article entitled “A Short History of Flag”: “The Flag Service Org of today was actually formed on the Flagship Apollo in September 1973.”. Which makes for a rather interesting time coincidence as it is the very month that L. Ron Hubbard had been out of reach from anybody during a period to 9½ months. In below link the full article can be consulted:  (pop-up window)
    ‘Source 29’, [ca Oct 80] “A Short History of Flag”

It is also interesting to note here that as it appears there was a situation with this Flag Base thing already at the time. ‘USB ED 23-1RA’, 8 Mar 76 “The Fort Harrison Hotel” was issued for reason to clarify some matters: “Due to the inordinate amount of speculation and rumors over the past 3 months, the following information is issued to clarify for all the actual scene.”. It then goes into fair detail about various matters on 3 pages, the purpose of the Fort Harrison Hotel and so on.
Then on the last page a notice was givien in regards to the location of the person L. Ron Hubbard, it says: “There have been questions from members of the press and public as to the whereabouts of LRH. If you are approached, simply tell the truth, which is ‘I don't know’.”. Questions apparently had arisen in regards to this, which is rather interesting. Then, why was L. Ron Hubbard not in open view? Where was he? Not on the Flag Land Base as it appears.
It is reported: “LRH, meanwhile, had not moved into the Flag Land Base, because of this attack scene going on down there at the time from the local Clearwater Mafia. He lived nearby, in a small town nearby, and then he moved to California with a small staff in 1976. Whereupon, he started writing the movies, the films, the tech films, and so on like that.” (source: Debrief Capt. Bill Robertson, dated May 82).

So, can we still conclude it was actually safe to go in land?

Ironically later in 1988 with the release of New OT VIII it was found necessary to be at sea once more. For that purpose (underlining is mine) “A ship has been purchased in order to safely deliver New OT VIII upon its release. ... She has been named: FREEWINDS.”  (from ‘International Scientology News 10’, [early 87]). We see thus that it says “safely”. It would appear it was in land still not safe for everything then, but safe enough thus for OT III. (more info here, separate window)

Go back ‘Playing Dirty’

Omar V. Garrison offers a different option for going inland in his book “Playing Dirty” (1980). He relates in its 4th chapter entitled “The ‘Mystery Ship’ Apollo” that since about 1969 rumours went around about supposed suspicious happenings that were occurring on the ship. One of them being related to drugs, another it being a CIA “spy ship” of some sort. The outcome of what he tells may indicate that various US government officials (Justice Department, Customs Services, etc.) purposely may have spread rumours, false reports and acted in such a way to get the ship banned from all the ports in the Caribbean. All this finally resulting in:
“There was nowhere left to go, except home. So the ship which had never delivered a cargo to any port more dangerous than music, fun and scores of young people with cameras and money, set sail once more for the Bahamas, and thence to Clearwater, Florida where crew and shipmates went ashore to establish a land base for their Scientology movement.
In all the long and tragic history of the sea, it is unlikely that any ship or group of seafarers were ever banned from so many lands in so short a space of time.”
(last 2 paragraphs in chapter 4 of Omar V. Garrison's book “Playing Dirty” (1980)) (full chapter can be consulted here, pop-up window)

But, if the US government, the CIA, or whomever, made such efforts to get the vessel Apollo banned and unwelcome in the various ports. Then, could that have been a planned operation? As it is easier to infiltrate and get control while on land in the own domain than some being out there at sea. After all L. Ron Hubbard himself had gone to sea for a particular reason.

In essence this is actually contrary the reason proposed in ‘The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology: Volume X, 1972-1976’ (1991 release) where it says:
1975  By June of 1975, the many activities aboard the Apollo had outgrown available space. So without missing a beat in their work to clear the planet, the Flagship crew moved their operations ashore to Florida, USA, where they established the Flag land Base.”
And as late as 2007:
“Word of the famous L Rundowns lead to the worldwide demand for Flag services and this expansion precipitated the move to a land base in 1975.”
(from Flag Land Base promo for L Rundowns, 2007).

Go back A ‘sea captain’ turning to ‘musician’?

An additional plausible reason for going into land actually has been proposed. This reason would presuppose that it was not L. Ron Hubbard that had returned in September 1973. You see, L. Ron Hubbard was a sea captain, he could run a ship at sea. It is then possible that this other person was not, and being a captain at sea can not be learned in a short time. It is proposed that staying at sea was only possible by hiring another captain, and that alone would have made the absense of the real L. Ron Hubbard quite obvious indeed! In particular if the ship would have been in heavy waters and this other person would only have become sick or other, instead of simply taking control over the ship.
We may have it confirmed that in fact this person that came back would have been a musician, or a singer. Starting from September 1973 this person assembled a musical group called Apollo Stars. In the liner notes of the record release it makes then mention of “his early days as a professional singer”. This record release was followed by various more musical releases. Be it noted that prior to 1973 there has never been any mention what so ever about L. Ron Hubbard being a singer or musician, there is simply no record of any such. Now, what about if a singer or musician would be a sea captain as well? Obiously this would not be so very probable. (more about the Apollo Stars in following chapter “Into artistry: Music (since 1973-74) and Cine (since 1976-78), and onward”, see section “Music: ‘The Apollo Stars’ (Sept 73 - 2nd half 74)”)

Back to Main Index Into artistry: Music (since 1973-74) and Cine (since 1976-78), and onward

L. Ron Hubbard had disappeared in early December 1972. The L. Ron Hubbard that returned 9½ months later in mid-September 1973 showed obvious signs of artistry. The focus was first set on music, and later on also filming. We see that much fewer HCOBs were being released since that time. The lecturing also was pretty much halted. The few lectures that were given during 1973-75 were never released to the public. During 1973-77 we see also few technical achievements being released. Various of the releases were nonetheless announced as ‘The Technical Breakthrough of the Year’ so and so. It was however more public relation than that they carried any particular significance or importance.

Go back Music: ‘The Apollo Stars’ (Sept 73 - 2nd half 74)

The earliest mention about these Apollo Stars I found in an article published in The Auditor. It notes: “Over the past six months, L. Ron Hubbard has researched and experimented and made unprecedented breakthroughs in Music and Dance.”. This issue of The Auditor can be dated to Feb-Mar ’74, so this places us at about September 1973 when it all had commenced. Then some 3 months later, as The Auditor article tells us, “In December of last year, Ron assembled a group of musicians from the Flagship crew to represent the Flagship in a local concert. From that point they progressed.”.
This article can be consulted in full here below:  (pop-up window)
    ‘The Auditor 102 (UK Edition)’, [ca Feb-Mar 74], article “LRH Makes Sound Breakthrough”
 (also published in ‘The Auditor 97 (Denmark Edition)’, [ca Feb-Mar 74])

“In 1973 L. Ron Hubbard developed an incredible new sound in music.
  Aboard the famous ship Apollo he organized THE APOLLO TROUPE, a group of musicians. The   major section of this group was and is THE APOLLO STARS.
  Radio, TV and stage people have uniformly decreed that the Apollo Stars ARE a new and exciting sound in music. It is often repeated that the STARS are playing the music of the future.
  Thunderously welcomed wherever they have appeared in the world, the Stars have received a multitude of standing ovations, awards, plaques, and keys to cities.
  L. Ron Hubbard has continued to work with them closely.
  The Stars are all professional musicians, many having played with big name bands and each is or is becoming a big name himself.
  L. Ron Hubbard is an acknowledged professional in many fields.
  His movie experience and his early days as a professional singer come again publicly to light in the brilliant presentation of the STARS.”
          (from liner notes on record ‘The Apollo Stars’: “Power of Source”, © L. Ron Hubbard: 1974)

The vinyl record listed the songs:
   Recordcover: The Apollo Stars (1974)
    “SIDE 1
The Power of Source  (Arbuckle-Ferreira)
Summertime  (George Gershwin)
    SIDE 2
We're Moving In  (Hubbard-Ferreira)
Johnny Comes Marching Home  (Folksong)
My Dear Portugal (Meu Querido Portugal)
Only 2 songs note collaboration of L. Ron Hubbard.

