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Seminar 7    Questions and Answers, part f
Dr. dino
(this seminar was given in 2005)
(some parts of the originally given seminar appear removed in the latest English DVD release of this,
that what is presented here is the unedited version)

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“And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer:
But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.”
    Revelation 10:6-7  

Seminar 7: Questions and Answers  
(part f)

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Back to Main Index About the origin of Adam's name...

“What does ‘Adam’ mean?” The Bible says Adam was the first man. What does ‘Adam’ mean? Interesting question, I get that once in a while. The names in the Bible have very important meanings. God gave them those names for a very specific reason. Adam, Seth, Enos, Cainan, etc.

  • Adam means, man.
  • Seth means, appointed.
  • Enos means, mortal.
  • Cainan means, sorrow.
  • Mahalaleel means, the blessed God.
  • Jared means, shall come down.
  • Enoch means, preaching.
  • Methuselah means, his death shall bring.
  • Lamech means, the despairing.
  • And Noah means, rest.

So if you put it all together: Man is appointed to mortal sorrow; but the blessed God shall come down preaching that His death shall bring the despairing rest. Even the names in the Bible are trying to get a message across. Pretty amazing.

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Back to Main Index About dimensions and that what we can perceive...

So, years ago I was talking to a friend of mine in Mobile, Alabama. I spoke at a church over there, I had known him for 20 years. He said: “Brother Hovind, let's go to MacDonald's. I want to show you something.” So we went to MacDonald's and had lunch. And he tore two pieces of paper out, and he wrote on them, Mr. Flat and Mrs. Flat. I said: “Ok.” He laid them on the table. He said: “Now you taught geometry, right?” I said: “Yeah.” I want you to imagine that you are Mr. Flat and you live in Flatland. Two dimensions. There is no third dimension. You have length and width, no height. I said: “Ok.” He said: “Suppose I, as a three-dimensional being want to reveal myself to you. But you live in Flatland. How can a three-dimensional person express himself to a two-dimensional person?” Well, you're gonna have a real problem here. He said: “If we have Mr. Flat and Mrs. Flat; they are flat. All Mr. Flat sees of Mrs. Flat is a straight line. Now he can walk around, and figure out she's actually a rectangle. He can perceive the depth, but he can only see the width.” You and I can see width and height. You do not see depth. You perceive depth. They call it depth perception. You can take a picture of what you're looking at, and it would look exactly on flat paper the same as it does in real life, ok. So, he said: “If I want to reveal myself to Mr. or Mrs. Flat, I walk over and I stick my finger through the table.” Mr. Flat comes over and says: “Oh, I've seen Kent Hovind. He's a circle.” All they see is a cross section of my finger. Now then I stick three fingers through the circle over here, and Mrs. Flat says: “Oh no, I've seen Kent Hovind. and he's three circles.” And they're going to split the church, and start the church of the one circle and the church of the three circles, I'm sure. But neither one understands me. They've each only seen just a little bitty slice of the real me.

So when God wanted to reveal Himself in this little three dimensional world, He came down in the form of a man Jesus Christ. There's an interesting verse in Ephesians chapter 3 (v. 18): “That we may be able to comprehend with all saints what is the length, and depth, and breadth, and height; and to understand the love of Christ which passeth knowledge.” Now wait a minute. There are 4 dimensions given there; length, depth, breadth and height. Is there more to God than we understand? I would say, probably so; probably a lot more to God than we understand. And I doubt anybody can say: “I understand everything there is to know about God.” If the infinite God would fit into my little three-pound brain, He would not be worth worshipping, that's for sure. Alright.

Back to Main Index About the origin of the races...

“What about the races? Where did they come from?” Well, you don't have to look around the world very long before you realize there are different colored people out there. I remember the first time I saw a real black person. I don't mean brown; I mean black. He came from Africa. Black as my coat. I was in Atlanta, Georgia. This guy was visiting from Ethiopia. And I was probably 7 years old, and I couldn't believe it. Not only was he black, but his wife was black, and they had a baby that was black. I mean, black black. I'd seen lots of brown people, but I'd never seen a black one. It was like, wow. Where do the races come from? Actually, I don't think we should use the word races. There aren't different races; there are simply different skin colors. For instance, would you call these different races of cows? No, ok. They all look the same in the meat locker, and they all taste the same on the hamburger. They are just skin colors, alright.

Go back Theories

But there are four different theories of where the skin colors come from, and I'll probably use the word ‘races’ by habit, but I'll mean, skin colors, ok.

  1. The first theory is Adam and Eve were medium brown and produced all the different varieties in their own children. It's simply a melanin count in the skin. There's a black couple that had three albino children. They didn't have much melanin in their skin, ok.
  2. The second theory says. “The LORD put a mark upon Cain.” (Gen. 4:15) And there are those who argue that Cain became black because of killing Abel. I think this is a stupid theory, but it is amazing how many folks believe that. The Mormons for instance teach that Cain was black, and black skin is a curse. ‘The curse of Cain.’ They said: “It's the Lord's doing.” Well, the Mormons teach that up in heaven, God the Father has thousands of wives, and He has sex with all these wives and they produce spirit babies. Those spirit babies, if they are valiant, they come down to earth and get a white skinned body. If they are not valiant, they come down and get a black skinned body. So they look at black people and think: “Well, you were just inferior in your first life.” What a dumb way to live, but that is what the Mormons teach, ok. They said: “Cain, Ham, the whole Negro race have been cursed with black skin, the mark of Cain.” This guy said: “If there is one drop of Negro blood in my children, as I have read to you, they receive the curse.” “Shall I tell you the law of God in regard to the African race? If the white man who belongs to the chosen seed mixes his blood with the seed of Cain, the penalty is death on the spot.” And the good book, Secret History of the Mormon Church covers a lot of people who have been killed in Mormonism, you know, for violating the Mormon laws.
  3. The third theory says God put a curse on Canaan. Don't confuse Canaan with Cain. Canaan was Noah's grandson. If you read Genesis chapter 9 (v. 24-25), it says: “Noah awoke from his wine and knew what his younger son had done and said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be.” Twice the Bible says Canaan shall be a servant. And there are those who argue, black people are supposed to be servants, because God put a curse on Canaan. Ok now, I agree that God put a curse on Canaan, but where do you get black people are supposed to be servants out of that? Aren't you assuming that Canaan was black, and this curse applies to him? I don't believe that one either.
  4. The fourth theory and I think the only logical theory in all of this, is the tower of Babel is what caused it. God told them: “Hé, spread out.” They said: “No we're staying right here,” and they built the big tower. And God got angry and confused their languages. But not only did he divide the languages; He divided their tongues, their families, and their nations, Genesis chapter 10 (v. 5). Shem is writing this. Him's the guy who kept all the family records, you know. Chapter 10 is interesting.

Go back Inbreeding and consequences

Small inbreeding groups will cause unusual traits to become very pronounced. For instance, for years the Habsburgs had to marry royalty. That's just the rule. Well, sometimes the only royalty available to marry was your niece, or your aunt, or your sister. So they would marry royalty and pretty soon, they started looking real strange. You could tell: “He's a Habsburg.” He's got a real long nose, a stupid looking chin, and... you know, he's got to be a Habsburg, ok. They look dumb. This is a picture of the feet of a guy they call the ‘Ostrich People’ in Africa. There's a tribe of folks in Zimbabwe, they are required to marry within the tribe. but there is only about 200 of them, so they are always marrying sisters or nieces or cousins, always. The ultimate ‘Red Neck’. They only got two toes. Their teeth fall out in the middle of the night while they are sleeping. That's a result of incredible inbreeding.


Go back Tower of Babel

Unusual traits can become permanent with inbreeding, and that might have happened with the tower of Babel. Genesis 10 (v. 32) says: “These were the nations divided after the flood.” Not only the languages, the nations were divided. There's a great book on this topic by Bill Cooper, I got one here, it is in the library, After the Flood. Bill Cooper, an incredible book if you want to read that, about the dispersions of the sons of Noah. What happened? Well, Japhet, one of the three sons, had about 14 kids and grandkids. It's a little difficult to count, believe it or not. You read Genesis 10 and see if you can count it. Try to do better than that. It's hard to tell who goes with whom, but by my count, 14 kids and grandkids for Japheth. Ham had 31 kids and grandkids. One of them was Canaan. Now if the curse was on Canaan, we've got a problem, because the Bible tells us, “Egypt is the land of Ham,” Psalm 105 (v. 23-27). Psalm 106 (v. 21-22), “Egypt is the land of Ham.” The children of Ham migrated to Egypt. Africa was actually settled by the descendants of Ham. Black people apparently came from Ham. Japheth is the father of the Europeans; and Shem is the father of the Orientals, which includes Jesus Christ. They are considered actually Oriental; Middle East, ok.

Shem had 29 kids and grandkids, so by my count, and my count only, I would say there are about 75 original nations and languages at the tower of Babel. Just adding up those three sons and their descendants. I suspect when God confused the languages, there were about 75 of them. That is purely based on this chart here. (Gen. 10:1-32)

Most folks who study English will tell you that; English, German, and Danish have a common root language. There are hundreds and hundreds of words that are identical. Here's the Beowolf poem in 518 AD. This is English actually, from 1,500 years ago. Today's English is nothing like ancient English. Ancient English was very Germanic, ok. Spanish, Italian, French, and Latin had a common root language. You can compare the words. People that speak Spanish can go to Italy and get along pretty good. People that speak Ukrainian can listen to Russian and get along pretty good. A lot of languages have common roots.

There's a good book about the Chinese language, The Discovery of Genesis, it is called. If you want to get one of these, it's..., I forget, $9.00-$10.00. Showing how the original Chinese characters, not the ones they use today, but the original Chinese ancient pictograms, were actually telling the creation story. For instance, the symbol for boat is 8 mouths in a vessel. Noah's ark had 8 people on it. The Chinese symbol for garden is dust + breath + two people, in an enclosure. There's also more in this book, Search for the Truth by Bruce Malone. A lot of his articles in here are really good and are on our website. You can read some of Bruces' articles. But this is also a good book you wanna get on the topic. There's been a sequel, God's Promise to the Chinese, written about God's promise in the Chinese language. The Chinese symbol for righteous is a person under a lamb. The only way to be righteous is to be under the lamb, their own words were telling them. By the way we have a lot of that in English, and that would make a good sermon some day too. We'll get another time on that.


Today there are about 1,200 recognized languages plus thousands and thousands of dialects. They probably all broke up from the original 75 languages, just like, you know, Australian, Irish, and Georgian, people from Georgia or Alabama; believe it or not, they all speak English, but it is a different dialect of English, ok. And if it weren't for rapid communication across the world today, they would be totally indecipherable in a few generations.

When we were in Australia, I was at the restaurant, I said to the waitress: “Ma'am, would you get me a napkin?” The preacher said: “Don't say that.” I said: “Why?” He said: “Don't ask for a napkin over here. That's a diaper.” I said: “What do I want?” He said: “You want a serviette.” - “Oh, ok.” “Ma'am can I have a serviette?” I thought I spoke English, you know. They don't speak English over there. They speak Australian, alright. But the Bible says pretty clearly in Acts 17 (v. 26), God “hath made of one blood all nations of men to dwell on the earth.” The Bible says in Malachi (2:10): “Have we not all one father?” There's no reason to be a racist because of your skin color. We cover more about that on video #5.

Back to Main Index About our common ancestors...

They did a search for Adam and Eve, trying to find, you know, do we had a common ancestor. Using mitochondrial DNA changes, they found out we have a common ancestor only 200,000 years ago. One woman created this whole race, whole world. And then they did more studies on this mitochondrial DNA and said: “Wow no, we all have a common ancestor only 6,000 years ago. And they said: “No, that can't be right. Let's keep studying.”

Well yeah, actually we did have a common ancestor, mother 6,000 years ago, and I even know her husband's name, Adam, and a couple of their kids’ names. This article says: “We're all related to a man who lived in Asia in 1,400 BC.” Science correspondent in Weekly Telegraph in the UK says: “Everyone in the world is descended from a single person who lived around 3,500 years ago, according to a new study. Scientists have worked out the most recent common ancestor of all 6 billion people alive today probably dwelt in eastern Asia around 1,400 BC. Although the date may seem relatively recent, researchers say the findings should not come as a surprise. Anyone trying to trace their family tree soon discovers that the number of direct ancestors doubles every 20 years.”

How many of you have 2 parents? How many of you have 4 grandparents? How many have 8 great grandparents? How many have 16 great, great grandparents? I mean, you keep going back, you've got a whole lot of folks in a hurry, alright. Well, this creates a problem, and the article says: “It takes only a few centuries to clock up thousands of direct ancestors. Using a computer model, researchers from the Massachusetts... MIT [Institute of Technology] attempted to trace back the most recent common ancestor using estimated patterns of migration through history.” And they found out we all came from a common ancestor 3 or 4 thousand years ago. I could have told them that..., just by reading the Bible and saved them a whole lot of time. Yes, we all have one common ancestor, Adam and Eve, nothing to worry about.

Back to Main Index About cloning and vitamins...

Ok, “What about cloning?” In the news, a few years ago, cloning was a big deal. Is it okay to clone people? Well, there is quite a bit of uncertainty what may happen with cloning. We're not sure exactly what you might end up with, you know. Half Hillary, half chimpansee... But, the DNA is an incredibly complex molecule; unbelievably complex. What they're doing with cloning is they are transplanting the DNA from one cell to another cell. They are not creating DNA. They are not creating any information; they are not creating anything new; they are just moving it from one cell to another. So they are not... It's a neat genetic trick. It is very interesting, and very complicated, and very expensive. But they are not really creating anything. The DNA in your body is phenomenal. We cover all of that on video #4 about the complexity of DNA. Dolly, as far as we know, is the first creature cloned, the first mammal cloned. There were 277 failures before they got Dolly to work. It cost them $50,000 for that one sheep. They said: “What do you think about cloning?!” I said: “The sheep can do this a whole lot quicker and cheaper. You know, just leave them alone in the pasture, and you'll have your baby sheep,” ok, not that complicated. And Dolly aged much faster than normal and died early, ok. Cloning, it's happening all over. I think it is a waste of time and money. Interesting research. I'm not against research. I'm not against science, but I think it is a waste of time.

And if the theory is, we're going to clone humans, so that we can have organs to harvest to save us from diseases, now you've got a really expensive fix to most diseases for which there is a really simple cure; vitamins, minerals, nutrition. We cover that on our video tape The Bible and Health. And Amy asked me: “Dr. Hovind, will you please cover on your Q & A what vitamins you take.” I take all kinds of vitamins, and we cover all of that on our Bible and Health video. I don't want to get into all that on Q & A, but get The Bible and Health video. You get all kinds of nutrition tips and vitamin tips. I'm sure no expert on it, but I do intend to live in this body the rest of my life. And, you know, I'm going to make that my goal.

Back to Main Index About poisonous snakes in a perfect world...

This question I got asked in a debate one time. And this atheist said: “Hovind, if God made a perfect world, why did He make poisonous snakes?” Fair question. There's no question that there are a lot of poisonous snakes. And what about mosquitoes?, you know. Didn't they bite Adam and Eve? Wouldn't that be painful? Wasn't there pain in the garden of Eden?, you know. What about poisonous spiders, etc.? Fair, honest, legitimate questions.

Go back Electricty as a cure to treat snakebites, spider bites, wasp stings...

Well, if you get this article from JAARS, Jungle Aviation and Radio Service, you'll see they talk about using electricity to treat snakebites. “Dr. Roger Guderian in western Ecuador treated 300 cases of snakebite. The pain is gone in 15 minutes if shock is applied within 30 minutes.” What they do is they use a stun gun. It makes a little electrical spark. If you get bit by a poisonous snake or a poisonous spider, they've discovered over the last 20 years; a lot of research has been done; a spark right on the injury site, will neutralize the poison. They say if you get bit by a snake, do it in an X pattern, once this way, once this way. If it's been more than 30 minutes, tie an electrode to one of the.., hook a wire to one of these, make a long wire and go around the other side so the spark has to go through the limb. If it's been more than 30 minutes, you probably should also spark halfway from the injury to the heart, because the poison's traveling.

A friend of mine said they had a lady come visit their place in Texas. And they had a 2-year old boy with him. The 2-year old got bit by a brown recluse spider, which can kill a 2-year old. It wouldn't kill a human, but it make you hurt for a long time. We got brown recluse right here in Pensacola. This little brown recluse spider bit this 2-year old, right on the thigh. Within a few minutes, it was swelled up as big as a soft ball, and rock hard, and red with a spot in the middle. The kid is screaming uncontrollably. This friend of mine talking to this lady and she said: “What do I do?” He said: “I will tell you what I would do. I'd shock it with a stun gun.” He said: “I happen to have one, but I'm no doctor. I'm not going to give you medical advice, but if you want to borrow my stun gun, I would shock it twice in an X pattern.” Well she did on this 2-year old. Within probably 30 seconds, he quit crying. In less than a minute, the swelling was going down. And in three minutes, he was back out playing, and in 15 minutes, you couldn't tell anything except the bite, a little spot.

I was out working in a yard by the drinking fountain and I was down there pulling the weeds out underneath that drinking fountain. And there's a wasp nest down there. I didn't know that, and it came out, zap..., stung me on the finger. So I went right upstairs to the Van de Graaff generator, 500,000 volts, makes-your-hair-stand-up generator, flipped the switch, zap zap zap. Instantly, I mean in less than half a second the pain was gone from the wasp sting. I couldn't believe it. Just bam, gone! Just that quick; just an electric spark. People that work in jungles are saying get a spark. I mean if you have to find an engine with a spark plug, you know, pull the wire off, spark it. Chain saw, lawn mower. Do something, but spark it right away. There seems to be therapy in high voltage treatment of spider bites. There have been articles since 1991. A lot of research done about this.