It featured the groupmembers:  (each appear on the back cover with a little photograph)
    “Neil Sarfati
  Wayne Marple
  Luten Taylor
  Charlie Rush
  Bill Potter
Bass Trombone
Kenny Campleman
Tom Rodriguez
Craig Ferreira
Tamia Arbuckle
Russ Meadows
Lead Guitar
Bass Guitar/Guitar
Flute/Bass Guitar”
If further listed:
    “Guest artist:   Congos
  Guest singer:
Tony Strawn
Laurie Douglas”
And there was also:
    “LRH Audio-Visio Assistant: Dan Auerbach”

Advertisement notices for this vinyl record appear in the various Scientology magazines at its earliest during April 1974.

The record stated that it was produced by L. Ron Hubbard. The liner notes said: “In 1973 L. Ron Hubbard developed an incredible new sound in music.”. Although only 2 songs (of the 5 in total) listed his actual involvement, and even here it was still shared with other members of the group. The question is therefore in what extent and what capacity did he develop any new sound?
Minding that these liner notes further noted: “The Stars are all professional musicians, many having played with big name bands and each is or is becoming a big name himself.”. These actual musicians as it appears thus have had their share of previous achievements in the musical field. Where it concerns L. Ron Hubbard, we have no information that he would ever have been involved in ‘some big name band’ or any previous achievements, or having earned a “big name himself” in the musical field. Altough these liner notes make a claim in regards to L. Ron Hubbard and “his early days as a professional singer”, which until I read these liner notes was utterly unbeknownst to me! But then, he is not even listed as actually singing on the record release, and not playing any instrument either. It is also a mystery to me how “his movie experience” had any relevance with to “come again publicly to light in the brilliant presentation of the STARS.”?
These liner notes can be perceived as being rather odd. They just do not make very much sense. The claims made are isolated claims and can not get substantiated by fact. Now, are these then may be the usual promotional propaganda as many musical releases carry along with them? Well, how else are we take them? Mind however that this was a private release, it was not some record company releasing this. For this reason the text provided on it should not have been subjected to telling stories. Propaganda stunts are primarily pulled to persuade some public to buy a product.

The entry found in ‘What Is Scientology?’ (1992 edition), see chapter 42: “Complete List of Books and Materials” reads at “1974”: “In February, Mr. Hubbard formed a music and dance troupe aboard the Apollo to provide entertainment and goodwill at the ship's Spanish and Portuguese ports of call. He personally instructed the musicians and dancers in artistic presentation, music, composition, sound, arranging and recording. Much of the technology he taught them is now found in the HCO Bulletins of the Art Series, contained in the Technical Bulletins volumes.”.
So, then let us list these Art Series:
  Art Series 1 “Art” is from 1965
  Art Series 2 “Art, More About” is from July 1973
  Art Series 3 “Stage Manners” & Art Series 4 “Rhythm” are from April 1974
  Art Series 5-17 are of a much later date (1977-89)
The only one's of these HCOBs actually falling in the correct time frame are then Art Series 3 & 4! Not so much “technology” is revealed in these, they count only few pages.
There appear however also to exist 9 lectures that L. Ron Hubbard gave to the Apollo Stars in 1974 concerning various artistic matters, consult list here (pop-up window). The tapes however remain unavailable to the public till this day. They are listed in ‘What Is Scientology?’ (1978 edition), then the 1992 edition of the same for some reason has stricken them from the records.
Either way the claim that L. Ron Hubbard would have instructed these musicians strikes as rather odd and presumptuous. After all, they were professional musicians that had “played with big name bands” and here we have then L. Ron Hubbard instructing them how to go about music and related? L. Ron Hubbard that as far as I know and that what is recorded had no previous proven skills in the area of music! It is a fair question to ask, what did he learn from these musicians which ended up in these HCOBs as opposed to that “He personally instructed the musicians and dancers”!
Are we may be to assume that these instructions have been extracted from these 9 lectures and were published in these Art Series 5-17 issued from 1977 to 1989?

I do have a copy of this record so I have been able to listen to it. It could be described as progressive jazz-rock. It is fairly loud and very busy music. Is it a new sound of music? Fairly new, yes. But other progressive music bands at the time had been experimenting with this kind of fusion already during the late ’60s. You can also hear that these are professional musicians that are playing the instruments.
The sound of ‘The Apollo Stars’ however was not for everyone. Nonetheless it is claimed on an order form inserted in ‘Advance! 23’, Apr-May 74 that this is “Music which reaches all generations, to carry its audience to exhilaration and far beyond into the sheer joy of life itself!” and “No sound so vital, so uplifting, communicative and rhythmic has ever been created before.” and “POWER OF SOURCE is, as acclaimed, the sound of the future, the sound the world has been awaiting. Its revitalization”.
Above quotations are also found in ‘Advance! 24’, [ca Jul-Aug 74], see page 3. It added there: “No sound so vital, so uplifting, communicative and rhythmic has ever been created before.”. I wonder who actually decided upon to publish and print this exaggerated promo. Since I have heard a variety of Scientology old-timers expressing that they found it awful. As said earlier, it was really not for everone's taste.

Of course it is more than just noteworthy that this record has not been promoted nor offered for sale in the Church of Scientology since its initial release in 1974 up to 1979. Naturally the question here to ask would be why not? So, where is the digital cd release?
Interesting in this regard is that liner notes of ‘The Road to Freedom’ (1986) mentioning it being a third musical release. It reads: “Mr. Hubbard already has two music albums to his credit as composer and lyricist.”. These 2 earlier releases are however not mentioned by name in these liner notes. They must however be this ‘Power of Source’ record and the later released ‘Space Jazz’ (1982).

I am uncertain about exactly when the group ‘The Apollo Stars’ may have disbanded. Although I have been unable to find recorded performances of the group after 1974. The vinyl record however was still listed in ‘Scientology Publications Organization, International Catalogue No 4 (Autumn 1979)’ (see page 49), but what does that mean? Today this release is fairly rare, but you can find it. Is there anyone out there that has details about the actual fate of these Apollo Stars? Then please contact me!

Since the ’90s or so ‘The Apollo Stars’ have been replaced with another musical group calling themselves ‘The Jive Aces’. The kind of music that they play is jazzy, but not progressive. It has a softer and much less busy sound and is likely aiming at a more popular music sound, and therefore a much broader general acceptance.

And me? Well, I could actually appreciate the sound of these Apollo Stars, but I fear that these Jive Aces are just not my cup of tea!

Go back Music (1976-89): ‘Ron's Journal 28’, ‘Space Jazz’, ‘The Road to Freedom’, ‘Mission Earth’

‘Ron's Journal 28’ (1976)

This was a tape recorded message for each individual Church of Scientology for December 1976. It is 17½ minutes long. The music comes in during the first 4 minutes. Its musical arrangement and performance was done by some other person but was using L. Ron Hubbard's synthesizer. For a while I have thought that it was an arrangement and played by L. Ron Hubbard, and some other still may think it is. Well, it is not! Which is clarified by its introduction notices at the beginning of the tape. The problem is that these intro notices are at a very low volume compared to the rest of the tape, so you don't hear this very clearly. The musical arrangement sounds like someone playing around a bit with a synthesizer. I would judge it rather amateurish. I am not sure if this was on sale for the public, but it may have been at some point. Either way this is definitely very hard to acquire a copy of. The various older Scientology organizations however appear to have it, and may still play it in the org for public if the occasion is suitable.

‘Space Jazz’ (1982)

This was the next music related release which was meant to be a soundtrack created from a book. The book being the in the same year released ‘Battlefield Earth’. The involvement of L. Ron Hubbard was quite clearly stated as: “L. Ron Hubbard is the originator of Space Jazz and the composer and lyricist for the album.”.
Liner notes say amongst other: “SPACE JAZZ is a completely new musical sound destined to be hailed as the music of the future. ... Now the sound of the future has been established by L. Ron Hubbard, author of the blockbuster science fiction novel Battlefield Earth.”. Remember that the liner notes for ‘The Apollo Stars’ release also related to it being music for the future.
This record was modestly promoted at the time. Slogans were used like are also found on the liner notes of the record: “Read the Book! Hear the Music! A New Experience Awaits You!”. The usual phrases that end up in the promotion machinery. The music however wasn't for everybody's taste. It carried unusual experimental sounds and compositions.