Go back Different function in the original creation?; Detoxifying snakes; Snake venom used for nutrition and cure 

So, why did God make poisonous snakes? I don't think they were poisonous in the original creation. Carl Baugh, for instance, in Glen Rose, Texas raised cottonmouths, water moccasins in his hyperbaric chamber, with a stronger, electro-magnetic field. After two weeks of being in strong magnetic fields, the snakes were not poisonous. The poison was not harmful. So you can study more on that. Water moccasins raised in hyperbaric conditions will not be poisonous, so maybe in the pre-flood world, these snakes had a different function.

Because the protein they inject is actually nutritious, it's good for you. There's a lady over here at Calvary Baptist; I think, Eric, you have spoken there; on Pine Forest Road. She was in a car accident, hit the windshield, broke her neck down deep between her shoulder blades. She goes in once a month, still today, for an injection of cobra venom. They take the venom from a cobra, stick it down in her neck, and give her a shot, because it's a nutritious protein. I don't know what they did to it, you could ask her if you'd like. So, maybe the snakes had a beneficial function. And so, to say: “We have rattlesnakes, therefore... God is mean,” is to totally misunderstand the creation concept, ok.

Back to Main Index About the Ark of the Covenant...

“What about the Ark of the Covenant?” The Bible says in Jeremiah (52;19), that they took “the spoons, the cups, the basins, the candlesticks,” it names all kinds of small things that were taken captive out of Israel. Then, in Ezra (1:7-11), they are bringing the stuff back. It mentions all the small stuff they brought back; “the knives,” you know, “the silverware.” Why wouldn't it mention the Ark of the Covenant?

Go back Jeremiah's Passageway

Well in the book of Chronicles (II Chron. 26:14-15), it says: “Uzziah had prepared great machines, and slings to sling stones, huge catapults, engines, built by smart guys were up on the walls to fling stones.” They built all kinds of catapults. And you gonna attack that city, and you're going to have a rock hit you on the head, kind of stuff, alright. Well, Nebuchadnezzar wanted to besiege Jerusalem and take over the city, but he didn't want his soldiers getting hit by those rocks. So they calculated how far the rocks could go and built a wall outside the range of those catapults. We're going to build a wall all the way around the city, and we're going to starve them out. The siege had begun, and you can read all about that in the old book of..., you know, the Old Testament about the siege around Jerusalem. Well, Jeremiah (27:8-9) had said: “...the nation and kingdom that will not serve the same Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, ...that nation will I punish.” God told Jeremiah, go tell everyone in the city: “Surrender!” I want these guys to win. You have been evil, you are wicked, and this is your punishment. Don't fight them. Go with them. Be their slaves. The king says: “No, we're going to fight them,” and they got slaughtered, ok, wiped out. Well, Jeremiah knew they were going to lose, because God told them you're gonna lose.

So apparently Jeremiah took the Ark of the Covenant and the temple furniture from the temple, outside the city. There's a tunnel, called Jeremiah's Passageway, that's caved in at several spots. Richard Reeves, who worked with Ron Wyatt, has been working on this for years, digging out this tunnel. Some places are still open. There are all kinds of tunnels under Jerusalem. There's another city hidden under that city, ok. And who knows what hasn't been discovered? But apparently, they took the ark of the covenant and all this temple furniture outside the city wall, but inside the siege wall. Well, if you look where that arrow is pointing, that is Golgotha, the place where Jesus was crucified. The Garden Tomb is right there. I was there a couple years ago and am going back in the spring back to Jerusalem. Oh, it was incredible. If you get the chance to go to the Holy Land, get over there. It's called the Place of the Skull. Jeremiah's Grotto is now a place where they store bananas. A couple of Muslims own it and they store fruit there to sell. But apparently in Jeremiah's Grotto, you can see it there, the place of the skull, where they stoned Stephen, the garden tomb, Gordon's Calvary, and Jesus was crucified right there. He was buried just a short distance away in the tomb. And we get into more later on the Crucifixion site.

But Ron was digging in that area, Ron Wyatt, who died in 1999. And his..., you can get all of his discoveries from our ministry. There's only, I think there are only two people who sell his DVD's, him and us. $100.00 for his DVD series. It's phenomenal. If you wanna watch, there is what..., 5 DVD's I think, yeah. You wanna get all of Ron Wyatt's discoveries. You can see more about this. Just contact our ministry, $100,00 and get it. But Ron said he was digging outside there in Jeremiah's Grotto area, and they found the Crucifixion site; he covers it all on the DVD's; and they found this little cave. They had a Muslim friend working with him, helping him dig dirt. you know, he just paid this guy to dig. He was squeezing down in this little hole, digging around, and he came out screaming: “I quit. I quit.” And left. So Ron went in there. And according to Ron, I talked with him for hours about it. And he said: “Brother Hovind, if you told me this story, I wouldn't have believed ye. But, it happened to me. And I know that all liars have their part in the lake of fire.” I knew Ron personally. I think he was a good man. If I was God, I would let him find this kind of stuff, because he wasn't looking for glory. He was looking to glorify God. So, other people, other Christians, other..., and even good friends of mine, say: “Oh, Ron is wrong. He is...,” you know, I get blasted for even mentioning Ron. And Eric, you and I on our video series, creation science, Answering the Critics we cover some of that on this DVD series, if you want to get of those DVD's, our answers to the critics.

But Ron Wyatt said he squeezed down into this little hole, and there's this little cave about 4 feet (1.3 m) high. And he saw several things in there. As he looked around with his flashlight, he found for instance, the Table of Shewbread; the golden table that the Jews had built 3,000 years ago. Jeremiah hid that stuff in there, built a false wall in front of it. And there's this concrete box, like a concrete, but is is actually rock hollowed out. The lid was broken according to Ron. He went over there and looked at this lid. And he couldn't see in it because the ceiling was too short. But all over this lid, was a black stuff like dried catsup, but it turned out to be blood, according to Ron. Right above the crack in the lid was a crack in the ceiling of this little short cave. That crack in the ceiling went all the way up to where Jesus was crucified 20 feet (6 m) straight up through solid rock. All this is according to Ron. I've never seen that. But there are other folks who say, yes, that is correct. I mean, I don't know. But it preaches good at least. Apparently, Jesus died on the Cross, and His blood ran right down onto the Mercy Seat, which is where the blood was supposed to go when there was a sacrifice. But Jeremiah had stuck it there 600 years earlier. And the blood ran right down to the Mercy Seat.

Now “Uzza put forth his hand and touched the ark” and God killed him. So when Ron told the Jewish authorities: “Hé, here's your Ark.” They said: “Oh, we're not gonna touch that.” It's still there, waiting for the new Temple to be built. Then they're gonna get it out and put it in the Temple. So, you can go to and talk to Richard. He will just say: “I don't know. It's what Ron said.” And that's the best I can do too.

Back to Main Index About God's name in Jerusalem...

Ok, “Is God's name in Jerusalem?” Hickory Hammock Baptist Church over here in Milton, Florida, Pastor Carl Gallups, a good friend of mine, I've spoken there a couple of times, he's got a great sermon on this topic. You ought to get hold of him to get that. Is God's Name in Jerusalem? Well, the Hebrew alphabet has all these different letters in it. One of them looks kind of like a ‘w’. It's called, the schin. That is the Hebrew word..., that one letter is the symbol for God, and a lot of Hebrews put this on their door post or beside their house. They put the ‘schin’, you know, that's God's house, ok. God said His “name would be upon the children of Israel” (Numbers 6:27). He will “put my name there forever,” I Kings, chapter 9 (v. 3). “In Jerusalem will I put my name.” (II Kings 21:4) In Jerusalem I will put my name for ever,” II Kings 21 (v. 7). II Chronicles, chapter 33 (v. 7), Is God's name actually “in Jerusalem”? Apparently so, because there are three valleys that form a ‘schin’. His name is permanently stamped there on this city. So that preaches good, I don't know.

Back to Main Index About Bigfoot...

“Now what about Bigfoot?” I get asked that question all the time: “Hey, what about Bigfoot?” A book, Bigfoot Lives. Deal With It. Chester Moore, Jr. is a good friend of mine, from the Houston area. I spoke at their Cryptozoology conference. What about Bigfoot? How about The Making of Bigfoot? This is the guy in this book, saying: “I dressed up as Bigfoot. I confess. It was me.” And he's still got the Bigfoot suit. I have interviewed 10 people who swear they have seen a Big Foot, ok. Todd Jurasek, a good friend of mine, has seen one several times. This film, ‘The Patterson Film’ here, is the one made by the guy who confessed it was him in the suit, alright. As a matter of fact, a Bigfoot suit, not the original, but a copy of it, is coming to Dinosaur Adventureland, it is gonna be in our museum soon. There is a guy in Colorado who is donating it to our museum.