‘The Road to Freedom’ (1986)

Released on 13 March 1986 at L. Ron Hubbard's birthday event. This was the third musical release attributed to L. Ron Hubbard. This time it was all-round for the popular taste. Liner notes say: “This album is L. Ron Hubbard's musical statement of what Scientology is really about!”. Each of the 10 songs listed on this record claim: “Music and lyrics by L. Ron Hubbard.”. The last song ‘Thank You for Listening’ uses the voice of L. Ron Hubbard. The voice is not singing, but rather just speaking (sound snippets here below). This release was heavily promoted. The title song became the way-maker.
sound  Singing sequence 1 (0:41) 
sound  Singing sequence 2 (0:23) 
This is copyrighted by BPI Records, for this reason I only extracted the 2 singing sequences from this song that carry the voice of L. Ron Hubbard. As a matter of fact, as far as I know, these are the only existing and/or ever released pieces of singing attributed to L. Ron Hubbard.

Only one person was involved in every of these 3 musical releases (1974, 82 & 86), and this was Charlie Rush that played percussions and drums.

‘Mission Earth’ (1989)

The liner notes on the previous musical release ‘The Road to Freedom’ (1986) made mention that “A fourth album has been recorded and is scheduled for release later this year.”. I am fairly sure that this may have turned to be the ‘Mission Earth’ released in 1989, 3 years later. I am not aware of another musical release in this time span.
The liner notes of this release say: “Masterly performed by Edgar Winter, the songs on this album were written by L. Ron Hubbard, based on his ten volume, all-time best selling science fiction series, MISSION EARTH.”.

Go back Film: ‘The Secret of Flag Results’ (Dec 77) & ‘The Case He Couldn't Crack’ (autumn 78)

Prior to 1977 L. Ron Hubbard it would appear he had been involved in writing some screenplays. This was primarily during the ’30s. Of the total of 10 of such plays that he wrote 4 of these made it into film:
   1937: The Secret of Treasure Island
    The Adventures of the Mysterious Pilot
    The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickock
    The Spider Returns
Each of these were so-called cliffhanger serials of each 15 episodes of about 12-15 minutes. They were characterized by sustained suspense. Each episode ended with some life threatening scene which then would be disclosed in the next episode. All this to arouse interest from the public to return the following week to the cinema to see its conclusion. Such serials were popular and quite common during especially the ’30s and ’40s.
It is to be understood that all that L. Ron Hubbard did for these was writing the story or the screenplay. He was not in any way involved in its production or directing. The year 1977 marks a difference in this.


The Secret of Flag Results is the first!
  And more films are on the way! Source magazine has learned from informed sources that Uni-Media Productions has a new film in production, based on a brilliant screenplay by Ron, entitled The Case He Couldn't Crack. This new film will be feature length, approximately twice the length of Secret.
  There are also introductory films, instructional films and much more in the plans.
  Yes, we really are in the movie business!”
(from ‘Source 14’, Feb/Mar 78)

The website of the Church of Scientology used to have at location (at least until Aug 2007) an “Important Dates in Scientology” page that listed the following:
Date: Corporation:
Spring 1976       L. Ron Hubbard established Universal Media Productions in Clearwater, Florida, to produce Scientology films.
Fall 1977  Universal Media Productions was reorganized as Source Productions in La Quinta, California, to produce Scientology technical instructional Films.

And in ‘What Is Scientology?’ (1992 edition) it says on page 507: “Approximately one hundred miles east of Los Angeles, at the desert community of La Quinta, Mr. Hubbard established a Scientology training film studio (Source Productions) in 1977. Under his personal direction, in an 8-month period, Source Productions produced a public Scientology information film and 7 technical instruction films to preserve the standard training and application of Scientology long into the future.”.

1977-78 saw the release of 2 motion pictures. The story and screenplay for the both of these were claimed by L. Ron Hubbard.

 Film:  Produced:  Shooting time:  Released:   Runtime:
 “The Secret of Flag Results”  May-Oct 77  8 weeks  9 December 1977  45 min.
 “The Case He Couldn't Crack”     12 weeks  autumn 1978  90 min.

Per the book ‘What Is Scientology?’ (1992 edition) this 1st film “The Secret of Flag Results” had been released on 9 Dec 1977. The various Scientology magazines however make no notice of it earlier than February 1978, at which time it introduced its second viewing. All who had not seen it previously were urged to go and now see it. At this time we find various notices and reviews (see magazines Source, The Auditor and Advance).
    ‘Source 14’, Feb/Mar 78 “Behind the Scenes with ‘The Secret of Flag Results’”
Movie poster "The Secret of Flag Results"

The various Scientology magazines months in advance did announce that this 2nd film would be released in autumn 1978. However the magazines fail to report anything about its actual release or to give any reviews about how it had been received by the public. We did find a notice about the 1st film in ‘What Is Scientology?’ (1992 edition), chapter 42: “Complete List of Books and Materials”, it fails however to make any notice of this 2nd film. I am not sure why its mention is omitted? I do however have its actual release confirmed at set time (late 1978) this from various Scientology old-timers who viewed it back then.

The film “The Secret of Flag Results” has been abolished since. I have it reported that missions were send out (around 1982-83) to ensure that its showing was withdrawn and that the film cassettes got returned and destroyed. Reason for this evidently is that David Mayo is starring as the C/S, and he has since been expelled by the Church of Scientology (details here, separate window).

The film “The Case He Couldn't Crack” was still shown at Flag during the late ’80s at some event at the Fort Harrison Hotel in its auditorium at which time I got the opportunity to view it. At the time I did not know what I was watching or its early history. I was just there and I happen to see it. Announcement notices from 1978 ensured the public that it was a “gripping motion picture adventure” that should not be missed. I recall after having viewed it that I judged it amateurish done, and that it had a very unrealistic (unconvincing) and rather silly plot. I had no preconceived ideas of any kind about this film, therefore how I perceived it is interesting. I probably should see it again some time though. The film by my knowledge has not been promoted or shown since. Although older Scientology organizations may still have the cassettes for this 2nd film, and may(?) even show it if requested.

Be it noted here that both the above films were available for purchase in the Scientology organizations and are accordingly listed still in “International Catologue No 5; Books and materials by bestselling author L. Ron Hubbard” issued by the Church of Scientology in “Autumn 1983”. But both had been removed from listing since “International Catalogue No 6”, issued in 1986. A bit strange that the former cataloque issued “Autumn 1983”, still listed “The Secret of Flag Results” as David Mayo had been expelled months before that through ‘Flag Conditions Order 7138’, 2 Mar 83 “Writ of Expulsion and Suppressive Person Declare David Mayo”. Anyhow be assured though that at least this film will not have been available for sale in spite of its listing!
Generally these International Catalogues were only for use by the book registrars employed in the organization and commonly did not end up in the hands of the Scientology public.

Does anyone have copies of these films, then please contact me!

Go back Film (1978-90): Technical training and dissemination films

The book ‘What Is Scientology?’ (1992 edition), chapter 42: “Complete List of Books and Materials” makes notice on page 769 for “1978”: “To give technical training a terrific boost in speed and accuracy, in 1978 LRH wrote scripts for three new technical training films and personally directed six such films. He also directed three new dissemination films to introduce people to Scientology and the Bridge to Total Freedom.”.
In the same book in chapter 35: “L. Ron Hubbard, A Chronicle” it says on page 634 for “1976-79”: “Ron moves to a southern California desert ranch in La Quinta and establishes, trains and supervises a film production unit. Over the following three years he writes not only a feature-length screenplay, Revolt in the Stars, but also the scripts for 33 Scientology instructional films.
  During this same three-year period he also shoots, directs and promotes 7 films which are used in training Scientology counselors.”.

The periodical ‘Advance! 65’, [Jul-Aug 80] notes on page 13: “Soon to be released!  THE PROBLEMS OF LIFE  A spectacular original screenplay written, directed and photographed by L. Ron Hubbard”.

‘The Auditor 171 (US Edition)’, 1st half 81 notes: ‘LRH Tech Films Premiere at ASHO’ involving:
    “‘How the E-Meter works’
  ‘Recognition and Identification of E-Meter Reads’ (starring Senior C/S International, David Mayo)
  ‘The Cycle of Communication’
  ‘Use a Doll in Auditing and TRs’
  ‘False TA’
  ‘The Auditor's Code’
  ‘PC Indicators’
  ‘PC Indicators Drill Film’”
‘The Auditor 173 (US Edition)’, [ca Jan 82] notes: “FLASH! The latest LRH Tech Film to be released—‘START, CHANGE, STOP’—has arrived and is being shown now at ASHO!”

Further notices in ‘What Is Scientology?’ (1992 edition), chapter 42 note (see pages 774-80):
  Tech films:  
1983:  The Professional TR Course  (directed and narrated by L. Ron Hubbard)
1985: The Tone Scale and the The Tone Scale Drill Film (narrated by L. Ron Hubbard)
  E-Meter Reads Drill Film (produced by Golden Era Productions)
1986: What Happened to These Civilizations? (released on 9 May ’86)
1987: The Story of Book One (released by Golden Era Productions, 9 May ’87)
1988: Dianetics: Evolution of a Science no notices
  The History of the E-Meter (produced by Golden Era Productions)
  Man, the Unfathomable (narrated by L. Ron Hubbard,
  music composed by L. Ron Hubbard)
  The Married Couple (produced by Golden Era Productions)
1989: Assists (produced by Golden Era Productions)
  TRs in Life (written and narrated by L. Ron Hubbard,
  produced by Golden Era Productions)
1990: Dianetics: The Dynamics of Life (produced by Golden Era Productions)
  Upper Indoc TRs (released by Golden Era Productions)

One additional one that is not noted in the previous I found listed in the brochure ‘The Bridge 1991’ which is: “The Solo Auditor”.

This brochure ‘The Bridge 1991’ also lists a variety of Music Soundtracks from LRH Films that had been made available on cassette. There are:
   “The Professional TR Course Music Evolution of a Science Music
    Man the Unfathomable Music The Cycle of Communication Music
    The Married Couple Music How the E-Meter Works Music
    The History of the E-Meter Music TRs in Life Music
    The Auditor's Code Music The Dynamics of Life Music”
    The Story of Book One Music  

Entries from this same time period are found in ‘The Fiction of L. Ron Hubbard’ (1994) by William J. Widder on pages 216-17:
  “Plays and Screenplays”  
1977: Revolt in the Stars Full-length science fiction screenplay written in 1977. Unpublished. (note: page 32 of the Widder bibliography dates this to 1976)
1979: Unnamed movie plot Synopsis of a mystery-detective movie written in June 1979.
1981: Ai! Pedrito! Full-length comedy screenplay written in 1981. Unpublished.
  A Very Strange Trip Full-length time-travel comedy screenplay written in 1981. Unpublished.

Back to Main Index Pricings for services are being interfered with  (Sept 76-late 84)

The costs for services during this 9-year period basically skyrocketed. The year 1976 introduced a system of monthly raises initially at a 5% raise interval, and later at a 2% interval (with a few interruptions). It was promoted that these price increases were due to inflation. Much pressure was put on the public as waiting with payment till the next month would have increased the rates. This also lead to that the public was persuaded by registrars to buy their services this month as the following month it would be more expensive. Which actually violated:
“Merchandising by advertising that prices are going up soon is forbidden.”          LRH
(from HCO PL 27 Apr 65 II “Price Engram”)

A further problem was that these raises did not stop. At least not until the rates had become sort of unaffordable for the common person. Which violates:
“(a)Cheap, broad services for everyone.
(b)Personal services at a much higher (but cheaper than any other field) price.”          LRH
(from HCO PL 23 Sept 64 “Policies: Dissemination and Programs”)
As an example:
early 68-Oct 76
(set prices, 5% advance payment)
Apr 85-present
(stabilized pricings, IAS 20% discounts)
HGC Auditing
(12½ hours)
(advance payment price: $617.50)
(IAS price: $4,240)

Which is an increase of 687% (about 7 times as expensive). An increase that is not adequately justified with a supposed world inflation.

An additional problem is also that the function of the Advisory Council (AC), Executive Council (EC) & Financial Planning (FP) were by-passed. Which interfered with the solvency of the individual organization. As per HCO PL 26 Nov 65 “Financial Planning”: “handle the money and assets of an org so as to maintain outgo below income.”  LRH.  Decisions regarding these were not anymore made by the individual organization since the issuance of ‘LRH ED 284 Int’, 16 Sept 76 “The Solution to Inflation”.

A detailed study about these matters can be consulted at below link:  (separate window)
    “L. Ron Hubbard vs Pricing policies or How much should a Scientology service cost?” 

Back to Main Index The year 1977...:  A reversal in tech (Jan 77) & A matter of copyright (May 77)

The technology of Dianetics and Scientology always had been a matter of logical development. It's workability and its foundation had followed rather strictly the lines of research/results and progress. It was then announced in 1970 that a completion of the main research had been accomplished. Announced in ‘LRH ED 117 Int’, 26 Aug 70 “Current Cases”as follows: “So technical progress has been: ... CLASS VIII - 1968.  COMPLETE DIANETICS - 1969.  COMPLETE SCIENTOLOGY - 1970.  This is quite an achievement.”   LRH.

What then followed were various corrective actions to this research that facilated its effectiveness. The main one's being, Interiorization Rundown, Expanded Dianetics, and last but not least the implementation of the Primary Rundown. Then since 1972 we don't see much anymore of L. Ron Hubbard nor of particular technical achievements. This should not be surprising as it had been announced that the bulk of the setout research was completed. Then in early 1977 we see the release of HCOB 24 Jan 77 “Tech Correction Round-up” that supposedly corrected deviations from this technology. However, it appears that this reference contains some very major inconsistancies. It may be perceived that it was instead paving the way for incorrect use of the technology.

An overview of the findings can be consulted here in below link:  (separate window)
    “Analysis of HCOB 24 Jan 77 ‘Tech Correction Round-up’ or A prelude to a deliberate ‘change of direction’?”

Interestingly the year 1977 also marked that the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International (HASI) had gone defunct this to be exact on 10 May 1977. This was rather significant considering that the main office of HCO was this Hubbard Association of Scientologists, Inc. (HASI, Inc.) of Arizona, and HCO was the place where the copyrights of Dianetics and Scientology were held. With the HASI organization having gone defunct these copyrights (registered under the name ‘L. Ron Hubbard’ would then subsequently have fallen into the public domain. Since (1982) a new copyright name has been created, which is ‘L. Ron Hubbard Library’. But that which was registered under the previous copyright name can not just be re-registered under a new copyright name! Once in the public domain means always in the public domain. That what you can register however are corrections and addition implemented, but the copyright then taken will only affect these very corrections and additions.

Coincidentally just 2 months later on 7 July 1977 the Scientology's headquarters in Washington, DC and Los Angeles (this includes the Guardian's Office) were raided by the FBI.

Various links to places where this is discussed in more detail:  (separate windows)
  HAS, HASI & copyrights
    HCO, the owner of the copyrights
  Certificate of Revocation, HASI, Inc. (10 May 1977);  Copyrights transferred back to ‘L. Ron Hubbard’ (4 May 1978);  L. Ron Hubbard giving the marks to RTC (May 1982)

Back to Main Index “1978—The Year of Lightning Fast New Tech”

Surely enough this year can be justly refered to as a year of technical modifications. Practically what we can conclude however, after going over the changes, is that it turned around matters rather significantly.
It is ‘LRH ED 301 Int’, 17 Dec 78 “Ron's Journal 30” that calls it proudly “1978—The Year of Lightning Fast New Tech”. A 14-page long cascade pouring out and summarizing that what had changed and was new. By far the most significant ones of these innovations can easily be dated to July and September of that year.
During these few months some extensive changes were introduced and implemented that would affect the previously used technology considerably. They were also of such a nature that they affected each other. The changes implemented in July caused the one's implemented in September, and even caused changes implemented 3 years later in 1981.