What about Bigfoot? I don't know. Whatever these creatures are, some are certainly hoaxes and fakes and frauds. No question, ok. But they've been seen in just about every state. There are several theories about Bigfoot. Since I've interviewed 10 people who have seen one, and because the question comes up, I'm going to answer it. But it's not something I deal with. I deal with creation. Here are the theories:

  1. Some people say they're all hoaxes or misidentified. Well, hoaxes certainly that happens. But you got to be understanding, especially in the south here, who in their right mind is going to run around dressed up in the woods like that? How many red necks are there within 30 miles of here that would shoot one of those things on sight? Look at that thing moving. Bang! What is it, George? I don't know. Let's go check it out. You know, that's just... Shoot first, ask questions later, you know. That's just the way it is, alright.
  2. The second theory says they are an unidentified species of ape. That could be true. The Discovery channel last night had a section on , you know, what is this Bigfoot stuff.
  3. Some people think they're some hippies from the 1960s that haven't come in yet. They're hairy and they stink, ok. I don't know.
  4. Some people think they're aliens from another world. I don't know about that one.
  5. Some people think they're simply genetic experiments gone bad.

Bottom line is I don't know, but those are the current theories that I am aware of. So if you see one, let me know. I'd like to hear about it.

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Genesis chapter 6 (v. 4) says: “There were giants on the earth in those days.” Who were those giants? “It came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, ...the sons of God,” which always referes to angles in the Old Testament, “...saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, ...his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.” (Gen. 6:1-3) Now, I don't know what that means. If anybody knows, let me know.

People have argued, see nobody will live past 120. Now that's not true. There's a lot of folks who have lived past 120. Some people say it's going to be 120 years until the flood. I don't know. Maybe it means there will be 120 Jubilee years of human history. Every 50 years was the year of jubilee. 120 times 50 is 6,000. I don't know. If you know, let me know. But I don't.

Go back The nephilim

But anyway, back to the giants. It says: “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” Who were these giants? And is this ‘giants’ referring to the mighty men? Or does the phrase ‘after that’ separate this into two totally unrelated subjects? I can't figure it out. If somebody knows, please let me know.

But the Bible says: “God saw the wickedness of man.” (Gen. 6:5) He said, I'm going to wipe them out, and He sent the flood. But who were these giants and who were these mighty men? It's the Hebrew word ‘nephilim’. Who were the nephilim? Well, some people think that Jude verse 6, it only got one chapter, they think Jude verse 6 ties in. “Angels which kept not their first estate.” I think that ties in also, but I have no idea why I believe that, other than that is what I've been taught all my life. But I think it's always wise to question and say: “Is this really, does this really tie in?” Other people think Peter, the Peter passage ties in, I Peter (3:19) says: “...the spirits in prison ...waited in the days of Noah.” Are these spirits in prison and the angels that kept not their first estate and the giants is this referring to the same thing? Iim gonna give that a definite probably, but I don't know how you could prove such a thing.

Here are the theories about these nephilim.

  1. Some people think that they're sons of God that are fallen angels that, you know, they followed Satan and they married the daughters of men. The problems with that theory is angels don't marry in heaven. (Matt. 22:30, Mark 12:25, Luke 20:35) That doesn't mean they can't marry on earth. And it assumes that Revelation 12 (v. 4) means that a third of the angels followed Satan. You boys that went to Bible college, why do we always teach that a third of the angels followed Satan? The passage in Revelation says: “Satan drew a third of the stars with his tail.” That's it. That's the only verse they're using to say a third of the angels followed Satan. There's no question Satan has helpers and demons, and all that stuff. But, I don't think the Bible tells us. So either we don't need to know or it just simply doesn't matter. But don't worry about it. There's not enough information.
  2. The second theory says it's the sons of God referring to the line of Seth and they're marrying Cain's descendants. Intermarrying of the godly and the ungodly line. I think that's a ridiculous theory, because saved and unsaved people get married all the time. And it doesn't affect their children, as far as they don't become giants because one is saved and one's lost, ok. Secondly, there is no evidence Seth's children were godly. I mean they all drowned in the flood too, except for one of them, Noah. Noah had brothers and sisters that drowned in the flood. It says: “Lamech lived after he begat Noah so many years and begat sons and daughters.” Noah's own cousins didn't come on the ark, brothers and sisters didn't.

Chuck Missler got a good audio series about the nephilim. If you want to listen, study more on that. He thinks not only were they, you know, genetic experiments, but they are coming back. And Satan is gonna use this again to infiltrate humanity. You can get Chuck Missler's stuff on that. But, whatever these nephilim were, it would appear to me that Noah's kids would have seen them. Genesis 6, the first five verses is taking place just before the Flood. And so God said: “Build the ark and we're going to have a flood.” (Gen. 6:14,17) So this ‘nephilim’ is referred to before the Flood. So let's assume that they were giant people with supernatural powers of some kind. Noah's kids would have seen them. After the Flood is over, they're gonna tell stories to their kids sitting around the campfire. “Oh, you should have seen the guy that lived down the street from us. Man, oh man. He had three eyes and could fly... Who knows what they were like?” But these stories were going to be preserved through the Flood by Noah's children, and they're going to become the legends of Zeus and Thor and all the Babylonian and Greek and all the mythological gods, probably are actually stretched stories and maybe even not stretched stories of true things that happened. Probably this is a result of the ‘nephilim’. But there's an awful lot of stuff about these giants in the earth in those days. And maybe that is what it is. You study it for yourself.


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Next question: “What about UFO's? Unidentified Flying Objects, what are they?” I don't know, and I'm not sure how it ties into creation, but since I get asked that every week, I'll tell you my humble and totally unbiased thoughts on the topic, ok. What are the UFO's, unidentified, flying objects? I like that picture, you know, taking of his glasses. I have been to New Mexico to the UFO Museum several times. Every time I go through that area and preach, I stop in and see the UFO Museum. It's pretty interesting. It's a huge place, with all kinds of interesting stuff. And hundreds and hundreds of books that have been written about UFO's. Gulf Breeze, right down here 6 miles (10 km) away is famous for its UFO sightings.

So, what are the UFO's? There have been many Christian books written on the topic, and many heathen books written on the topic. We have these two, UFO: End-Time Delusion and a kind of Reader's Digest smaller version by the same author condensing the same information, UFO 666. There's a great book by Chuck Missler again called Alien Encounters, if you want to read his theory on UFO's. He's one of the smartest guys I know. I asked Chuck Missler a few months ago when I was preaching at a conference with him, I said: “Dr. Missler, what really happened at Roswell, New Mexico? What is the truth about this?” You know, the UFO crash site. He said: “Brother Hovind, I don't know for sure, and nobody who knows is talking. But exactly nine months later Al Gore was born.”So, what happened... I don't know. That will preach.

Stan Deyo has a good book. He lives in Colorado Springs. Stan Deyo's book about The Cosmic Conspiracy is real good about the topic. He says it's using a little understood form of propulsion called electro-gravitic propulsion. And I mentioned this in a seminar years ago, and a guy came to me and said: “Brother Hovind, I work for the government, and how do you know about electro-gravitic propulsion? That's top secret.” I said: “I read a book about it. I'm sorry,” you know. That's the book about it, if you want to read it. It's still available from So, round airplanes have been made for years. This is the XF5U which flew very well, but during World War II, at the end, they invented jet engines, and they kinda became obsolete. Here's the A15. The Russians had a similar one called the A16; a round airplane, a frisbee, ok. The V173 flew just fine.

So there are several theories about UFO's. Let me just give them to you, since I don't know, I tell and you can study for yourself.

  1. One theory says they're all misidentified. Somebody saw a weather balloon, swamp gas, a mirage, too much vodka, whatever. Ok.
  2. Second theory says they are top secret or government or private experiments.
  3. Third theory says they are Satanic or demonic. See, God is all places. Satan can only be in one place, so Satan flies a UFO, according to that third theory, ok. He has to be able to get around quickly. If they travel with electro-gravitic propulsion, then there would be no G-force, because every molecule is being drawn electrically. So the craft could go from zero to 5,000 and stop on a dime, and the people inside would not be bouncing around. No G-force. People describe the UFO's as, you know, going up, down, right, left, zip, zip, zip. These are things that would kill a person in a regular plane. Pilot's blackout with too much G-force.
  4. The fourth theory says they are alien life from other planets. Now the Bible says: “Eve is the mother of all living.” (Gen. 3:20) So I have a hard time believing there's life on other planets. I think there are angels out there; you know, seraphim or cherubim, if you that's what you mean by life outside of earth, and that I would agree with. But as far as other, you know, living beings outside of that, I don't believe there is any life anywhere else.