Summarizing this we have a package of related changes. But not enough with that, we also lost technology that had been in use thus far. The main and the most far reaching modifications are listed here below.

New technology:
      ♠  (1) ‘New Era Dianetics’ (NED)  (Jul 78)      
  Causing: (2) Change in the definition of Clear  (Sept 78)  
  Causing: (3) ‘New Era Dianetics for OTs’ (NOTs)  (Sept 78)  
  Causing: (4) First grades then Dianetics  (Nov/Dec 81)  

Introduced:  (speculation about if one was Clear or not)
      Scientology grades V-VII required or not?  (Sept 78)      
  Is any processing needed at all?  (Sept 78)  
  Natural Clear?  (Mar 79)  
  Being told if one was Clear, adjudicated by others  (May 79)  

Lost technology:
      ♥  ‘Standard Dianetics’ (St Dn)  (in use 1950-Jul 78)      

Considered superfluous (caused by NED) (only sparesomely in use since Sept 78, if at all):
      ♥  Scientology grades V-VA (Power), VI (R6EW) and VII (Clearing Course)      

Further ramifications of these are rather significant, I address these in a study that can be consulted at the link here below:  (separate window)
    “Previous technology replaced with new technology:
  Overview of Tech changes during 1978-82  or  When the Route to Freedom was interfered with and turned upside down”

Back to Main Index Re-interpreting E-Meter reads  (since Dec 76/Jul 78)

Go back (a) Alteration of the definition of a ‘floating needle’ (Dec 76/Jul 78)

What is a floating needle?:
  1. “Floating needles (F/Ns) are the end phenomena for any process or action with the pc on two cans. It is one of the most important rediscoveries made in years. It was known but lost by auditors.
    It is the idle uninfluenced movement of the needle on the dial without any patterns or reactions in it. It can be as small as 1” or as large as dial wide. It does not fall or drop to the right of the dial. It moves to the left at the same speed as it moves to the right. It is observed on a Mark V E-Meter calibrated with the TA between 2.0 and 3.0 with GIs* on the PC. The pc may or may not voice the cognition. ...
    One does not sit and study and be sure of an ‘F/N’. It swings or pops, he lets the pc cognite and then indicates the F/N to the pc preventing overrun. ...
    The F/N does not last very long in releasing. The thing to do is end the process off NOW. Don't give another command.”          LRH
    (from HCOB 21 Oct 68 “Floating Needle”)
This assigned position of the Tone Arm (TA) further confirmed by:
  1. “The TA goes to any place between 2 and 3 and the needle floats.”          LRH
    (from HCOB 2 Aug 65 “Release Goofs”)
  2. “As you go earlier, and eventually find Basic, the TA comes down and when you erase the basic engram the TA will come down to between 2 and 3 and the needle will float.”          LRH
             (from HCOB 28 Apr 69 “High TA in Dianetics”)
  3. “It is observed on a Mark V E-meter calibrated with the TA between 2.0 and 3.0 with GIs in on the pc.”          LRH
    (from HCOB 7 May 69 V “Floating Needle”)
  4. “An F/N is NEVER an F/N when above 3.0 or below 2.0.”          LRH
    (from HCOB 8 Jun 70 “Low TA Handling”)
  5. “The meter readings when the matter is cleared up should be between 2(F) and 3(M) on the 1 to 6 dial and the needle should be ‘floating’.”          LRH
    (from HCOB 13 Jun 70 II “Hubbard Consultant Study Stress Analysis”)
  6. “A floating needle is valid only between 2.0 and 3.0 Tone Arm position on a meter.”          LRH
    (from HCOB 14 May 69 II / HCOB 1 Aug 70 “F/N and Erasure”)
  7. “The TA must be between 2 and 3 for a correct F/N.”          LRH
    (from HCOB 24 Oct 71 “False TA”)
  8. “Hi TAs and Lo TAs do not widely F/N. If you are getting wide persistent F/N with the TA too high (above 3) or too low (below 2) you have a pc whose hands are too dry or too wet.”          LRH
    (from HCOB 23 Nov 73 “Dry and Wet Hands Make False TA”)
A first change in the definition of a floating needle we find in HCOB 10 Dec 76 “Scientology F/N and TA Position”: “Through verbal tech just located, it has been found that some auditors have been ordered to disregard all F/Ns that were above 3.0 or below 2.0 on the meter.”. Well, I just listed a total of 9 HCOBs, all presently still valid (not cancelled) references, that conclusively determine that it was no verbal tech! It is thus introducing seriously clashing information.

Then not until 1½ years later this change in definition is perpetuated and immortalized through HCOB 21 Jul 78 “What Is a Floating Needle?”:  (full text of this HCOB is given)
“A floating needle is a rhythmic sweep of the dial at a slow, even pace of the needle.
That's what an F/N is. No other definition is correct.”          LRH
The vast significance here is that through this HCOB and in particular its inclusion in the new edition of ‘Dianetics and Scientology: Technical Dictionary’ (1978 edition) at the entry “FLOATING NEEDLE”, and removing all previous definitions explaining about “above 3.0 and below 2.0”, this spread about this altered new datum effectively and quickly.

Original promotion of this new datum we find in HCOB 24 Jan 77 “Tech Correction Round-up”. A full analysis of this matter and of the respective section of this HCOB can be consulted in the link here below:  (separate window)
    “Analysis of HCOB 24 Jan 77 “Tech Correction Round-up”: ‘H: F/N TA Position’”

Go back (b) The ‘still needle’ phenomenon (Apr 82)

HCOB 11 Apr 82 “Sec Checking Implants”
  HCOB 13 Apr 82 “Still Needle and Confessionals”  

HCOB 11 Apr 82 “Sec Checking Implants” introduced this new concept referred to as still needle. This HCOB claimed that this new discovery would result in: “The end of auditors missing withholds while sec checking!”.
An implant is then described in the first paragraph of this HCOB as “an enforced command or series of commands installed in the reactive mind* below the awareness level of the individual to cause him to react or behave in a prearranged way without his ‘knowing it.’”. The first 1½ page of the HCOB then lists “several (8) methods of implanting” with a brief description of each.

The basic idea of this still needle was that even if there would be no needle reaction (needle is still) that there may be something that is being withheld. Instructions then follow so that the “auditor guesses and fishes his way through this” all in order to try “to GET THAT NEEDLE ACTIVE AGAIN”. There are some inconsistencies involved with this in regards to auditing basics.
In below link you can consult a critical analysis compiled by Caspar de Rijk in 2003. For several decades prior to 1997 Caspar was a successful and much appreciated Class IX auditor at the AOSH EU in Copenhagen, he had also founded the first Church of Scientology in the Netherlands in the early ’70s. It is part of his Tech Eval (Technical Evaluation), I extracted the still needle section from this. This analysis indeed does put some very serious question marks on the validity of this supposedly newly found needle reaction.
    “Tech Eval of Caspar de Rijk concerning ‘still needle’”  (pop-up window)
It is advised to go over this evaluation alongside with the actual HCOBs that introduced and set out this still needle.

Go back (c) ‘Ten main needle actions’ versus ‘Sixteen main needle actions’ (1988)

The little book ‘E-Meter Essentials’, released in 1961 listed ‘ten main needle actions’, as did the 1968 edition. The new revised 1988 edition of this publication however suddenly listed ‘sixteen main needle actions’. The question surfaces where did these come from? I have listed them here below.