Back to Main Index About how long they resided in the garden of Eden before sin...

Next question. “How long were they in the garden of Eden before they sinned?” The Bible says: “Adam was 130 when their son Seth was born.” (Gen. 5:3) Before that, Cain and Abel were born, but the dates aren't given, because they were not in the line of Jesus Christ. So I think they could have been in the Garden a 100 years. I don't know, but I don't think they sinned the first 30 seconds. At the end of Day Six, God said, everything “was very good.” (Gen. 1:31) Adam and Eve had not sinned yet and Satan had not fallen yet.

It is not logical to say Satan fell before the sixth day of creation. Because God said, everything “was very good.” But God “drove man out,” and put him “at the east of the garden of Eden” and put some angels and “Cherubims” there and says, don't come back. So, I don't think they were in the garden of Eden..., it had to be before Abel and Cain were born and before Seth was born. So it could have been a 100 years, there's no way to tell. But certainly some time after Day Seven and before 100 years, I am just picking that as a number, they were in the garden of Eden, ok.

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“What about the mark of the beast?” We'll cover much more on this on our College Class CSE 200-series. But the Bible says, they are going “to receive a mark in their right hand, or forehead.” And they cannot “buy or sell” without this “mark.” (Rev. 13:16-17)


Go back Micro-chip technology

I have studied this a lot. I'm sure no expert, but I believe we have it available today; this little micro-chip, about the size of a grain of rice that's been developed for 20 years now. They have...; 15 or 20 years they have been using this. Dean Martin, some of you might have been here when Dean, lives right here in town, came to speak to our staff about the micro-chip. He took one of these little chips, put it under his arm, and walked passed his laptop computer, which had a little sensor built into it. Were you here for that, Diane? And up on the screen flashed his name, address, phone number, social security number, birth date, tsjutsjutsju.... The chip doesn't store any of that. Ths chip stores a code, that triggers the computer to find all that. The technology is already here to make a little chip that's just a transponder. A radio frequency goes out, energizes the chip, which has no battery. The antenna picks up the energy and sends back, you know, here's my number. I am number, you know, 325C95, whatever.

Exxon gas station, you can buy these, called Speedpasses. You can drive up, pump your gas, touch the pump, get in your car and drive off. McDonald's is doing this. You carry a little chip on a key chain. You walk up, touch the McDonald's cash register, and pay for your food. Anybody ever seen that before? It's been available for 5 or 6 years, ok. This article came out in CNN: “Is human chip implant wave of the future?” Years ago, people were putting chips in themselves to activate their whole house. Kevin Warwick's is very big on this. When he walks into the room, the light comes on. His whole house is computerized, and it's all based on a chip, which he got in his arm. So, it can be done. Hitachi Corporation developed a new mu-chip, which only holds a 128 bits. That's the size of it right there. 0.4 millimeters. You can put it inside a piece of paper and not find it. There was a family in Florida a couple years ago, real proud of themselves. They put micro-chips in because they have health problems. And in case they get, you know, hurt in an accident, they can scan their body and find out: “Oh, this is George, he got homophilia,” or whatever, you know. There's a little chip there. You can see the antennae, which receives the radio signal. That signal energizes the antennae, which activates it to send back its signal. It gets its energy from an outside source. Well, Carl Sanders has a whole bunch of stuff on this micro-chip technology. You can get a hold of him in Arkansas, if you want. We'll put his website up here.

Go back One-world currency

But as far as using money, the Bible says: “The love of money is the root of all evil.” (I Tim. 6:10) This micro-chip is going to be used to develop a one-world currency. All cash is going to become obsolete. You are gonna have to have a chip in your hand or your forehead or you cannot buy or sell, and we are racing toward that technology, racing toward that reality right now. I don't know how much longer it's going to be, but I'll be surprised if we go 5 more years. Without cash, credit cards, and everything else being eliminated, you're forced to have a chip. I don't think there's going to be a grand moment when Christians can stand up and say: “You're not giving me that chip,” you know. ”I'm going to stand up for God.” It's just going to be a simple matter of you're getting slowly choked out of society. “Well, you just can't buy here.” “Sorry, we don't take cash. We don't take credit cards. We don't take.., All we take is...,” you gotta have a chip. It's going to solve a lot of problems and create a lot of problems.

Go back Weather control and other...

Which ties in probably to the HAARP technology, High Altitude Aurora Research Project. H-A-A-R-P. They have been doing research for years. Trying to use the high aurora, the aurora where the northern lights are, to control weather. There's a lot of folks and a lot of stuff on the Internet thinking that probably these hurricanes the last couple of years have been controlled deliberately. By sending up microwave frequencies, they can heat up a section of the sky and make a virtual lens, and then therefore use the sun's light coming through that lens to heat up the ground, like you burn ants with your magnifying glass, you know. High altitude aurora research project, they can make a virtual mirror with this stuff. How much is real? I don't know. It's an interesting study. They use ELF, Extra Low Frequency. And you can go into all that if you'd like. There's been a ton of research done on this, and there is a lot of strange things up in Alaska and up around the North Pole that apparently are for this purpose. They drill a hole in the ground. Everything seems to be below ground, probably for multiple reasons.


Back to Main Index About the Shroud of Turin...

I was at a debate here recently and someone said: “Doesn't the Shroud of Turin prove that Jesus Christ lived on earth?” Well, I don't need the Shroud of Turin to prove that Jesus lived on earth. But, what about the Shroud of Turin? Somebody sent me this book and said: “Oh brother Hovind, you got to read this, this is proof that Jesus was buried in the burial cloth,” you know, “proof of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.” Well, they say the Shroud of Turin was the cloth Jesus was buried in. Now here is the facts about it. This is the picture of it. You can see the picture of the face, and the arms are crossed, and, you know, they say there are holes in the hands where he was crucified, and holes in his feet, and you can see the beard, and all this stuff.

There are several real serious problems with the Shroud of Turin.

  • They say you can see the outline of his beard and his wounds. Well, the Bible says: “His face was bound about with a napkin.” (John 11:44) The piece around His head was different from the piece wrapped around the body. In John chapter 20 (v. 6), it says: “Peter went in and saw the linen clothes lie and the napkin about his head, not lying with the clothes, but in a place by itself.” The Shroud of Turin has one cloth covering the head and the body. It's not the burial cloth of Jesus. “They saw the linen clothes laid by themselves,” Luke chapter 24 (v. 12).
  • Isaiah (50:6) prophesied they would “pluck off his hair.” Well, the Shroud of Turin shows a man with a beard. He didn't have a beard by the time He got buried. They had plucked off the hair of His cheeks, ok.
  • I Corinthians (11:14) says: “It is a shame for a man to have long hair.” This guy had long hair, at least the image does, ok. Jesus did not have long hair. He was not a Nazarite. He was from Nazareth, ok. The custom of that day was to have short hair. If the custom of the day was to have short hair, then why did Judas have to kiss him to pick him out of the crowd if Jesus had long hair? (Matt. 26:48-49) He could just say: “Hey, he's the long haired guy. Go get him.” No, Jesus had short hair just like everybody else, ok. “Jesus went secretly to the feast. Nobody picked him out as unusual.” (John 7:25) He looked just like everybody else, ok. He was not a Nazarite, from Numbers chapter 6 (v. 2-5). That was a vow they took not to cut their hair, shave, and all that stuff. Samson was a Nazarite; Jesus was from Nazareth (Matt. 2:23). Don't get the two confused, ok. There's no connection whatsoever.

So the Shroud of Turin is a really old cloth. It might even be a cloth somebody was buried in. It might even be a cloth somebody who was crucified was buried in. I wouldn't argue any of that. But it's not Jesus, that's for sure.

Back to Main Index About ‘created’ and ‘made’...

Ok. When my son Eric was in Bible college, he had a teacher there that taught him the words ‘created’ and ‘made’ are different words. And this was used as evidence for the Gap theory. Some things God created and some things God made. So I went through and searched the Scriptures, like you are supposed to do. And found out God made the heaven and earth, but it also says He created heaven and earth. The words ‘created’ and ‘made’ are used interchangeably. He made the firmament in Genesis 1:7. But He created the firmament in Psalm 148 (v. 5).

All through Scripture, it uses these words interchangeably; created and made. It's called Hebrew parallelism. We do the same thing in English. If you were going to describe something, you wouldn't use the same word twice. You wouldn't say: “Wow, he was huge. He was huge.” You would say: “Wow, he was huge. He was big.” You pick a new word for emphasis. Created and made are used interchangeably all through Scripture. The Bible says: “The LORD made the heavens.” (I Chron. 16:26). He made the trees, but He also created the trees. He made man, He also created man. He made the animals for the land and He created animals for the land. All through Scripture He uses them interchangeably. Some of them have them in the very same verse. In Genesis 2:4. God said: “Let us make man in our image, so God created man in His own image.” (Gen. 1:26-27) Right in the same verse. I mean.