   1961    1988
(1)  Stuck
(2)  No reaction (nul)
(3)  Fall
(4)  Change of characteristic
(5)  Rise
(6)  Theta bop
(7)  Rock slam
(8)  Free needle
(9)  Body reactions
(10)  Stage Four
1.  Stuck
2.  No reaction (nul)
3.  Fall
4.  Change of characteristic
5.  Rise
6.  Theta bop
7.  Rock slam
8.  Free needle (floating needle)
9.  Body reactions
 10.  Stage Four    Dating to:
11.  Dirty needle HCOB 28 Jun 62
12.  Clean needle (1962 SHSBC*)
13.  Tick HCOB 29 Apr 69
14.  Stop HCOB 27 May 70
15.  Still needle HCOB 11 Apr 82
16.  Rocket read (1962 SHSBC)

It appears that 3 of the new ones were already named in 1962 although they did not end up in the little 1961 publication or its revisions. A fourth needle action (‘Tick’) dates to 1969 and a fifth (‘Stop’) to 1970 which also did not end up in the revisions of the 1961 publication. Per HCOB 27 May 70 “Unreading Questions and Items”: “A ‘tick’ or a ‘stop’ is not a read. Reads are small falls or falls or long falls or long fall blowdown (of TA).”  LRH.  These then don't sound like being ‘main needle actions’, so why did they end up on the list in 1988 as they had not been listed there previously? The only significantly new one was the still needle which surfaced in 1982. It is justified to ask the question why this new 1988 edition made it to include all of these as ‘main needle actions’?

There are some peculiarities regarding this 1988 release. For one it was not anymore by L. Ron Hubbard. The ‘To the Reader’ notice in the beginning of the book says also quite clearly: “This book is based on the religious literature and works of the Scientology Founder, L. Ron Hubbard.”. In the ‘Editors' Introduction’ it speaks about “meticulous research was conducted into the Founder's literary archives” which resulted in “that this new edition contains refinements” and this was as claimed “as directed by L. Ron hubbard”. I would rather interpret this as according to the judgment and reality of some other than L .Ron Hubbard!
Interesting is also that it urges to “Buy these other books on the E-Meter by L. Ron Hubbard”, which are 3 books, each of which that had received the same treatment as this one, and thus also were not truly by L. Ron Hubbard anymore. It is noted that each of the other 3 books also urge to purchase them, in where ‘E-Meter Essentials’, 1988 revision is then listed as one of the books that were “by L. Ron Hubbard”. Here it all turns ironic, as one of these actually truly never was “by L. Ron Hubbard” because it was compiled by Mary Sue Hubbard. She had taken the task to go through the auditing sessions of L. Ron Hubbard, which turned to be ‘The Book of E-Meter Drills’, first released 1965. The 1988 revision of this same book however appears to imply something different. More about this release here (separate window).

Go back (d) Mark Super VII Quantum E-Meter (May 96)

The Golden Age of Tech evolution of May 1996 also introduced a new E-Meter. It is said to revolutionalize the art of E-Metering. I lay out the characteristics of this new E-Meter here (separate window). It is obvious that one had to take all this in a new dimension of time. One had to adjust oneself to the sensitivity to this new E-Meter and to learn how to work with it.
A critical note could be made in regards to any oversensitive E-Meter, as we have the stable datum that “THINGS THAT DON'T READ WON'T RUN”  LRH  (from HCOB 27 May 70 “Unreading Questions and Items”). If by any chance an insignificant reaction of the needle is mistaken as a considerable read then is it ‘real enough to the preclear’? Can it be run? This may or may not be tricky if one does not adjust properly to the characteristics of this new E-Meter.

There was also a course going along with it that had additional drilling and so on (drilling was what the Golden Age of Tech evolution was all about). Either way the notices for the ‘Hubbard Professional Metering Course’ course say: This is mandatory for all students as it is an all-new course and no previous metering course certs qualify in replacing this course.”  (from ‘Senior C/S Int Bulletin 165-6’, 1 May 96 “Auditor Certainty Courses”).

Go to index

Back to Main Index Witch hunts (1) (late ’70s): ‘List 1 Project’ & ‘Rock Slams’  (1977-78)
In particular 2 time periods can be picked where matters had turned rather hectic. Suddenly you could be assigned to lower conditions for no apparent reason and without the means of any proper ethics gradient practiced or having your rights being respected.
One of these was this ‘List 1 Project’. You find very little about this on the Internet. I have it confirmed from a variety of sources. There are also few persons that have related about it, which is the reason why I made a humble attempt to compile the available information about it and present this here.
Do you have more data about all this? Were you there at the time? Then please throw me a line!

Go back Where was L. Ron Hubbard?

This ‘List 1 Project’ of the late ’70s may have had an evil intent by the one or one's that initiated it, or it may have been that some people were so confused that one starting to be looking for Martians of some sort. A serious mis-evaluation may very well have been the cause to it. Things may not turn out all to be that clear. The reason why I discuss it here though is because this happening did have quite an impact on the Scientology parishioners at the time. People did not know what to think of it. A well tech-trained Scientology old-timer tells me: “I remember that there was a very drastic action at the time. f. ex Nan and Owen Starkey, Marie Passmore and several high execs were at once RPFed. This was a major happening. And a shock to many of us.”. Today however it seems almost forgotten, if you were not there at the time there is little chance that you would get to know about it.

In any case a question can be raised in regards to where L. Ron Hubbard was in all this? Why did he not stop Paulette Cohen (who is blamed as the culprit), and why did he not stop David Mayo of whom is said that he brought her back on tech lines? L. Ron Hubbard does not in particular appear in public. He was also not present in person at the Grand Opening of ASHO Los Angeles on 12 Mar ’78. At this Grand Opening we only hear about: “Featured will be: Ron's personal Public Relations officer, Laurel Watson, with a special message from Ron”. (from ‘The Auditor 145 (US Edition)’, Feb 78). At the Grand Opening of the AOLA on 11 Jun ’78 it was Diana Hubbard that was greeted “with a standing ovation as she reaches the podium to deliver a special message from Ron” (from ‘Clear News 147 (AOLA edition)’, 6 Jul 78, page 4). I am not even sure what either of these special messages actually were about as neither of these issues of these magazines nor later numbers of these tell. So where was the person L. Ron Hubbard and why was he not actually there attending?

Go back ‘List One’

The release ‘FCO 7138’, 2 Mar 83 “Writ of Expulsion and Suppressive Person Declare David Mayo” makes mention of one Paulette Cohen that is said to have been “directly responsible for the infamous ‘List 1 Project’ in the late 70's which labelled literally hundreds of well meaning staff and public falsely as ‘List 1 R/Sers’ and ‘Suppressives’. For this Cohen had been forcibly removed from any and all technical lines forever. Her severe infractions of the standard technology of Scientology were blatant and documented many times over.”.

List 1 (=List One) and R/Sers are defined as follows:
“List One,  1. a List of Scn items. This includes Scn, Scn organizations, an auditor, clearing, auditing, Scientologists, a session, an E-meter, a practitioner, the auditor's name, Ron, other Scn persons, parts of Scn, past auditors, etc. This List is composed by the auditor, not the pc. (HCOB 23 Nov 62)  2. this is the list one of Routine 2-12. The Scn list is called List One. (HCOB 24 Nov 62)
  Rock Slam,  1. a crazy, irregular, unequal, jerky motion of the needle narrow as one inch or as wide as three inches, happening several times a second. (E-Meter Essentials p. 17).  2. as a meter representation, is the result of innumerable committed overts in a certain direction, and when you've got that certain direction isolated, that is to say the items against which the overts were committed isolated you then have of course a rock slam. (SH Spec 203, 6210C11)  Abbr. R/S.
  Rock Slammer,  it means it's somebody who gets a rock slam when you ask them: ‘Consider overts against Scn’ and that broadens out of course against Ron, against the organization or against an auditor. (SH Spec 198, 6210C04)”
          (from ‘Dianetics and Scientology: Technical Dictionary’ (June 1975 Edition))
Pratically it meant that you were hooked up on this device the E-Meter and are being asked the words that appear on this List One. Evidently it is considered being bad if the needle Rock Slams.