No, it is not anything you can use to justify the Gap theory or Ruin-restoration theory. The Hebrew word created is, bara and formed is, yatsar and made is, asah. I'm sure I'm not pronouncing them right. I don't speak Hebrew. But here they're used all in the same verse, Isaiah 43: “Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory, I have formed him; yea, I have made him.” Got them all in the same verse. I mean, it can't be more clear. It is talking about the same thing. “I created thee, O Jacob, He that formed thee, O Israel... I have created him for my glory, I have formed him, yea, I have made him.” (Isaiah 43:1,6) Again, it's for emphasis. Not enough to make a whole doctrine on. So these words, you know, form, create, and made are used interchangeably all through Scripture. It's just simply for emphasis.


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So, where do you take courses on Creation? Well, we offer some courses on Creation. There are several good people who supply materials on Creation. Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum in Florida got some good stuff, down where you live Josh, I don't know if you've been there, Haines City, Florida. South of Orlando a little bit, they got good stuff. Don Boys, my good friend, up in Georgia has some. Jill Whitlock,, if you train your kids at home, for stuff on creation. Charles Lynn, up in Tennessee, took my seminar and made a children's course out of it, a curriculum, that you can get from him.

Back to Main Index About ‘Dr.’ Hovind...

Here's a question I get asked in debates all the time: “Hovind, you call yourself Dr. Hovind.” By the way, I rarely do that, ok. I'm just Kent, but I do have a PhD.

Go back Ad hominem attacks

They say: “Is your PhD legitimate?”

  1. Well, I think you've got a right to face your accusers. I say: “Whoever is spreading information about a PhD, will you please stand.” And they don't stand, of course.
  2. I'm always ready to answer questions. But whenever someone says: “You don't have a legitimate degree.” Right away I know, they're really..., it's called an ad-hominem attack; they are attacking the person instead of the message. So I do take it a little cautiously. Do you have a legitimate degree? Well, they are trying to draw attention away from their silly religion of evolution.

PhD means, Doctor of Philosophy. That is what it means. Do I have one? Yes I do. There's a picture of it, it's hanging on the wall right inside, if you wanna look at it. Patriot University started 1980 in Colorado Springs. It was a Baptist church that started this university. It's a Christian school, kind of like you guys went to the Christian school up here in Pensacola. Nothing wrong with that. They have 30 graduates a year. You can give them a phone call if you want. They were at Hilltop Baptist Church for years. They had 25 graduates a year. About 3 got doctor's degrees. They offered doctor's degrees, and they offered PhD's. They have now changed their name to Patriot Bible University. That was done just in the last few years. It used to be just simply Patriot University, when I went there, ok. They offered a PhD in education. I took it. I got it. It took me 9 years to finish it. I worked hard for my degree. I don't know if people work hard for theirs or not. But if you don't like the doctor's degree, then call me Bubba, call me Kent, call me “Hey, you” and let's get back to the topic, ok. It's not a big deal with me.

Before I finished my last course; I sat down, put the course away, thought about it for two weeks; do I really want to finish this? Is this degree, is the word, term Doctor, going to help or hurt my ministry? I just want to win souls and influence people, that's all. And I really wrestled with should I even finish it, for fear that it might be a hindrance instead of a help. And I finally did, I ended up with two..., a PhD and a doctorate in Divinity; a Doctor's Divinity and a PhD in education, a religious education, nothing wrong with that whatsoever. But if you don't like the degree, then ok, don't call me... They call it the Patriot diploma mill. It is not a diploma mill. You can contact them yourself, ok. I worked pretty hard for my degree. I don't know if they worked hard for theirs or not. About 25 graduates a years. So, yes I have a PhD.

Go back Did any of the early trendsetters of evolution have scientific degrees?

And Darwin's degree was in theology, but they call him a scientist, ok. Henry Morris has a great article about people. “Charles Darwin was an apostate divinity student, whose only degree was theology. ... Alfred Russell had little formal education..., with only a brief apprenticeship in surveying.” And yet they say he was a great scientist. “Jean Lamarck” is the only one that had a real degree. “Ernst Haeckel in Germany seemed to have a bona fide education in the branch of evolutionary ‘science’ that they pursued.” Those were the only 2 guys. But most people that were in involved in evolution in the early days were surveyors or engineers. And that had nothing to do with biology. Yet we call them the fathers of evolution.

Go back Accredited and non-accredited universities; Summary

  1. I do have an earned PhD from a non-accredited Christian university. I have always said that.
  2. Thousands of major world leaders throughout history had no degree of any kind.
  3. Thousands of major universities offer degrees by distance learning via the Internet, correspondence. There's nothing wrong with that. You don't have ever to show up on campus.
  4. Thousands of people who attend classes in universities cheat, lie or bribe their way to get a degree. I didn't do any of those, ok.
  5. Getting a degree from an accredited university does not guarantee any level of intelligence. I mean, most of them still believe they came from a rock, for heaven's sake, ok.
  6. If you don't like my degree, then call me Kent or Bubba, and let's get back to the topic.
  7. If I were dumb or desperate, I could travel to universities around the world and take pictures of where their actual degrees are from. I was at Rutger's University, and I saw a little closet under a stairwell. It's a converted closet, where they handle their correspondence for those that are getting degrees in, I don't know, Chinese, or something. Nobody does it, so they got one or two students to serve. So they..., you don't need a whole university for that degree, because there's just nobody's doing it. So the fact that it's a little closet under a stairwell, does that prove it's not legitimate? No, come on, grow up and get a life, ok. I think you can have a degree.

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Atheists occasionally ask the question: “If the entire army of Pharaoh drowned in the Red Sea, why haven't we found any evidence?” Where's the evidence for these guys drowning in the Red Sea? And that's a fair question, ok. Many atheists ask very fair questions. And it's time for Christians to be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh the reason for the hope that is within you. And I'm sorry this taping has gone so long for part seven. But there is a lot of questions that get asked. And we do many more on our radio series, radio program every day from 4.30 to 6.00 central time. You can call in on or

Go back The Red Sea crossing

But next to Exodus chapter 14 (v. 1-2): “God told Moses to go encamp by the sea.” And it says: “They went across on dry ground: and the waters were a wall beside them.” (Exod. 14:16,22) It does not say they walked through a reed sea. There is some liberal Christians that say: “They just walked through shallow water.” Well, then how did Pharaoh's army drowned? You tell everybody, lay down, don't get up, ok. I mean, come one, it was dry ground, and the Bible says: “God ...took off their chariot wheels.” (Exod. 14:25) So what's the truth about the Red Sea crossing? It says: “The watert returned and covered the chariots and the horsemen.” (Exod. 14:28)

If you look at the country of Egypt in the lower right hand corner of this map, you'll see Egypt has the Red Sea right beside it. It comes up into two branches, the one on the left called the Gulf of Suez where the Suez Canal is, the one on the right called the Gulf of Acaba. Actually there are two parts to the Red Sea. It splits right there around what's called the Sinai Peninsula. Which by the way is not Sinai, Mount Sinai is not there. But the children of Israel were leaving Egypt and it took Pharaoh three days to catch them. They could not have crossed the Gulf of Suez. They went all the way across the Sinai Peninsula and crossed over there on the right at the Gulf of Acaba. Right where that red dot is next to the Gulf of Acaba is actually a beach. There's a dry river bed that runs right up to that beach. And it's mountains on both side, and no escape any place. Certainly not with a bunch of people with their families, you know, kids, and wagons, and animals, and stuff like that. You're not going to get up either of those mountain ranges.


This satellite view is kind of from the north, a little strange view. You can see that beach right there. The children of Israel went out of Egypt at the far upper right and traveled all the way across the Sinai Peninsula. And ended up stuck on that beach. That beach is huge. Those little squares on there are actually buildings, warehouses and stuff. It's a monster beach, big enough to hold two or three million people, no problem. So there are the children of Israel stuck on the beach. They can't go north or south, there is mountains both way. They can't go back, there's Pharaoh's army coming through the gap. And they can't go ahead, there's the Red Sea in front of them. So what do you do? You cry and blame God for your problems. That's what everybody does, ok. God, I can't get out of this. What do you do? Dry riverbed where they came out.

Go back Pillar found to commemorate the Red Sea crossing, erected by Solomon

At the south end of the beach, Ron Wyatt, years ago, found a pillar, right there. He pulled the pillar out, scrubbed it off, and set it up on concrete, and it was pretty badly eroded but some of it was still legible and it said in Paleo-Hebrew; apparently the pillar was erected by King Solomon; and it said: “This is the pillar erected by King Solomon to commemorate the crossing of the Red Sea.” Gilbert Vincent, is a good friend of mine from Texas, he has been there a couple of times. He got a bulldozer and helped stand it up straight, and put more dirt around it, because it was kind of leaning over. He climbed up to the top of it.

Go back Pathway through the Red Sea discovered; The ‘shallow’ spot

Right there where this beach is, it's about 8 miles (13 km) across the Red Sea. Well, at that point, there is a shallow spot. The deep..., toward the city of Elat where I was a few years ago, is about 5,000 feet (1,500 m) deep on both sides. This whole of this Gulf of Acaba is about 5,000 feet deep except for right there. There's a shallow spot. I say shallow, it's actually 900 feet (280 m) deep. That's still pretty deep. But 900 feet over 8 miles is not bad. It's a gentle slope down and a gentle slope back up. And if you go scuba diving down there, you'll see the rocks have been moved out of the way. Somebody cleared a path across the bottom of the Red Sea. Probably done by Moses and the people. The Bible says: “Pharaoh's army drowned trying to cross the Red Sea. The waters were a wall unto them.” To walk 8 miles would take, you know, half a day, with all of the children of Israel pulling their wagons and everything else.

Go back Remnants of charriot wheels and other objects found

At the bottom, according to Ron Wyatt, who went scuba diving down there and found human bones, horses’ hooves, chariot wheels. Now there is some controversy about the chariot wheels. But this is what appears to be a chariot wheel, gold plated. They say you can't pick it up, it is of gold veneer, it just crumbles. The wood's rotted out. It's like the chrome plating on a car. If you put a bumper in the water, let the bumper rust out, just have the chrome. You couldn't pick it up, it would crumble, ok. But there are those who argue it's not legitimate. I don't know. But I'm just telling you what Ron told me that they were real chariot wheels. When he took the pictures to the antiquities department in Egypt, they said: “Oh wow, this is from the 18th dynasty.” He said: “How do you know that?” They said: “Well the 18th dynasty is the only one that used 4, 6, and 8-spoked chariot wheels.” And all three were down there. So this was the same guys that chased Moses out of Egypt, the 18th dynasty. So that makes Mount Sinai over in Arabia. Because remember, they crossed the Red Sea, and then they came to Mount Sinai. The Sinai Peninsula is not where Mount Sinai is. Mount Sinai is in Arabia (Gal. 4:24-25). Right over there in that red section there, is actually the Holy Precinct where Mount Sinai is. Galatians tells us, Sinai is in Arabia. It says so in Galathians chapter 4. If Ron is right on all this, and I believe he is, and you can see much more on his Discoveries Series. It's $100.00 for 5 DVD's. That's how they fund their ministry to go back over there and do more research. Well worth getting.

Now, you can see, this is apparently Mount Sinai, and there is video footage of all this. The top is still burned. It became a type of volcanic glass, obsidian or something. It actually burned the rock. At the bottom, you can see the outline where the border was set up. Because remember, Moses told the children of Israel: “Don't come up onto the mountain. And they established a border.” Well, the pillars are still there. There's also apparently the altar that Aaron made, with the golden calf, you know, made the golden calf on the altar. But on the side of the altar they drew a picture of a calf, or a cow. It's still there. God told Moses to “smite the rock, and water would come out.” (Exod. 17:6) Now most of the Bible story picturebooks have, you know, a little trickle of water coming out of a rock and somebody holding a cup. How you're gonna feed or water 2 million people and their animals with a trickle of water coming out of a rock? That's a stupid idea. Some of them show a little better picture. Here a little bigger picture of the water. Actually, it's probably huge. A lot of folks think this is the rock that Moses smote. That rock that's sticking up on that mountain is five stories tall, 50 feet (16 m) to the top of that rock. That's as tall as these trees around there, and it's split right down the middle. On both sides there are erosion marks, water came pouring out of that rock. You can see the video series from Ron if you want more on that.


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He's [Ron Wyatt] also got a lot of stuff on his website and his video series on Sodom and Gomorrah. The Dead Sea in Israel has five spots along there that are just real high salt concentration and totally destroyed landscape. Ron says he found; and I believe him; Sodom, Gomorrah, Gerar, Gaza, Admah, Zeboim. These are the one's that..., the cities that were destroyed. You can read through Genesis chapter 14 (v. 8, Gen. 10:19) and Deuteronomy chapter 29 (v. 23) and get more on this. But God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. (Gen. 19:24) Apparently Sodom and Gommorah are right there along the south end of the Dead Sea, right by Masada.

When I was on up on top of Masada a couple of years ago, you can look down and see this big square in the ground where apparently it used to be a city.


This picture shows what looks like pilasters and towers of an ancient wall. Well, that's the way they built their cities back then. If you make it up over one wall, you've got the enemy dumping arrows and hot oil and things down on you, you know, from the second wall. Not a good place to be.

Go back Sulfur balls

We have sulfur balls. I've got some here on the table. These are actual sulfur balls from Sodom and Gomorrah. They smell like sulfur. They're 99.9 % sulfa and they're burned out, ok. If you break them open, some are still yellow inside. Most of them are pretty badly burned. Some of them are bigger like golf ball size. But millions of these sulfur balls are over there, right in that one area. It literally rained burning sulfur. So hot that it took the bricks of the city and baked it into ash.

These sulfur ball specimens were tested by Michael Bonilla, a friend of mine up in New York. He said they were 97.4% pure sulfur when he had them tested. No place else in the world has this unique phenomena. We have hundreds of them in our museum out here, sulfur balls, from Sodom and Gomorrah. Apparently the cities were actually burned up. If you dig into the ash, it looks just like a cliff of ash, that's actually the old city wall. I mean, that was the brick. Under 2,600° temperature, it turned into ash. Laminated. You can talk to Richard. That's Richard right there digging his finger into the ash. And there are sulfur balls in there. We've got one that's apparently a part of a human bone that was baked. It's in our museum, if you want to see that one out there. So I believe they found Sodom and Gomorrah, and you can check the Discoveries videos, if you want more on that.


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I often get asked: “What about the unicorn?” The Bible talks about a unicorn. What is it? Well, I don't know, but I'll give you the theories, ok. The Bible says he has “...the strength of a unicorn”, Numbers 23 (v. 22). “...the strength of a unicorn”, Numbers 24 (v. 8). “Will the unicorn be willing to serve thee or abide by thy crib? Canst thou bind the unicorn...?” (Job 39:9-10) The Bible is teaching us here, the unicorn is strong, he is unwilling to be a servant, you can't tame him, and nobody ever harnesses him to plow your fields. You just can't do it. He's untamable. “Wilt thou trust him, because his strength is great? Wilt thou leave thy labour to him? That he'll bring it home?” (Job 39:11-12) No, he won't. Psalms (29:6) says: “He can skip like a calf; Lebanon and Sirion like a young unicorn.” So the animal could skip.

Go back One horn?

And it says in Psalm 92 (v. 10): “...the horn of a unicorn.” This is one of the only references that makes people think that the unicorn had one horn. Because it says: “The (singular) horn of the unicorn.” I believe the unicorn is probably more like a one horned dinosaur. I doubt it's a horse with a horn. But we've all heard that story all our life, so we're not gonna get that out of our system, ok. But if you had an open mind and could look at this. You'ld say: “Man, a lot of dinosaurs had a single horn; the monoclonius, styracosaurus...” The triceratops had three, but maybe they're only counting the center one. The other two might have been some other projection. I don't know. But anyway, I don't think the unicorn was necessarily a horse with a horn, probably more like a reptile, a giant reptile.

Back to Main Index About if wisdom teeth are evidence for evolution...

Alright, question: “Do wisdom teeth prove evolution?” Well, Jack Cuozzo is a dentist from New Jersey. He spoke at our boot camp here last year. Some of you got to hear Jack speak. This book Buried Alive is great about the Neanderthals. And wisdom teeth are not proof for evolution. They're actually proof that man used to live longer and grow bigger. Today, 60% of Americans have trouble with their wisdom teeth and have to have them removed, and have problems with them, 60%. Many other countries don't have problems with their wisdom teeth, because they've got a coarser diet. And because of the rough stuff they chew and hard; you know, raw vegetables, and stuff; their wisdom teeth come in when they are 18 or 20 with no problem.

Today, we have a softer diet. 60% have trouble. But evolutionists argue that wisdom teeth are proof for evolution, when actually, they prove that man used to be living longer, maturing slower, and growing bigger. If you are getting bigger by the time you are 18 or 20, as your head enlarges, it's time for that last tooth to come in to fill in the back of the jaw. It's not proof for evolution. Just proof that man used to live longer.


Back to Main Index About missing names in the genealogy in the Bible...