Go back Establishing ‘Pacific Area Command’ (PAC) base (1977)

The location of the happening was at the Pacific Area Command base in Hollywood, L.A, California (usually referred to as PAC or PAC Base). It came into being during early 1977. In February that year a building complex had been purchased.
“Biggest Expansion in Scientology History!  
ASHO Moves to New Complex.
In late March 1977, the American Saint Hill Organization will move into the nine-building complex in Hollywood just purchased for expansion by the Church of Scientology of California!
The former Cedars of Lebanon Hospital complex, a Hollywood landmark, will now serve as the Church's national seminary headquarters
housing ASHO, AOLA (Advance Organization), Publications Organization, Los Angeles Class IV Organization, Guardian's Office, and Flag Operations Liaison Office.
Total floor space in the new quarters will be seven times what had been previously available.”
(from ‘The Auditor 133 (US Edition)’, Mar 77) (see also article in ‘Clear News 141 (AOLA edition)’, 3 May 77, page 6-7)

A so-called mission had been fired to establish this. The following is reported:
“The FMO 1674 Mission Orders included finding a suitable place to locate all the PAC orgs, to get the move done, to get a new location for the Cadet Org. Once the primary target of finding new quarters for the PAC orgs was accomplished (which was accomplished when the old vacant Cedars of Lebanon Hospital complex was purchased).”
It is said that Paulette Ausley (the then name of Paulette Cohen) had orders to check all staff in PAC for these Rock Slams (R/Ses).

“The history-making moment that marked Grand Opening day for the first Scientology Church to move into the 8.42 acre complex of buildings in Hollywood!
September 25, 1977 marked the grand opening of the Los Angeles Church of Scientology in its new quarters at the new Hollywood complex of Scientology buildings ... . ...
With renovations on the first building in the complex now complete, the dream is becoming reality. Opening of the rest of the buildings will be soon to follow.”
          (from ‘The Auditor 141 (US Edition)’, Nov 77)

This FMO 1674 mission must then have started prior to at least February 1977 as it was to find new locations for the orgs now all at PAC. It is reported that a different mission (fired from CMO) did the R/Ses checking of which Paulette Ausley was in charge. When would this R/S checking have started? May be the beginning of April 1977 or thereabouts? Also the renovations of the buildings must have started in April 1977.

March 12th, 1978 marks the long awaited Grand Opening of ASHO's new building at 1413 North Berendo in the new Scientology Complex in Hollywood.
The gala Grand Opening celebration will start at 2 p.m. with the official ribbon cutting, followed by Celebrity appearances, entertainment, tours, refreshments, dancing and a potluck dinner!”
          (from ‘The Auditor 145 (US Edition)’, Feb 78)

June 11th will mark one of the most important events ever for Scientology on this continent.
The biggest Scientology complex in the world will be completed and in full operation.
The Los Angeles Organization and ASHO have moved in and now AOLA will take its place in the complex to complete the bridge and begin an era of incredible convenience and expansion for Los Angeles and the entire continent.”
          (from ‘Clear News 146 (AOLA edition)’, 18 May 78, page 2)

Go back A redress of the RPF assignments

At a time that the final renovations were nearly complete, and this must have been prior to the Grand Opening celebration this would probably place us at about February 1978. As a matter of coincidence at about the same as the renovations had been completed another mission was fired to verify the correctness of these R/Ses. Inconsistencies were then reported after which the RPFers were send back to where they originally came from. Some persons have pointed out a time coincidence here. Renovations were needed and cheap labour was acquired, and so the List One Project started. Then when renovations were done, you find out that some errors had occurred in interpreting the R/Ses which had send many to this labour force.
The blame was actually put on Paulette Ausley and an Ethics Order to that effect had been issued at about that time. Paulette's last name changed somewhere prior to February 1978 to Cohen and she also must have remarried. Her maiden name some say was Fisher. She must have divorced from John Ausley (he died in 1995).
Per this the R/S checking and that what it caused (RPF assignments) must have been ongoing and considered valid between April 1977 to about early 1978. This would mean that some people were for a fairly long time incorrectly part of the RPF.

Go back About Paulette Ausley/Cohen

In the period Jan-Apr 1977 we can actually see that this Paulette Ausley did alter and wrote various HCOBs relating to the E-Meter. We also see further contributions as Paulette Cohen for the period Feb-May 1978. A list of these HCOBs can be found at the link here below:
    ‘Contributions: Paulette Ausley-Cohen’  (pop-up window)
Be it noted here that a variety of them say ‘Assisted by’ which since January 1977 meant that she actually wrote them (more info here, separate window).

Someone reports on the Internet (author calls himself Skip Press) that:
“Ausley did not know the difference between a ‘rock slam’ and a ‘dirty needle’ (the latter of which supposedly arose at, say, a nagging thought). How do I know this? Because her former husband John told me later, and I verified it (without mentioning John had told me) with Nikki Merwin, who was Mary Sue Hubbard's secretary at the time. Nikki told me ‘Everyone knew Paulette had that misunderstood, so what.’”
If this is true then it is quite remarkable that Paulette Cohen went on to act in the capacity of the Senior C/S International for may be 3 months or so after which time she was removed (Jun 78 / early Oct 78).

Go back ‘Rock Slam’ (1962-78)

The term Rock Slam in particular played a significant role in this ‘List 1 Project’. It does mean something bad. Below I have put together a little chronology about the use and how it is referred to during the 1962-1976 time span. Consult here below:  (separate window)
    “The phenomena and history of the term ‘Rock Slam’ (1962-78 span)”

Back to Main Index Restricting the freedom of the auditor (2):  Making a profit (any and all practicing Scientologists must now pay a license)  (Feb & Nov 79, Apr 82)

“It is a science of mind and needs about as much licensing and regulation as the application of the science of physics. ...
Dianetics is not in any way covered by legislation anywhere for no law can prevent one man sitting down and telling another man his troubles, and if anyone wants a monopoly on dianetics, be assured that he wants it for reasons which have to do not with dianetics but with profit.”          LRH

(from ‘Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health’; Book Three: Therapy; Chapter I: The Mind's Protection; 1950, 1973 edition, p168)

First in September 1973 we find a first initiative involving a limitation of the freedom of the auditor. A demand for ordination and thus becoming a Minister of the Church, prior you to be allowed to actually audit, was established by HCO PL 24 Sept 73 III “All Auditors - Ministers, Ministerial Board of Review”. A reference written by someone other than L. Ron Hubbard. This reference appears to have fallen out of use.

Prior to 1979 we could distinguish (1) Dianetic Counselling Groups, (2) field auditors and those field auditors that had accepted a so-called (3) franchise. These Dianetic Counselling Groups had been free of financial obligations to the organization. A field auditor was also free to audit without any financial burden put on them, and only then if he chose to receive help from the local organization establishing his practice and get help in form of materials, and therewith thus accepted a franchise, he was required to pay a 10% tithe. This tithe was thus the financial exchange for help with materials, lecturing, establishing, support, preclears, and so on.

The year 1979 changed all that. Since then it was now in full disregard if a field auditor had accepted a franchise or not. It was also in full disregard if he received help, materials and other from the organization or not.

  • A 10% tithe for the Dianetic Counselling Groups was established by HCO PL 9 Feb AD29 “Dianetic Counselling Groups, 10% Remittances to WW”.
  • A 10% tithe for all field auditors was established by HCO PL 9 Feb AD29R (Revised 29 Nov 79) “Dianetic Counselling Groups and Field Auditors, 10% Remittances to WW”.
Obviously this was seriously halting expansion. This most particularly in regards to these Dianetic Counselling Groups that had been established solely for reason to get Dianetics out to as many people as possible and in actual use! Now suddenly these groups were facing this financial demand and had to pay a 10% tithe, a demand that in the final end caused these groups to actually dissolve.
Since 1979 it has been the standard operating procedure that any field auditor or persons selling services had to be officially licensed by the official Church of Scientology. The organization would then also dictate to the licensee how to go about it. Obviously the freedom of the auditor was herewith rather seriously interfered with.