Question: “Why are some names missing in the Bible?” Well, before we get into the three missing names in the genealogy, you need to understand, the Bible says: “Be careful about endless genealogies, which minister questions,” ok. It's pretty tough to follow some of the genealogies. But if you look at the genealogy in Genesis and Matthew and Luke, it gives the genealogy to Christ, or part of the genealogy to Christ, in Genesis. Luke; I took it and reversed the order because instead of saying, which was the child of..., which was the child of...; Luke says, who was the father of..., who was the father of... (Luke 3:23-38), you know, it reverses the order. So I put them in the reverse order here. And by the way the two different genealogies after King David are following two of David's different sons, one to Mary, one to Joseph. One's the kingly line, one's the priestly line. That's why there's a difference there.

But there's a guy in Luke's genealogy who is mentioned here, Cainan. Who was Cainan? Jonathon Sarfati wrote an article about this on the website that says: “This was a mistake. This is one of the few copyist errors in the Bible.” I love Jonathon. I'm glad for what he is doing, but I strongly disagree. And we wrote him a good article saying: “Jonathon, you're wrong about this one.” We didn't get, you know, a retraction yet. But Cainan is one of three names that is in some genealogies, but not in other genealogies. Why was Cainan added? Well, if you go to our website,, there's a long article explaining why Cainan was there. I asked Gail Ripplinger, who is a King James expert, I said: “Why was Cainan added?” She said: “Oh, there is 8 possible reasons.” And she gave eight of them and they are all on our website. But Genesis 5 does not mention Cainan. Luke chapter 3 does mention Cainan in it. So we put a long article about that rather than take an hour now and answer that. Just read that and call if you have any questions. You can call in to our radio program.

But the Amonites, it says in Ezekiel 21 (v. 32), their name will be “remembered no more.” There are some people taken out of the genealogies, because they did things that were bad. Their names are going to be remembered no more. Ezekiel 25 (v. 10) talks about that. “Thou hast put out their name forever and ever”, Psalms chapter 9 (v. 5). “I will cut off the names of the idols out of the land, and they shall no more be remembered.” The Bible tells us in Jude (1:14) that Enoch was “the seventh from Adam.” So there's no gap there. From Adam to Enoch there's no gap. And it says: “Noah the eighth person” (II Peter 2:6). The Bible gives us clues. We can get pretty close on these genealogies and I think that the chart that we have is correct.

Now there is a little discrepancy over how old Terah was when Abram was born. I'm aware of the discrepancy. Some people say Terah was 70, some people say Terah was 130. A 60 year difference. We cover all that on our website also. Why we chose to use the 70 figure instead of the 130. We got a good reason for that.

Back to Main Index About when the animals started to eat meat...

So when did animals become carnivorous? Well, I don't know anybody who knows. But , two options are: Today, obviously some animals eat meat. The Bible says in the creation everything ate plants. So when did that change? I don't know, but some people think it changed shortly after Adam sinned. Because once they fell, things might have changed right then with thorns and thistles, etc. Things might have changed right then. It might have changed after the Flood, when they got off the ark and had, you know, less food supply and more problems, and so they just... I don't know. Get adapted to eating meat, or something.

  • But there was a lion in Hollywood that was used for years in the movie sets that refused to eat meat, called Little Tyke. Lived to be, you know, I think nine years old and never ate meat in its life, refused.
  • A lady told me they've got a whole kennel full of dogs. They raise dogs, and she says: “None of our dogs eat meat. All vegetables.”
  • During World War II when meat was rare in Europe, they were feeding the zoo animals in London, vegetables. That was all they had. They lived on cabbage.
  • A guy sent me a videotape of two hours of grizzly bears up in his front yard in Canada eating grass. They were just grazing on grass for two hours. I don't want to edit in a two-hour video, gets a little boring after a while, just grizzly bears eating grass, ok. Yogi bear likes to get a picnic basket if he can, but he will settle for nuts and berries if he has to, ok.

So that's why..., I don't think we can prove when it happened, but I suspect it happened before the Flood came, they became carnivorous, or shortly after the Flood.

Back to Main Index About sarcasm towards atheists...

Alright, people say: “Brother Hovind, you get kind of sarcastic with the atheists, don't you.” Yeah, I know, and I'm sorry. I'm working on it. But I'm not working on it too hard, ok. Here's why. We answer the skeptics, my son and I. We spent eight hours answering them. We'll probably re-do this some day. All the skeptics, there are nearly 2,000 anti-Hovind websites out there. So why do you answer them and be sarcastic?

Well, in my thirty-some years in the ministry, I have seen this evolution theory destroy the lives of thousands and thousands of kids. So I have a hard time being patient with those ones who are doing the destroying; especially when you know they are lying to support their theory. We cover that on video #4. The Bible talks about: “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men.”, Colossians chapter 2. If I were attacking Hitler's death camps to rescue the Jews, I would have a hard time, you know, being nice to the guards. I would probably, you know, want to shoot them and rescue the people. And I guess I have a little bit of a hard time when I go into universities, 99 times now I have debated professors, and I have a hard time, you know... Look, you are the guy who is lying to these kids, destroying their faith. I respect them and I am nice to them as nice as I can, but I do get kind of sarcastic.

Here's why. The Bible says:

  • “Smite a scorner and the simple will beware,” Proverbs chapter 19 (v. 25).
  • “When the scorner is punished, the simple is made wise.” (Prov. 21:11)
  • “Cast out the scorner and contention shall go out.” (Prov. 22:10)

In the book of I Kings (18:28), Elijah mocked the prophets of Baal. By the way, this is where rock music was invented. “Come on Baal, light my fire,” he was singing, ok. Some of the old timers recognize that song [‘The Doors’]. But here's a preacher mocking the false prophets. Oh, you say, that's not very tolerant. That's correct, not tolerant at all. You're not supposed to be tolerant of false prophets, ok.

  • Jesus called the Scribes and Pharisees: “...hypocrites, ...whited sepulchers, ...full of dead men's bones and ...uncleanness.” (Matt. 23:27) “O generation of vipers.” (Matt. 3:7) He called them a bunch of snakes. “You vipers, you're evil.” (Matt. 12:34) He said: “You're a bunch of serpents and snakes.” (Matt. 23:33) I mean, He's not being very tolerant of the other religions, is He?, ok.
  • Jesus said: “Go tell Herod that fox...” (Luke 13:32) - “You're calling a political leader a fox?” Yeah. I've called Bill Clinton and some our presidents and leaders pretty bad names too, ok. I think you should if they are doing evil.
  • The Bible talks about the “stiffnecked ...uncircumcised in heart,” (Acts 7:51);
  • “...full of all subtilty and mischief, you child of the devil, you enemy of righteousness, pervert.” (Acts 13:10)

I mean the Bible's pretty strong, ok. All through the Bible, God calls people fools, brutish, simple, perverse, scorners, wicked, you know, stiffnecked, full of all subtilty, evil, mischief, child of the devil. I'm just trying to be like the Heavenly Father. That's why I'm sarcastic with these guys. Hé look you're lying, or something else.

Back to Main Index About anti-Hovind websites and e-mail debates...

So why don't I answer all the anti-Hovind websites? I've been challenged 100 times to e-mail debates. I'm not going to get into an e-mail debate. I type 12 words a minute, with 19 mistakes. I'm just not gonna do that, ok. All they want to do is tie up all my time. I got a radio program every day that I pay for. 1½ hour, call in with your questions, an instant message made to ‘Dr. Dino live’, AOL Instant Messenger will be glad to take your questions.

One guy said: “Dr. Hovind, you are the most hated man in our chat room. I can't believe how many people talk about you. Apparently, you have struck a nerve. Keep up the good work!,” Amen.

  1. So, I gladly answer any questions. I have question and answer time every time I go speak.
  2. We offer this Question & Answer video here. If you have other questions, you can send them in.
  3. I have a standing offer to debate any evolutionist anywhere in front of their university. I'll pay them $200.00 if they will debate me. And I'll pay them a quarter of a million, if they've got evidence for evolution. So far, nearly 4,000 have refused to debate. Last week I spoke at University of Northern Michigan. 80 professors refused to debate me. The week before that I was at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. 100 professors were personally asked, all 100 of them refused. So I'm not going to get into an e-mail debate.
  4. I speak over 900 times a year. There are millions of people who want to hear, so why waste time on those that don't want to hear? I just don't waste time on them. I don't want to “cast my pearls before swine” like it says in Matthew chapter 7. If I had to plant a garden to feed my family, and half my yard was good dirt and the half is hard rock, I'm going to plant the good dirt first. If I get time, then I'll go work on the rock. If I don't get time, Oh, well I didn't get time. And there are so many millions who want to hear, I'm gonna work on those first.
  5. And then those who don't want to hear, well, I'll get to them if I get time. That's why I just don't waste much time with that.

Alright, I hope you enjoyed our question and answer session. I know it's been long, but we always get questions on things like this. My schedule is on my website, If I'm coming to your area, come on out, bring skeptics and scoffers. We always have Q&A Time. Sometimes they get very lively. That's fine.

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