It then would appear that this was not actually an initiative originated by L. Ron Hubbard either. Incongruities have surfaced in regards to the signatures found on this reference instigating it and its revision, the former was attributed to L. Ron Hubbard, its revision shows no involved of him at all. This reference does appear to be listed as a valid reference at least until September 1983, but we do not find it included in the 1991 release of ‘The Organization Executive Course’ volumes. It mysteriously disappeared.
By this time however its place appears to have been taken by HCO PL 29 Apr 82 II “Field Auditor Fees” that directed the very same 10% tithe for any field auditor. It is rather strange that it is acting in favour of the ‘I HELP’ organization (mentioning it by name), although it had not even been incorporated until a whole 7 months later! (24 Nov 1982). Here there appears also to have surfaced an incongruity in regards to the signature found at the bottom of this reference. Although it may have been attributed to L. Ron Hubbard it also states that it was ‘Assisted by Div 6 Internal, Executive International’, which according to the signature rule established by HCOB 24 Jan 77 “Tech Correction Round-up” means that it was actually written and issued by this assistant and not L. Ron Hubbard.

A thorough overview of this matter can be consulted in link here below:  (separate window)
    “A ‘science of mind’ vs ‘licensing and regulation’ or Can/should the subjects of Scientology and Dianetics be legislated?”



     ..R, ..RA, ..RB (etc) or #R, #RA (etc):
For example: ‘HCO PL 24 Sept 70R’ & ‘HCO PL 24 Sept 70RA, etc. The given date denotes the first time it has been published in issue-form. The R, RA indication may also follow after an issue-number. The R stands for ‘Revision’ and would refer to that it has been revised since it was first published. If it is revised a 2nd time it is indicated as RA, a 3rd time RB, then RC, and so on.

After Dianetics ..’. The main book ‘Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health’ was first published in 1950. Therefore for example AD8, AD12, and AD29 would respectively give the years 1958, 1962 and 1979.

Advanced Organization Los Angeles’: A Scientology organization which services higher level auditing & training, located in Los Angeles, USA.
American Saint Hill Organization’. A higher level Scientology organization residing in Los Angeles.
     audit, auditing, auditor:
The application of Scientology processes and procedures to someone by a trained auditor (listener). The goal of the auditor is to make the receiver of the auditing look at incidents and reduce the mental charge which may lay upon them. The auditor may not evaluate and has to adhere to the Auditor's code.
Case/Supervisor’.  1. That person in a Scientology Church who gives instructions regarding, and supervises the auditing of preclears. The abbreviation C/S can refer to the Case Supervisor or to the written instructions of a case supervisor depending on context. (BTB 12 Apr 72R)  2. The C/S is the case supervisor. He has to be an accomplished and properly certified auditor and a person trained additionally to supervise cases. The C/S is the auditor's “handler.” He tells the auditor what to do, corrects his tech, keeps the lines straight and keeps the auditor calm and willing and winning. The C/S is the pc's case director. His actions are done for the pc. (Dianetics Today, Bk. 3, p. 545)
     floating needle (F/N):
The idle uninfluenced movement of the needle on the dial (of an E-meter) without any patterns or reactions in it. It can be as small as one inch or as large as dial wide. It does not fall or drop to the right of the dial. It moves to the left at the same speed as it moves to the right. It is observed on a Mark V E-meter calibrated with the TA (Tone Arm) between 2.0 and 3.0 with GIs (Good Indicators) in on the pc. It can occur after a cognition, blowdown of the TA (Tone Arm) or just moves into floating. The pc may or may not voice the cognition. (HCOB 7 May 69 V)
floating needle’. See at that entry in vocabulary.
Flag Mission Order’.
Short for ‘Good Indicator(s)’.
    HCO PL:
Hubbard Communication Office Policy Letter’. Color flash–green ink on white paper. Written by LRH only, but only so starting from January 1974. These are the organizational and administrative issue line. For more information go here (separate window).
An usual abbreviation for ‘L. Ron Hubbard’.
     Operating Thetan (OT):
1. Willing and knowing cause over life, thought, matter, energy, space and time. And that would of course be mind and that would of course be universe. (SH Spec 80, 6609C08)  2. An individual who could operate totally independently of his body whether he had one or didn't have one. He's now himself, he's not dependent on the universe around him. (SH Spec 66, 6509C09)  3. A being at cause over matter, energy, space, time, form and life. Operating comes from “able to operate without dependency on things” and thetan is the Greek letter theta (θ), which the Greeks used to represent “thought” or perhaps “spirit” to which an “n” is added to make a new noun in the modern style used to create words in engineering. (Book of Case Remedies, p. 10)
Short for ‘organization(s)’.
Short for ‘Operating Thetan’. See at that entry in vocabulary.
     preclear (pc):
1. A person who, through Scientology processing, is finding out more about himself and life. (The Phoenix Lectures, p. 20)  2. A spiritual being who is now on the road to becoming Clear, hence preclear. (HCOB 5 Apr 69)  3. One who is discovering things about himself and who is becoming clearer. (HCO PL 21 Aug 62)
An abbreviation for ‘Rock Slam’. See at that entry in vocabulary.
     Rock Slam (R/S):
1. A crazy, irregular, unequal, jerky motion of the needle narrow as one inch or as wide as three inches, happening several times a second. (E-Meter Essentials, p. 17).  2. As a meter representation, is the result of innumerable committed overts in a certain direction, and when you've got that certain direction isolated, that is to say the items against which the overts were committed isolated you then have of course a rock slam. (SH Spec 203, 6210C11)
  Rock Slammer:  
It means it's somebody who gets a rock slam when you ask them: “Consider overts against Scn” and that broadens out of course against Ron, against the organization or against an auditor. (SH Spec 198, 6210C04)
     Saint Hill Special Briefing Course (SHSBC):
This was a course delivered by L. Ron Hubbard at Saint Hill, England during 1961-66 and comprises of 447 lectures. Its result is a very adept auditor and thorough know-how of Scientology itself. The materials are studied in chronological sequence so as to fully understand the development of the technology. This will make you a Class VI Auditor.
     Sea Org (SO):
Short for ‘Sea Organization’. This is the senior organization within the Church of Scientology that see to it that Advanced Organizations (AOs) and the Class IV-V organizations do function well. They send out so-called missions if there are indications or if they find that improvement or corrections are called for. They also provide for dissemination and other programs that the Scientology organizations are to comply with. Missions may be send out to implement these and instruct the organizations.
     Sec Check(ing):
Short for ‘security check(ing)’.
Saint Hill Special Briefing Course’. See at that entry in vocabulary.
tone arm (action)’. See at that entry in vocabulary.
     ‘The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology’:
This is a series of books that contain the HCOBs, and any references that are primarily dealing with technical matters. The HCOBs are printed in red ink on white paper, and the volumes themselves come in red bindings. The references are arranged in chronological release order (per issue date). These books may also be referred to as the ‘red volumes’. The ‘old red volumes’ then would refer to the 1976-80 release, the ‘new red volumes’ instead to the 1991 release. See a listing of published volumes here (pop-up window).
     tone arm (TA):
1. Tone arm refers to the tone arm or its motion. (HCOB 13 Apr 64)  2. Tone arm action. A technical term for a quantitative measure of case gain in the Scientology processing of a preclear for a given unit of time. (Introduction to Scientology Ethics, p. 38)  3. The measure of accumulation of charge. (Class VIII No. 6)  4. A measure of the amount of encysted force which is leaving the case. (SH Spec 291, 6308C06)
Short for ‘US Base’.
     Withholds, W/Hs:
Something a person did that he isn't talking about. Basically, it is a no action after the fact of action in which the individual has done or been an accessory to doing something which is a transgression against some moral code consisting of agreements to which the individual has subscribed in order to guarantee, with others, the survival of a group with which he is co-acting or has co-acted toward survival. (from Marriage Hats booklet)

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